Am I A Gigolo Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

Monday was a particularly busy day, and Feng Qianxue was busy as soon as she arrived at the office, and only took a breather at lunchtime.

She went to the company restaurant on the 21st floor for lunch with her colleagues from the administration department, and just as she came out of the lift, she ran into the president, Night Zhen Ting.

The slender, straight figure stepped out of the lift with a powerful aura, and the atmosphere around her immediately became tense.

The staff all cautiously retreated to the side, slightly lowering their heads, not daring to look at him.

Feng Qianxue stole a glance and touched the deep gaze of Night Zhen Ting, she immediately lowered her head, her heart pounding, was the night devil just looking at me?

“No need to be formal, everyone feel free.”

Night Zhen Ting spoke up in a rare moment.

The staff were instantly flattered, this was the first time they had ever heard the president speak and they were all excited.

Night Zhen Ting took a seat by the window, with two bodyguards standing behind him, and Night Hui went to fetch him a meal.

Feng Qianxue stole a glance, the sunlight reflected on him through the floor-to-ceiling window, handsome as a heavenly god!

How wonderful it would be if this man was the father of my child!

This thought flashed through her mind and Feng Qianxue was startled. She hurriedly interrupted the thought and sat down with her food at the table of her colleagues in the administration department.

Just as she sat down, the annoying He Wenzhe squeezed over, “Hi!”

Feng Qianxue rolled her eyes and moved to the side, keeping her distance from He Wenzhe.

“Why are you eating so little?” He Wenzhe said playfully, “Eat more, our company’s restaurant is more sumptuous than a five-star hotel’s buffet, and it’s all free.”

Feng Qianxue ignored him and lowered her head to eat.

“Hey, what day is it today? Why would the president come to the restaurant to dine?” Fen, the female employee, asked in a low voice.

“I’m curious too, the president usually never comes to the restaurant.” Another female employee, Ah Lu, glanced at the table diagonally opposite and said in a lowered voice, “The atmosphere has become so tense with the president here, everyone is afraid to make a sound.”

“Yeah, yeah, my hands are shaking.” Yun kept her head down.

“Oops, don’t be so nervous guys.” He Wenzhe was generous, “The president looks cold on the surface, but he’s actually very easy-going.”

“Manager He seems to know the president very well.” A male colleague asked curiously, “I saw you greeting the president last time.”

“That’s for sure, my relationship with the president is not ordinary ……”

He Wenzhe said in a meaningful way, wanting to say something.

“No wonder Manager He was promoted three levels in a row in less than six months after joining the company, it turns out that he and the president are old acquaintances.” A few male colleagues hastened to be attentive to He Wenzhe, “Manager He, you should take care of him in the future!”

“Don’t worry, as long as you work well at Shengtian, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to develop in the future.”

He Wenzhe had a smug look on his face.

Feng Qianxue couldn’t stand this kind of moral behaviour and left with her plate.

He Wenzhe immediately followed him, “Feng Qianxue, wait!”

Feng Qianxue was very bored and quickened her pace.

He Wenzhe, however, went after her quickly and went around the front to stop her: “What’s the hurry, let’s go together.”

“Manager He, I don’t know you well ……”

Before Feng Qianxue could finish her sentence, a person suddenly crashed into her from behind.

Her body plunged forward and all the unfinished spaghetti bolognese on her plate splashed onto He Wenzhe’s face, slowly sliding downwards like a mask.

“Ah…” there was a gasp from the colleagues next to her.

He Wenzhe first froze for a moment, then gasped and freaked out, wiping the spaghetti bolognese from his face like a clown.

“Pfft-” Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but burst out laughing, but then felt rude and immediately apologised, “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to, someone just bumped into me, so ……”

As she spoke, she subconsciously twisted her head to look, and it was actually Night Zhen Ting!


Chapter 16

Night Zhen Ting’s face was cold as he walked straight away from her ……

Feng Qianxue looked at his back in a daze, the person who just bumped into her was him?

How could he have bumped into her when he was surrounded by four bodyguards at all times in such a big place?

Could it be that …… did it on purpose?

“Feng Qianxue, don’t you have eyes when you walk?” He Wenzhe roared in agitation.

“Sorry sorry sorry!” Feng Qianxue pointed in the direction where Night Zhen Ting had left and explained weakly, “It was the Lord President who bumped into me just now, I was only careless ……”

“And you’re shirking your responsibility ……”

“Manager He.” Night Hui interrupted He Wenzhe and asked coldly, “Are you blaming the night manager?”

“No, no, no, how dare I ……” He Wenzhe hurriedly explained, “I mean her …… not, I mean myself, I walk without my own eyes.”

“That’s right.” Night Hui nodded in satisfaction, then seriously reminded, “In the future, walk carefully, especially in the restaurant, do not waste food!”

“Yes!” He Wenzhe humbly lowered his head.

Seeing He Wenzhe’s abashed look, Feng Qianxue secretly shouted in her heart, “This cheap man, he has finally hit the nail, he should not come to hara*s her again!

Seeing Feng Qianxue’s secretly pleased look, Night Zhen Ting’s lips curved up in a shallow arc ……

As the lift door closed, his mobile phone rang, answering the call, “Say!”

“Mr. Night, we’ve caught Black Panther, but he doesn’t have the chip on him, it’s probably hidden elsewhere, and he refuses to talk no matter how much I try to force him to confess, so it looks like we’ll have to use some extraordinary means!”

“This kind of people are trained by the devil, it’s useless to use severe torture to extract a confession.” Night Zhen Ting ordered, “Check the cameras in the grand mall, see if they’ve been transferred to other accomplices.”

“Yes, track it down immediately!”


When they returned home from work, Zhu’s mother had already prepared a fragrant dinner and the family of five was happily dining.

Little Si Bo flew to Yue Yue’s shoulder and rubbed its little head against Yue Yue’s fleshy little face.

Yue Yue fed it a melon seed, but instead of eating it happily as usual, it shook its head and kept burping.

Yue Yue looked at its food dish, the contents had barely moved, she hurriedly said, “Mummy, Little Four Treasures hasn’t eaten anything since last night, it keeps burping, is it sick?”

“What’s wrong?”

Feng Qianxue touched Little Four Treasures’ fluffy little head and found it shrugging its head, looking listless.

“Could it be that it hasn’t recovered from the scare at the mall that day?” Zhu’s mother said, “Let’s take it to the doctor tonight.”

“Well, it’s time to go and see.” Feng Qianxue nodded her head.

Long Long looked at Little Four Treasures, frowned and held it in for a while, then finally couldn’t help but say, “Mummy, in fact, Little Four Treasures swallowed a gold piece, that’s why it’s not feeling well.”

“A gold seed?” Feng Qianxue was very surprised.

“Yes, such a big piece of gold ……,” Long Long gestured with his finger, “about the size of my little thumb cap.”

“We don’t seem to have any gold like this at home?” Feng Qianxue felt puzzled.

“It’s not from home, an uncle in black wearing a mask gave it to me when I was at the mall ……” Dragon explained.

“Have you been watching too many cartoons?” Little adult Chen Chen gave Long Long a blank look.

“It’s true ……”

Long Long hurriedly detailed the events of that day and the family listened dumbfounded.

“Hahahaha ……” Zhu’s mother laughed out loud, “Long Long, you tell such wonderful stories.”

“I told you that you watch too many cartoons.” Tenzin once again gave Longlong a blank look and buried his head in his food.

“Why don’t you guys believe me ……,” Dragon was blushing with anxiety, “Mommy, do you believe me?”

“Believe!” Feng Qianxue gave him a piece of chicken wing in his bowl, “Let’s take Little Four Treasures to see the doctor together after we finish eating.”

“Yes, take Little Four Treasures to see the doctor first.” Yue Yue only cared about Little Four Treasures, not the truth.

Long Long beamed, very stifled.


After dinner, Feng Qianxue and the three babies took Little Four Treasures to the vet. The vet examined Little Four Treasures and said that it was indigestion from eating the wrong things, and that it would be fine after prescribing some medicine to pa*s the stool.

Long Long’s little mouth was turned up and he said in his heart, “Hmph, when Little Four Treasures pulls out that gold, you’ll know if what I say is true!