Am I A Gigolo Chapter 13-14

Chapter 13

“Get in there and search!”

Suddenly, a group of men in suits arrived in a hurry, searching everywhere around.

Dragon looked back towards the bathroom, could it be related to that man?

He was in a daze when the man in black suddenly rushed out from inside, shoved an object into Dragon’s pocket with his blood-covered hand and said in a low voice, “Kid, I’ll be back for you!”

The man in black quickly scurried into the stairwell, followed by a group of men in suits who quickly chased after him.

Long Long’s soft little face looked dumbfounded, wow, is this a police movie! So cool!

Looking back, Long Long pulled out a delicate little box from his pocket as an afterthought, the box opened and inside was a golden chip the size of a soybean.

He looked at it carefully, eh, what is this thing? It didn’t look like gold, but rather like an electronic part that Dabao often tinkers with ……

“Melon seeds, melon seeds!!!”

Long Long was lost in thought when Little Four Treasures, the parrot, suddenly opened its little mouth and ate the chip as if it were a melon seed.


Long Long was dumbfounded and hurriedly patted Little Four Treasures’ little green head and shouted, “Little Four Treasures, spit it out, spit it out ……”

“Wooooooooo!” Little Four Treasures not only didn’t spit it out, it was scared by this and swallowed the chip.

“Ah!” Long Long was frantic, lifting Little Four Treasures by the tail and flinging it around upside down, “This is not edible, spit it out, spit it out ……”

The little four treasures were flung so that their eyes were bleary, rolling their eyes, and even their pink little tongues fell out.

“Ah, Erbao, what are you doing?”

Yue Yue screamed and rushed over, snatching up Little Four-Bo and carefully protecting it against her heart, questioning angrily, “Why are you bullying my Little Four-Bo? I want to tell Mummy!”

“No, Yue Yue ……”

“Dragon, no bullying Little Four-Bo.”

Tenzin put up his boss stance and criticized him seriously.

“I …… it ……”

Longlong pointed to himself and then to Little Four Treasures.

Little SiBao had been thrown unconscious and collapsed into Yue Yue’s arms, panting with his tongue out.

It seemed impossible to tell, and Longlong just had to swallow the secret with resignation.


In the private room of the Italian restaurant, Night Zhen Ting’s back was to the door, elegantly sipping his wine, his back mysteriously upright in the light and darkness, carrying the innate aura of a king!

His personal attendant, Night Fai, hurriedly came to report, “Mr. Night, Black Panther has escaped!”

The movement of shaking the wine gla*s paused, and his low voice was as cold as frost: “Rubbish!”

“Yes ……” Night Fai bowed his head, not daring to breathe.

“The X-chip contains the secrets of the group’s latest technological products, once leaked, the consequences are unthinkable, it must be recovered!”

“Yes.” Night Fai bowed his head and led the order, “Within three days, Black Panther must be caught!”

Night Zhen Ting got up and left, his slender figure was even more majestic in the light, his powerful aura made the air around him become oppressive.

The crowd was careful even to breathe.

The group arrived at the underground car park and got into the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the driver was about to start the car when Night Shocking suddenly shouted, “Slow down!”

The driver immediately braked.

Night Fai followed Night Tremor’s gaze and saw a tiny figure running from the side and back, almost getting swept into the wheel, he immediately got out of the car to check.

“Little friend, why are you here alone?”

“My little four-pack flew down and I was chasing it ……”

“Little Four Treasures, don’t run around, stop.”

Yue Yue tried to jump over and grab Little Four Treasures, but Little Four Treasures suddenly flew into the car.

Yue Yue immediately climbed into the car after her and looked up, touching a pair of deep, dark, cold eyes, she couldn’t help but be frightened!

This person was fierce and looked so scary ……

Could it be the bad guy that mommy said?

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

The man who had always been like an iceberg had actually shed his sharpness and his gaze gradually became gentle ……


Chapter 14

This child was very cute looking, with a pretty little pink face like a doll, and clear, translucent eyes that shone like stars.

He felt an inexplicable affection for her, and looking at her, his cold heart was inexplicably soft ……

Little Si Bo flew around the car, choking on her furry neck and calling out in a shrill voice, “San Bao, San Bao!”

“Come here now!” Yue stretched out her hand, frowning a little and criticising sternly, “If you don’t behave, I’m going to get angry!”

However, instead of flying to her hand, Little Four Treasures landed on Night Zhen Ting’s shoulder.

Night Zhen Ting frowned and reached out to grab Little Four Treasures.

Little Four Treasures was so frightened that it fluttered its wings and kept struggling, a few feathers fell off, and it also pooped a pile of bird poop that fell right on Night Zhen Ting’s jacket!

“Uh ……” Night Fai’s face froze.

The bodyguards instantly went pale, knowing that Night Zhen Ting has an extreme cleanliness fetish ……

This bird is dead!!!

Sure enough, Night Zhen Ting’s face became ugly, and a chill emerged in his eyes, the hand that grabbed the little four-powered horse became tighter …… Remember the website

Little SiBao’s neck stiffened, his eyes rolled upwards and his little tongue fell out!

“Ah, quickly let go of my little four treasures!”

Yue Yue hurriedly pounced up and used her chubby little hands to break Night Zhen Ting’s hand with force, “Let it go, let it go!”

“Little friend ……” Night Hui hurriedly pulled Yue Yue away.

Night Zhen Ting looked at Yue Yue’s reddened little cute face and big teary eyes, the fury in his eyes actually faded away and he even let go of his hand.

Little Si Bo fluttered his wings in panic and crashed into Little Yue Yue’s arms.

Little Yue Yue hurriedly shielded Little Four Treasures in front of her body, glared indignantly at Night Zhen Ting, and her little short legs giggled and slid out of the car, quickly running towards the entrance of the mall ……

“Hey, little friend!” Night Hui shouted, Yue Yue ignored him, he was uneasy and instructed one of his bodyguards, “You follow up and check, make sure that kid finds his parents safely!”



As the car slowly drove away, Night Zhen Ting took off his jacket and patted the parrot feathers off his body, then carefully wiped his hands with wet tissue paper.

Night Fai observed his expression, although his face was cold, that murderous aura between his eyebrows had disappeared.

Night Fai couldn’t help but sigh, “That little girl is so cute looking.”

“Very clear eyes!” Night Zhen Ting said a rare extra word.

“Yes, I wonder what kind of person can give birth to such a cute little princess ……”


Yue Yue had just run up the escalator when she heard Feng Qianxue’s shout, “San Bao, San Bao-”

“Mummy, I’m here -”

Yue Yue darted over with Little Four Treasures in her arms and pounced into Feng Qianxue’s arms like a little meatball, bumping into her and nearly causing her to fall to the ground.

“You scared mommy to death.” Feng Qianxue hugged Yue Yue tightly, stroked her hair and asked anxiously, “San Bao, are you hurt anywhere? Did you meet any bad people?”

“San Bao isn’t hurt, but ……”

Yue Yue remembered the man in the car just now, was he considered a bad guy?

It looked a bit like that!

However, Little Four Treasures was sh*tting birds on his shoulder, he was angry but he let Little Four Treasures go, so he shouldn’t be considered bad.

“But what?” Feng Qianxue hurriedly pursued the question.

“Little Four Treasures pooped bird poop on an uncle ……” Yue Yue gestured her fleshy little hand to describe it, “but that uncle didn’t hurt Little Four Treasures ……”

“It’s good that you’re okay, you mustn’t run around in the future, okay?”


Not far away, the bodyguard saw the little girl leave holding her mother’s hand and left with relief.

Because of the distance, the bodyguard only saw Feng Qianxue’s back and the whitish denim outfit, he didn’t get a good look at her ……