Am I A Gigolo Chapter 169-170

Chapter 169

Hearing these words, Night Zhen Ting’s heart was instantly touched, his fingertips still tapping on the keyboard, but his gaze was ambiguous as fire as he looked at her, “Worried about me?”

Feng Qianxue knew that she had let her mouth slip and blushed, biting her lower lip, not daring to speak.

Seeing this shy look of hers, Night Zhen Ting couldn’t help but be moved, rubbing her calf with his foot under the table, “Come here!”

“What for ……”

Feng Qianxue glanced at him timidly and averted her gaze again, her heart beating fast.

“Hurry up.” Night Zhen Ting ordered dominantly.

Feng Qianxue dawdled and moved towards him, a few steps away, as if thousands of kilometres away, half a sound did not move over ……

Night Hui is anxiously worried, now is a close call, these two are still playing ambiguous?


With a startled cry from Feng Qianxue, Night Zhen Ting violently yanked her into his arms.

Feng Qianxue fell on top of him, her body trembling weakly, and she was about to resist when he shouted, “Don’t move”, and then wrapped his arms around her waist and continued tapping on the keyboard.

Feng Qianxue no longer dare to move ……

The future of a group is at stake between her waist and the tens of billions of dollars, so if she moves again, won’t it affect the rotation of the earth?

The most sinful!

Night Hui rolled a series of white eyes, his fists clenched and creaked, his heart itching with hatred ……

At this moment, he remembered Jiang Dong, who had been drinking laxatives for four consecutive days, and suddenly could understand the old man’s feelings ……

The warriors killed the enemy in front of the battlefield and splashed blood on the sand.

The Night King, however, is in charge of the world while wrapping his arms around a beautiful woman in pa*sionate entanglement ……

Although no one dares to question the ability of the Night King and is convinced that he will definitely achieve victory.

But who can understand the anxiety that burns like fire?

Tens of thousands of gra*s mud horses whistling in their hearts could not withstand the unbearable feeling of a hundred claws scratching at their hearts right now!!!

“Let go of me and deal with it properly, how can you …… do that at such a critical moment?”

Feng Qianxue gently pushed against Night Zhen Ting.

At this moment, the computer screen was flashing with a dense green code, and the tablet next to it was showing the live broadcast of the 66th floor launch ……

Jiang Dong had finished introducing the president and started to introduce the features of the new product ……

The poor old man wiped a sweat, about to make up, only hoping that the president upstairs can fix the system as soon as possible so that the new product can be officially released.

And night Zhen Ting, eyes on the screen, hands operating the keyboard, but chin but if there is nothing to rub Feng Qianxue’s snow peak ……

Feng Qianxue wanted to move but did not dare to move, wanted to push away but did not dare to push.

She feels that she is now the red face of that scourge, tempting the king to commit a crime, and has no desire to take charge of the world ……

Night Hui’s heart was burning with anxiety, he simply wanted to rush over and yank Feng Qianxue away, but he didn’t dare.

“Bang!” There was a sudden crashing sound from outside.

“Someone has broken in again.” Night Fai turned back alertly.

“Hold up!”

Night Zhen Ting’s eyelids didn’t even lift, and he took the opportunity to bite Feng Qianxue’s bręąst.

Through the shirt, he could still feel the elastic beauty ……

“Ah~~” Feng Qianxue exclaimed, “You, what are you doing?”

The corners of Night Fai’s mouth twitched and his face was ashen, but he could only pick up the golf club next to him and walk out to meet the fight ……

Opening the door, several killers barged in with knives, and Night Fai gritted his teeth and fought.

“Get off me, I’ll go help.”

Feng Qianxue saw that Night Fai’s wound was still bleeding, her heart was very guilty and pushed Night Zhen Ting to go and do something ……

But Night Zhen Ting held her tighter, his lone cold thin lips gently brushing against her collarbone, his hands still operating the computer.

Feng Qianxue was anxious: “You stop, it’s a close call, everyone is waiting for you …… ah~~”

She hadn’t finished her sentence, and once again she let out a delicate cry, her body wailing and trembling.

This son of a b*tch, Night Zhen Ting, actually, actually topped her ……

Although through the clothing, she was already tingling and trembling like an electric shock.

Hearing this sound, the night Hui who was killing at the doorway had a shiver in his hand and received a slash ……


Chapter 170

“Can’t die, can you?”

Night Zhen Ting asked lightly.

“Can’t die!” Night Fai gritted his teeth and rushed up to continue the fight.

Night ZhenTing narrowed his eyes dangerously and continued to operate the computer, while his body was slowly rubbing against it.

“Let go of me now ……”

Feng Qianxue was anxious, she could already feel the changes in his body, like a beast trapped in a cage, it was stirring ……

It’s too dangerous!

“Shut up!” As Night Zhen Ting spoke, his phone rang, he slid the screen and put it on speakerphone straight away.

“Night King, the launch has been delayed by seven minutes.” Night Jun’s low voice came, “Jiang Dong hinted for the third time that it was time to launch a new product, how’s it going on your end?”

“Give me ten more seconds ……”

Night Zhen Ting bit Feng Qianxue’s bręąst, his voice hoarse as he responded. Remember the website

Feng Qianxue covered her mouth with one hand to death, not daring to make a sound, and pushed his shoulder with the other hand in panic ……

“Jiang Dong is starting to announce!”

As Night Army spoke, in the background voice, Jiang Dong was leading the journalists in a countdown together ……




Over here, on the computer screen, the code operation was also counting down, eighty percent, eighty-five, ninety ……

The closer the data got, the harder Night Zhen Ting bit down.

Feng Qianxue was in pain and panic and nervous, but she covered her mouth to death, not daring to make a sound.



Night Zhen Ting hit the OK button one last time, withdrew his hands, wrapped one hand tightly around Feng Qianxue’s waist, and poked one hand down her thighs into the bottom of her skirt, his nails cutting into her smooth skin and slowly moving up ……

Feng Qianxue’s body trembled, limp as water ……

On the other hand, Night Fai was one against ten and had taken a few more stabs on his body and was on the verge of not being able to hold on.

One of the a*sa*sins took the opportunity to cross over him and wielded a machete straight at Night Zhen Ting ……

“Ah!” The first of these is the one that is the most popular.

The eyes of Night Zhen Ting were bright, he casually grabbed the pen on the table and flung it over, only to hear a miserable scream, the pen plunged directly into the man’s chest, then fell to the ground.

The blood splattered on Feng Qianxue, she was shocked, unaware that Night Zhen Ting had already ripped open her inner ……



A final countdown sounded from the video, while a voice prompt came from the computer screen, “System recovery successful!”

The computer screen then began to show the technological skills of the new product.

Over the video, the system was unlocked and the newly developed technology products of the Shengtian Group finally started to be shown to everyone.

There were cheers and thunderous applause from the stage!

Feng Qianxue was captivated by this exciting scene, her eyes were fixed on the screen, completely unaware that Night Zhen Ting’s hand had explored deeper, while biting open her shirt ……

“Bang!” The last killer was finally taken care of by Night Fai.

Night Fai was already exhausted and collapsed to the ground.

Night Zhen Ting asked with seeming concern, “Not dead, right?”

“No ……” Night Fai braced his blood soaked body and staggered to his feet, saying impa*sionedly, “Night King, my subordinate will protect you even if I only have my last breath left ……”

“Crawl out if you’re not dead!” Night Zhen Ting interrupted him and ordered domineeringly, “Keep watch outside and don’t let anyone in to disturb me!”


Night Hui’s body shook, looking back, his dear Night King was already completely engrossed in beauty, where was his heart to care about his death?

Night Fai’s heart went cold as he dragged his badly injured body slowly out the door, squeezing out the words from his teeth, “Scum!”

“Close the door.”

The scum added behind him.

Night Fai’s eyes turned red as he shuddered and cursed in his heart, “This ungrateful, ungrateful, ungrateful beast”!

Unfortunately, he did not dare to curse out loud ……

When the door was closed, Feng Qianxue came back to her senses and suddenly realized that Night Zhen Ting was about to attack the city, she panicked and pushed him, but he pinned her down on the table ……