Am I A Gigolo Chapter 133-134

Chapter 133

Feng Qianxue washed her face in the bathroom and gradually calmed down, thinking carefully about the events of that night, her heart puzzled ……

The first thing you need to do is find the phone number of the “debt repayment duck” in your phone’s text message records and hesitate to call him.

The first thing she did was to think that she was so determined that day, and he hadn’t contacted her for a while, so if she took the initiative to call him now, wouldn’t she be slapping herself in the face?

Besides, it was so easy to clear the relationship with that duck, if she contacted him again, she would be entangled again in the future.

After much hesitation, Feng Qianxue still withdrew from the interface. The trouble now was Night Zhenting, who had already become possessive of her, and sooner or later something would happen if things went on like this.

Perhaps, she should leave Shengtian ……

Now the income from DTT’s singing would be enough to feed the family, and after it stabilizes there, she will submit her resignation letter from Shengtian.

Feng Qianxue made a decision and felt much more relaxed.

She put away her phone and returned to her post, working at ease.

Li Xi came over and asked in fear and anxiety, “Feng Qianxue, didn’t Mr. Night fire you?”

“Why did you fire me?” Feng Qianxue asked rhetorically.

“You were fine even when you contradicted him like that just now?” Li Xi looked around and lowered her voice, “I saw his face look like he was about to eat someone, I was about to die of fright.”

“Well, he did get very angry.” Feng Qianxue pretended to be sad, “Scolded me severely and kicked me out.”

“Just a scolding?” Li Xi was incredulous.

“What else?” Feng Qianxue smiled bitterly.

“Well, you’re so lucky ……”

Li Xi didn’t say any more and turned around to return to her post.

Feng Qianxue thought to herself, “I’d better stay away from that devil in the future, otherwise the company will wind up talking about it again.

When the time came to leave work, several colleagues asked to go to dinner together, but Feng Qianxue politely declined.

She wanted to go home to spend time with her children, and she had to go to the bar at eight o’clock to do a part-time job.

Feng Qianxue got out of the lift and was about to go to the underground when she suddenly received a call from Zhu’s mother: “Miss, there’s another accident, come to the kindergarten quickly.”

Feng Qianxue hurried to Little Apple Kindergarten, a similar scene to the last time.

Bai Lu and Bai Qiuyu were sitting aggressively on the sofa, and the new headmaster Liu and teacher Chen were standing in front of them in fear, like servants who had done something wrong.

Zhu’s mother stood to one side, protecting Yue Yue.

Tatsu and Long Long, and Simu Feng were not there.

“We have limited time, we don’t have time to spend here, if the other parent doesn’t come again, just call the police.” Bai Qiuyu instructed the lawyer behind her.

“Okay, Madam Bai ……”

The lawyer took out his mobile phone and prepared to call the police.

Yue Yue cried out with a “wow”, waving her chubby little hands and shaking her head in fear: “I don’t want to go to jail, I don’t want to go to jail ……”

“San Bao don’t be afraid, Mommy will be here soon.” Mama Zhu hurriedly coaxed Yue Yue.

“Little friend, don’t be afraid.” Bai Lu smiled wickedly and badly, “You are only three and a half years old, you don’t need to go to jail even if you do something wrong, it’s your guardian who goes to jail, that is, your mommy!”

“I don’t want to, I don’t want mummy to go to jail ……”

Yue Yue cried even more, her little face turned red, making it painful to watch.

“San Bao!”

Feng Qianxue rushed over with a single arrow step, hugging Yue Yue heartily.

“Mummy!” Yue Yue hugged Feng Qianxue’s neck, crying up and down, “Mommy, I’m sorry ……”

“San Bao don’t be afraid, with mommy around, it will be fine.” Feng Qianxue patted Yue Yue’s back and said soothingly, “Tell Mommy what happened?”

“Mommy, I, I lost my bracelet …… ……”

Yue Yue cried sadly, her voice slurred.

“Why don’t you let me do the talking.” Bai Qiuyu looked at Feng Qianxue with a smile, “My grandson’s ancestral diamond bracelet, worth more than thirty million, was lost by your daughter, do you think, should it be compensated?”

“Mom, why are you talking so politely?” Bai Lu said excitedly, “It’s clearly a theft!”


Chapter 134

“Watch what you say!” Feng Qianxue shouted angrily.

“It’s supposed to be the truth ……”

“Don’t you say anything.”

Bai Qiuyu interrupted Bai Lu, frowned and gave her a wink, then said to Feng Qianxue –

“Whether it was stolen or what, this doesn’t matter. Anyway, the bracelet was lost in your daughter’s hands, we are reasonable people and didn’t make things difficult for the child, so we called the parents over to discuss, so tell us yourself what to do?”

Ever since she had been punished by Night Zhen Ting at the last auction, Bai Qiuyu had changed her strategy.

Now, she was being polite and reasonable to Feng Qianxue on the surface, so that even if Night ZhenTing pursued her later, he wouldn’t be able to find anything wrong with her.

“Please give me some time to figure out the situation.”

Feng Qianxue was also a reasonable person, no matter how annoying the Bai family’s mother and daughter were, if it was her child who had lost someone else’s things, she naturally had to be responsible for it.

“We still have to rush back to celebrate my grandson’s birthday.” Bai Qiuyu looked at her watch, “Is ten minutes okay?”

“It’s fine.” Feng Qianxue held Yue Yue to one side to calm her emotions, then asked Zhu Ma in a low voice, “Zhu Ma, didn’t I ask you to take Yue Yue to return the bracelet to the teacher last night?” Remember the website

“Yes, when I was sending the three babies to the school bus today, I didn’t see teacher Chen, so I instructed Yue Yue to give the bracelet to the teacher herself, I didn’t expect …… alas, it’s all my fault!”

Zhu’s mother blamed herself very much.

“It’s okay, don’t blame yourself, let me ask first.” Feng Qianxue cupped Yue Yue’s little face and asked tenderly, “San Bao, can you tell mommy what’s going on now?”

“When I arrived at school, I wanted to take out my bracelet and give it to the teacher, and I found that it was missing.” Yue deflated and sobbed, “Mummy, I’m sorry ……”

“It’s alright.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly hugged her, “San Bao, you are still young, even if you do something wrong, it is still normal, Mommy will solve the problem for you, don’t be afraid, understand?”

“Mommy, will you go to jail?”

Yue Yue clung to Feng Qianxue’s neck, her lotus root-like little fleshy arms almost strangled Feng Qianxue to the point of suffocation, as if she would disappear as soon as she let go of her mommy.

“Mummy will be fine, Yue Yue will be fine too, believe in Mummy.”

Feng Qianxue patted her back and gave a wink to Mama Zhu.

Zhu’s mother hurriedly coaxed Yue Yue, “San Bao, let’s go out and look for your brother, okay? They are still helping you find your bracelet in the cla*sroom, let’s go and see if we find it.”

“Mm-hmm.” Yue Yue immediately let go of her hand and ran outside with Zhu’s mother, taking a few steps and then turning back to Feng Qianxue, “Mummy, we’ll come back as soon as we find the bracelet.”

“Okay, go ahead.” Feng Qianxue smiled and nodded her head.

“Hey, how can you let that child go? Who am I going to ask for it then?” Bai Lu immediately stood up.

“Can you find the child to ask for something back?” Feng Qianxue asked coldly, “Didn’t you just say that the guardian is naturally responsible for this matter?”

“We don’t have time to take our time with you.” Bai Lu had no patience, “Give me back my bracelet or pay for it, otherwise I will sue your child for theft.”

“You’re so calm, you should learn from your mother!” Feng Qianxue glared at her coldly.

“You ……” Bai Lu was so angry that her face turned blue.

Feng Qianxue ignored her and called Teacher Chen and Principal Liu aside to inquire about the situation.

Teacher Chen had seen Simu Feng give the bracelet to Yue Yue yesterday afternoon and didn’t know anything about what happened afterwards, she had searched the cla*sroom and the playground after the incident and hadn’t found the bracelet.

After the incident, Principal Liu had other teachers look everywhere for the bracelet and also informed the janitor to investigate the CCTV footage and would inform them as soon as there was any news.

“We’ve been here for an hour.” At this point, Bai Qiuyu spoke up, “Our time is precious, we can’t go on like this, call the police.”

“We can only call the police now too, and yes, remember to inform the media!” Bai Qiuyu ruffled her hair rather helplessly, “Otherwise, it would be bad if someone picked it up and sold it!”