Am I A Gigolo Chapter 141-142

Chapter 141

It’s no wonder, they do look alike, their height and shape, their voices and eyes are similar, only that Night Thunder is more dominant and arrogant, while Broken Sky is a little more youthful.

But the “debt repaying duck” had been wearing a mask before, never appearing at night, while Broken Sky had impersonated him once again, and knew a lot about them and Feng Qianxue’s situation ……

So it’s only natural that she would be mistaken.

“Tell me, what is going on?” Feng Qianxue shouted angrily.

“What?” Broken Sky was drumming in his heart, hesitating to speak clearly.

“You’re obviously a duck, why do people say you’re a rich kid?”

“Why did you suddenly take off your mask and show your true face?”

“Why do you come to DTT bar every day? What is your relationship with Brother Dong?”

Feng Qianxue asked all the questions in her mind in one go.

“Actually ……” Broken Sky said after thinking about it, pretending to be in suspense, “Have you ever thought that I was not a duck originally, it was you who mistook me for a duck!”

This is the truth, when Night Zhen Ting briefly explained to him the causes and consequences of the incident, he also said the same thing, from the beginning to the end, it was her own misunderstanding of his identity.

“You are saying that ……”

Feng Qianxue recalled the first time she saw him in the night, he was alone in a supreme box with bodyguards around him, this was indeed not how a duck should be treated.

Moreover, she had never seen him actually taking clients, they would only talk about these things when they were on the phone, were these all her presumptuous imagination?

“That’s not right ……” Feng Qianxue questioned, “So how do you explain that four years ago?”

“Four years ago it was me who took the wrong room.” Broken Sky said evasively, “To say it was a mistake is also fate ……”

“So that’s it?” Feng Qianxue suddenly realized, “Then your real identity is ……”

“I’m just an uneducated fop.” Broken Heaven’s End had a clear perception of himself, “It’s better than a duck, right?”

“Not bad for having self-awareness.” Feng Qianxue gave him a blank look, and then asked, “Then why did you sign a debt repayment agreement with me posing as a duck?”

“It’s fun.” I’m used to a smooth life, there’s no challenge in life and I can’t find anything new and interesting, so suddenly someone treats me like a duck and forces me to earn money and share it, it’s exciting!”

He decided to make the mistake and continue to play with her.

It was just for fun anyway, as long as he didn’t touch her, he couldn’t cause any serious trouble ……

Feng Qianxue looked at his smile and always felt something strange, but couldn’t say.

She thought of Night Zhen Ting again and hurriedly asked after him, “Then, who actually saved me that night?”

“Why do you ask that?” Broken Sky was quick to respond, “Did someone say something to you?”

“My boss said it was him who saved me.” Feng Qianxue didn’t have any defenses.

“Your boss?” Broken Sky was shocked in his heart, it couldn’t be ……

“It’s that perverted boss.” Feng Qianxue was apprehensive at the mention of Night Zhen Ting, “My colleague said he saw him hug me and leave through the back door, I even asked him today, he said he saved me …… but the person I woke up to the second morning was clearly you …… ”

Speaking of this, Feng Qianxue’s face instantly turned red, nervously averting her eyes, not daring to look at him ……

Broken Sky saw her look and remembered that night, when Night Zhen Ting carried her out of the back door, her springy look was obviously drugged.

So, that night, they ……

Thinking about this, Duan Tianya’s heart was surprisingly a little uncomfortable, as if his woman had been touched by someone else ……

“Talk ah, what is going on?” Feng Qianxue pursued.

“At first it was indeed he who saved you, then I arrived in time and snatched you up ……”

The fact that he has read countless women, the means of dealing with women has long been skilled to perfection, rounding up a lie is not a problem for him at all.


Chapter 142

“So that’s how it is ……” Feng Qianxue suddenly realized, then she thought about it and felt that it was not right, “But the night devil is so dominant and strong, how can you snatch me from his hands?”

“After all, you are my girlfriend.” Broken Sky replied in a dripping manner, “Even if he is domineering, he is not reasonable, besides, he had clients in at that time, he would not affect his business for a woman ……”

“That’s also true.” Feng Qianxue believed it, she had seen the way Night Zhen Ting worked, there was no one else in his eyes, only business.

Thinking about his behaviour today, if it was really him who saved her that night, then it was him who had sex with her, but he hadn’t mentioned this ……

Unless ……

he was the real debt repayment duck and the one in front of him was an impostor!

The first thing you need to do is to look at the “debt repayment duck” next to you and quickly dismiss the idea, it’s impossible, that day she watched with her own eyes as Night Thunder got into his car and this guy next to her drove the current car to pick her up.

The two of them were just a minute apart, so the “debt repayment duck” could not have been a diversion.

So, Night Zhen Ting is Night Zhen Ting, and the guy next to him is the real “debt repayment duck”, no mistake!

“What are you thinking about?” The broken sky came close to her ambiguously, “Are you surprised that I’m not a duck?”

“A little.”

Feng Qianxue looked at him in a complicated way, thinking, since he wasn’t a duck, could he be allowed to claim the children back?

After all, the children needed their father ……

“If you want, it’s not too late for me to be a duck.” Broken Sky said in a serious manner.

Feng Qianxue let out a “pfft” laugh.

“Finally, you’re laughing!” Broken Sky reached out to pinch her cheeks, “You look good when you smile, smile more often!”

Feng Qianxue suddenly felt that he was actually quite nice, whenever something happened to her, he would appear in time to save her from the fire.

Every day, he honestly transferred money to her and reported his income ……

Now he can also make her laugh and cheer her up ……

Such a person is already perfect.

She had minded his profession before, but now she knew he wasn’t a duck, so there would be no ill effects on the child, perhaps, would there ……

As she was thinking about it, Feng Qianxue suddenly noticed that the route was not right and hastily asked, “Where are you driving to? How come it’s getting farther and farther away from my house?”

“I’m going out for a snack, it’s so early in the morning, why go back home.”

Broken Sky had no idea where her home was, but he was quick to react, lying almost off the cuff, and saying it without missing a beat.

“No, I have things to do at home, take me home now.”

“Oh ……”

“Did you forget the address?”

“No ……”

Broken Sky was thinking about how to tell this lie when Feng Qianxue’s phone rang, it was Zhu’s mum calling, “Miss, Yue Yue’s fever has reached 39.5 ……”

“I’ll be right back.” Feng Qianxue panicked all of a sudden, “Zhu Ma, prepare the medical card and water bottle, I’ll go straight to the hospital when I arrive home.”


When she hung up the phone, Broken Sky had already searched the address from the navigation records and immediately turned around, “32 Happiness Street, right? Ten minutes!”

“Thanks.” Feng Qianxue was very relieved to see that he remembered the address, “I deleted your mobile phone number last time, call me again, I’ll save it.”

“Mobile phone ……”

Broken Sky screamed in his heart, before Night Zhen Ting let him pretend to be him for the time being, so he gave him that mobile phone for a few hours, and then it had been taken back at night!

This car he could sneak out and use, but that phone was impossible for him to get.

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to give it to me?” Feng Qianxue saw his reluctant look.

“It’s not ……” Broken Sky’s eyes flickered for a moment and quickly found an excuse, “That mobile phone number, I deactivated it and now I have a new number, you can save my new number.”