Am I A Gigolo Chapter 123-124

Chapter 123

Feng Qianxue transferred all the money in the card to the “debt repayment duck”, and then called him again after the transfer, “The money has been transferred, a total of one hundred and seven thousand yuan, please pay attention to check the receipt.”

“Okay.” On the other end of the line he responded indifferently.


Feng Qianxue hung up the phone and deleted his number straight away.

Thinking about his indifferent attitude just now, she had a fire in her heart, was he so gentle and considerate and pa*sionate before, was he all pretending?

She returned the money to him and he wouldn’t even be polite?

Dog man !!!!

Now, Feng Qianxue only has 700 yuan left in her entire family, not even enough to buy milk powder ……

The workplace is not even a month old, it’s still early for payday, what should I do?

Feng Qianxue rummaged through her cupboard to see if there was any jewellery she could sell for a little money ……

The first thing you need to do is to find out if there is any jewelry you can sell for money.

With this ruby necklace worth 100 million, Feng Qianxue was at a loss. Not only could she not sell it, but she also had to find a way to return it to the Night Devil ……

What a headache!

The phone suddenly rang, it was an unfamiliar number, Feng Qianxue hesitated and answered the phone: “Hello!”

“Qianxue, this is Ah Lu, are you okay?”

“Ah Lui?” Feng Qianxue froze for a moment before remembering this colleague from the administration department, “I’m fine, how do you know my number?”

“I checked in the HR department, I heard you took the day off, I was worried about you, so I called to ask.”

“Thank you ……”

Feng Qianxue responded politely but her heart was full of wariness, she still felt creeped out by what happened yesterday, she didn’t understand why Shen Yun wanted to harm her, what had she done to offend her?

“What exactly happened last night? After you and Shen Yun left the box, how come there was no news? Your boyfriend went to look for you and didn’t come back, and the guys were worried that you had skipped the bill, but the manager of the night said that your boyfriend had signed the bill ……”

“Nothing, I was drunk.” Feng Qianxue said evasively, “I’m sorry I didn’t greet you guys well yesterday.”

“It’s fine, don’t mind this. By the way, Shen Yun didn’t come to work today either, the company issued a notice saying that she and Manager He are accomplices and have committed a crime, they have been twisted to the police station, everyone feels so scary ……”

Hearing this, Feng Qianxue suddenly realized, the original Shen Yun and He Wenzhe are accomplices, no wonder last time Shen Yun repeatedly asked her about He Wenzhe with strange eyes.

Moreover, when He Wenzhe stabbed her with a knife, she clearly felt that someone pushed her from behind, before she thought it was her illusion, but now that she thinks about it, it turns out that person was Shen Yun ……

“Qianxue, I want to apologize to you, last night I watched Shen Yun take you out of the box but didn’t stop it, at that time I really didn’t know something would happen …… Today colleagues are talking about Shen Yun trying to harm you, fortunately Chief Night arrived in time to save you, otherwise the consequences would have been unthinkable ……”

“What? Chief Night?”

Feng Qianxue froze, the one who saved her was not the “debt repayment duck”? How could it be Night Zhen Ting?

“Yes, Fanny saw Mr. Night carrying you out the back and getting into his Aston Martin.” Green apologised with a sobbing voice, “Qianxue, don’t hold a grudge against me, I really didn’t mean it.”

“I didn’t even take it to heart, go and get busy, see you tomorrow.”

Hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue held the phone in her hand, puzzled.

Didn’t the Aston Martin belong to the “debt repayment duck”? How come it belonged to Night Shocking?

Was it because Fen had misread it and mistook the “debt repayment duck” for Night Thunder?

After all, the two of them look so much alike at the back ……


Chapter 124

Feng Qianxue thought of these headache, no matter, now can not even afford to eat, which still have the heart to think about men ……

I still have to find a way to get money!

The door was suddenly knocked on from outside, “Miss, you’re not asleep, are you?”

“No, come in, Zhu Ma.” Feng Qianxue responded.

Zhu Ma pushed the door and came in, holding some sheets and said, “Miss, our sunflower cla*s is going on a spring trip tomorrow, we have to go to the school today to sign and pay the money, should you go or should I go?”

“You go, my wound hurts and I want to rest and rest.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly took out her mobile phone and transferred money to Zhu’s mother, “How much do I have to pay?”

“Eight hundred dollars for one child, two thousand four for three.” Zhu Ma handed the slip to her.

When Feng Qianxue looked at the slip, she was dumbfounded, what kind of kindergarten was this? Was she going to fly up into the sky to play?

Zhu’s mother saw the balance on her phone and immediately changed her mind and said, “I remembered, last time you gave me the money to buy furniture, there’s still three thousand yuan that I didn’t use up, I’ll use that money to pay it first.”

“I don’t have …… anywhere.”

“Miss, I’ll go to the kindergarten first, you take a good rest and wait for me to come back to cook.”

After saying that, Zhu Ma shook her ball-like body and ran out ……

Feng Qianxue looked at Zhu Ma’s back and felt very guilty, she had given a total of one thousand yuan last time she asked Zhu Ma to buy additional furniture.

Zhu’s mother went to the yard sale to buy a shoe cabinet and a bookcase, and came back to give her 300 yuan ……

There is no such thing as an extra three thousand yuan?

The first thing you need to do is to sell your jewellery to make up for it.

The first thing you need to do is to pay her a salary, and she has to pay her money back ……

The first thing you need to do is to get on the internet and find a part-time job.

There are so many opportunities now, as long as you are diligent, how can you not starve to death.

Driving an online car, delivering takeaways ……

These don’t seem to work, no car, even the battery car for delivery she can’t afford ……

What else could she do?

As she was thinking about it, she suddenly saw a bar hiring a singer, requiring a good face, a good body, and a musical instrument, for two hundred and eighty an hour!

This bar is a new one, equivalent to a bar, where customers go to listen to music, drink, chat and play games and have sex ……

The actual fact is that it is not at all a level with the kind of hot venue that is Night.

The actual fact is that this kind of bar is not that much of a mess.

The actual fact is that you will not encounter the “debt repayment ducks”.

Feng Qianxue immediately wrote a resume and submitted it.

She had studied piano since she was a child and had pa*sed Grade 10, and had won many international awards, but those were just hobbies.

She had never thought that one day she would have to earn a living from it!

After thinking about it, Feng Qianxue called up the information on the job posting and asked for more information.

The person on the other end was probably a new bar that really needed people, and immediately responded, “You can come over tonight around eight o’clock to try it out, and if you’re successful in the interview, you can start tonight.”

“So, do you get paid daily?”

“Daily, as long as you’re pretty and sing well, the pay is negotiable.”

“Okay, I’ll be there at 8pm sharp, thank you!”

Just after hanging up the phone, the children’s voices came from outside, “Is Mummy back?”

“Big treasure, second treasure, third treasure, fourth treasure!”

Feng Qianxue hurriedly welcomed them out.

“Mummy!” The three babies darted into her arms, and the little one hovered above her head, calling out “Mummy Mummy”!

“San Bao, did you bring the little four babies to the kindergarten again?”

Feng Qianxue gave Yue Yue a kiss on her chubby little cheek.

“It flew into my school bag and hid, I didn’t find it until I got to kindergarten.”

Yue Yue puffed up her pink little mouth and explained ……

“The teacher didn’t criticise me because the little four-pack didn’t interfere with my cla*smates’ studies and played games with everyone, and everyone loved it.”