Am I A Gigolo Chapter 107-108

Chapter 107

Little Apple Kindergarten, Director’s Office ……

“Mr. Night, are you here this time, or is it about those three children?” Headmaster Liu chickened out at the sight of the gang of black-clad men in suits, “I’ll ask the teacher to bring them over here ……”

“No need.” Night Jun interrupted Principal Liu, “Children are simple, what do they know? Even if there’s a problem, it’s the parents’ problem.”

“What you mean is ……”

“Pull the parental information of these three children for me.”

“Yes, I’ll get right on it.”


Shengtian Group, President’s office.

Night Zhen Ting sat on the black leather chair and stared coldly at Feng Qian Xue who was scowling in front of him, “Give an honest account and you can still be left alive!”

Feng Qianxue’s head hung low, not even daring to breathe out, her heart pounding, her mind spinning rapidly ……

What to do? Remember the website

What to do?

She sent the coffee in, and when Jiang Dong got stuck, she was the only one who told him to spit it out and gave him a throat pick ……

If you have a little bit of brain, you should think that the chip was put in by her, right?

Even if you can’t prove that she put it there, you can at least be sure that she knew that there was a chip in the coffee cup ……

How do you explain this?

The only way to explain this is to make up a lie.

But the point is, Night Zhen Ting knew early on that the chip was taken away by Long Long unintentionally, how was she going to explain her relationship with Long Long?

The phone was still quiet, and neither Zhu’s mother nor the kindergarten had called, which meant that nothing was happening there.

Or maybe, because the chip had been found on this side, the action had been cut off on that side?

“Speak!” Night Zhen Ting shouted angrily.

Feng Qianxue shivered in fear and weakly looked up at him, that Yama King-like killing aura made her legs go weak, her mind instantly turned into a wire ball ……

There was absolutely no ability to think.

“Don’t say it, right?” Night Zhen Ting had already lost his patience and directly instructed Night Hui who was waiting by the door, “Send her to the police station and charge her with stealing the chip!”

“Yes!” Night Fai immediately stepped forward ……

“I didn’t, I didn’t steal anything.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly explained.

“Then tell me instead, why is the chip in the coffee cup?” Night Zhen Ting’s fingers tapped rhythmically on the x-ray on the table, his brow frowning slightly, “I don’t have the patience to grind on with you, I’ll give you a minute!”

“I ……” Feng Qianxue was already in a mess, not knowing what to say at all.

“Ten seconds left!” The rhythm of Night Zhen Ting’s finger tapping was speeding up, representing his pa*sing patience, “Ten, nine, eight, seven ……”

What to do?

Feng Qianxue panicked, just at this time, there was an incoming call on her mobile phone, it was from Little Apple Kindergarten teacher Chen ……

She was even more panicked in her heart… Oh no, Night Zhen Ting’s people had found the kindergarten!

There was an immediate conviction in her head, save the baby first ……

“Three, two, one!”

“I picked it up!”

As Night Zhen Ting counted to the last one, Feng Qian Xue blurted out.

Night Zhen Ting’s tapping on the table stopped and frowned at her, “Picked it up?”

“Yes ……” Feng Qianxue swallowed a mouthful of saliva and carefully wove a lie –

“My family’s pet was sick and I took it to the pet shop for treatment, then I inadvertently found this chip in a pile of feces.

I saw a golden S symbol engraved on the chip and remembered that the company had also stolen a chip.

I suspected that this might be the one you stole, but I wasn’t sure. I wanted to give it to you, but I was afraid you would suspect me of stealing it, so I wanted to leave it in your office quietly.

But I couldn’t get into your office, and at this time, Xiong Min asked me to bring you coffee, so I put the chip in the coffee, I thought, so you would find out, I didn’t expect ……”

After finishing all this in one breath, Feng Qianxue weakly looked at Night Zhen Ting, “This is how things are, lying to you is a puppy!”


Chapter 108

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything, just stared at her with a cold stare.

Feng Qianxue’s heart was in a panic, not daring to look at him or say another word.

She combed through the pa*sage she had just said in her mind and felt that the lie was quite complete ……

“Mr. Night ……” said Night Fai carefully, “The chip was indeed swallowed by that little baby’s parrot before, and the little baby had said that the parrot was sent to the doctor.

Maybe Miss Wind and that little baby went to the same pet hospital, and then that little parrot pulled the chip out at the pet hospital, and by coincidence Miss Wind picked it up.”

“Is it really that much of a coincidence?” Night Zhen Ting asked rhetorically.

Night Fai bowed his head and retreated to the side, not daring to let out his breath.

Feng Qianxue was panicking and lost in her heart, what to do? If they really found out about the three children, would they think that it was all a conspiracy on her part?

“Feng Qianxue!” Night Zhen Ting pinched Feng Qianxue’s chin and lifted her face so that she looked him in the eyes, “If you lie to me, you will be dead!”

“No ……” Feng Qianxue was so frightened that her heart was about to stop beating, but she forced herself to stay calm and met his gaze, saying rather sincerely, “I really didn’t lie to you!”

After a pause, she added in a condescending manner ……

“If I had known it would come to this, I would have just given it back to you, just because you are usually moody and unpredictable, I was afraid you would suspect me, so I came up with such a method.

According to reason, I helped you get the chip back and saved Jiang Dong’s life, you should have rewarded me, but you actually said I stole something and even sent me to the police station, I was so wronged ……”

Speaking here, she squeezed out two tears, trembled her lips and looked at him pitifully.

Those big, watery eyes fluttered and fluttered, causing people to feel pain, and her pretty face was red with aggression ……

Night Zhen Ting frowned, D*mned soft-hearted ……

He gently rubbed his thumb over her lips for a long time before finally withdrawing his hand, “Get lost!”

Feng Qianxue deflated her mouth and twitched a few times, wiping her tears while walking out.

In her heart, she was actually overjoyed ……

Finally, she had pa*sed!

As she walked to the door, she suddenly heard Night Zhen Ting ordering, “Inform the Night Army that the chip has been found, there’s no need to look for the parents of those three children!”

“Yes!” Night Fai immediately called.


Little Apple Kindergarten, Principal Liu walked into the office with the three babies’ parents’ information and handed it to Night Jun.

Night Army answered the phone while reaching for the information ……

Hearing Night Fai on the other end of the phone, he said, “The chip has been found, there is no need to look for the parents of those three children, come back now!”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Night Jun put his hand back again, hung up the phone and turned his head to Principal Liu and said –

“Thank you Principal Liu, our stolen chip has been found, the information is no longer needed, I’ve been troubling you this whole time, help me say sorry to those three kids, bye!”

“It’s good to find it, goodbye ……”

Before Principal Liu could react, Night Army left in a hurry with his men.

“Finally, we’ve found them!”

Headmaster Liu let out a long breath, and then, putting the information in his hands into the shredder, the


Feng Qianxue went to the bathroom and called Teacher Chen: “Hey, Teacher Chen, you were looking for me? Is there something wrong with the children?”

“Nothing, nothing, the children are fine.” Teacher Chen said, “Just now Principal Liu came to retrieve the baby’s parents’ information, I thought I should tell you.”

“Huh? Why did you pull my information?” Feng Qianxue was shocked.

“It seems that someone from Shengtian Group came looking for it again, but Principal Liu said that she had just sent the information over and the people from Shengtian said that the stuff had been found and now the people have left.”

“So, did they take the information?”

“Didn’t take it, Principal Liu said she left without even looking at it.”

“Okay, thank you ……”