Am I A Gigolo Chapter 191-192

Chapter 191

“Because you’re nosy!” Night Zhen Ting stared at him grimly.

“I ……” Si Haoxuan was stunned for a moment and hurriedly explained, “I sent back this necklace because b*tch Nei had made a mistake, it had nothing to do with anyone else.”

“In other words, you didn’t do it for her?” Night Zhen Ting pointed at Feng Qianxue.

“No.” Si Haoxuan lowered his head, not daring to look at Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue’s brow was furrowed and her heart was very uncomfortable.

Although she knew that Si Hao Xuan was saying this for self-preservation, but witnessing his humility with her own eyes, she still had a very complicated feeling ……

“So, do you think that Feng’s bankruptcy has anything to do with me?” Night Zhen Ting questioned bluntly.

Si Haoxuan’s body shook and his face changed drastically.

“It’s not what he said.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly explained, “There’s nothing to do with him ……”

“Speak!” Night Zhen Ting shouted in a blazing rage.

Si Haoxuan shivered and replied in a panic, “I, I, I don’t know ……” Remember the website

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything, but stared at him coldly.

“What are you doing?” Feng Qianxue hurriedly defended him, “What are you doing involving other people in our problems?”

“That’s right.” Night Zhen Ting suddenly changed his attitude again, surprisingly raising a smile, “Mr. Si, don’t be afraid, I’m just asking.”

Si Hao Xuan’s brow furrowed, he couldn’t read him as well as Feng Qianxue.

“A mere one hundred million dollar necklace, why bother you to send it here personally?”

Night Zhen Ting casually threw the ruby necklace in front of Si Haoxuan, just like rewarding a beggar, “Consider it as my investment to you, take it to start the project!”

“What you mean is ……” Si Haoxuan’s face was full of confusion, “the project can be restarted?”

The necklace was just a moral, Night Zhen Ting was giving him a chance.

“Of course.” Night Zhen Ting leaned back on the sofa, elegantly shaking his wine gla*s, “However, the same thing can only have one value. This ruby necklace, whether it will be used to start the project for you, or to redeem her freedom, you choose yourself!”

Feng Qianxue’s body shook and her scalp tingled.

The bet he was talking about turned out to be a bet on Si Hao Xuan’s choice.

Should he choose the group’s interests or her?

It could only be one of the two!

She knew that Si Hao Xuan had repeatedly begged Night Zhen Ting in a low voice, which showed how important that project really was to the Si family ……

The company is now being chased by the Chu family, and with Shengtian suppressing it, if the Si family doesn’t take care of this project, I’m afraid it will face the risk of bankruptcy.

Under such circumstances, how could Si Hao Xuan give up his last chance?

However, if he chose the family, he would be negating her once more.

Just like four years ago ……

In fact, things have changed, things are different, even if Si Hao Xuan chooses to defend the family and give up on her, Feng Qian Xue will no longer have the disappointment and resentment she had at the beginning.

And after so many years, she has long since let go of the feelings she had at the beginning ……

It’s just that he couldn’t let go of it.

The reason for this is to put another thorn between the two of them, forcing Si Hao Xuan to let go and never have the face to pester Feng Qian Xue again.

And Feng Qianxue would also give up on him completely.

After all, human nature is so cruel.

Just because it can be sympathetic and understandable doesn’t mean there won’t be mustiness ……

“Business matters have nothing to do with women, so why involve her in this?” Si Hao Xuan panicked, “Mr. Night, the terms I offered last time, if they are still not suitable, we can negotiate again ……”

“There’s nothing to negotiate.” Night Zhen Ting interrupted him and reminded indifferently, “One minute, you choose for yourself, you want her or you want the company!”

With that, he got up and walked into the bathroom ……

Leaving space for Si Hao Xuan and Feng Qian Xue.

Si Hao Xuan’s fists were clenched, his eyes were red, and his emotions were like those of a tightly wound Hyun.

Feng Qianxue looked at him compa*sionately, her heart clearly had a thousand words, but she couldn’t say a single word ……

She knew that she simply could not escape the clutches of Night Zhen Ting, and would eventually fall into his plaything ……


Chapter 192

Si Hao Xuan was torn, as if two hands were repeatedly pulling at his heart, almost tearing it to pieces ……

He wanted to protect Feng Qianxue, but he could not put the company in danger.

Even if he knew that this was a trap deliberately laid by Night Zhen Ting, he could not resist ……

“Haoxuan ……” Feng Qianxue finally spoke up to break this stiff atmosphere, “Don’t be embarra*sed and abide by your heart.”

“Xue’er, I don’t want to let you down again like I did four years ago.” Si Hao Xuan was grief-stricken, “But I can’t leave the company alone, it’s the heart and soul of three generations of my Si family ……”

“I understand.” Feng Qianxue squeezed out a stiff smile, “The times are different, nowadays Si is your responsibility!”

“What about you?” Si Hao Xuan was very distressed.

“He won’t do anything to me.” Feng Qianxue put on a light-hearted face and said, “You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Won’t do anything to you?” Si Hao Xuan looked at the bathrobe she was wearing and his gaze became complicated, “You used to be so proud and so noble, but now ……”

At this point, he could not continue, his hands clenched into fists, there was unyielding and helplessness to fate in his eyes.

Feng Qianxue knew that he had misunderstood, but she did not want to explain, she just smiled bitterly, “Yes, what made me become like this now?”

With a single word, the atmosphere became stiff once again.

At the beginning, if the Si family had not seen the wind and temporarily repudiated the marriage when they learned that the Feng family was bankrupt, she would not have fallen into Bai Lu’s trap and caused all those incidents, not to mention ending up in such a state ……

Therefore, Si Hao Xuan is largely responsible for her becoming the way she is now.

“I’m sorry ……,” Si Haoxuan lowered his head guiltily.

“What? Have you thought about it?”

Night Zhen Ting’s voice came with the condescension and dominance of a master of fate.

“Mr. Night, I think we should talk alone.”

Si Haoxuan was still undeterred and wanted to keep both sides.

“I don’t have time to talk to you.” Night Zhen Ting sat on the sofa and crossed his legs arrogantly, “You have ten more seconds, take her away or take it away ……”

He pointed with his toe at the ruby necklace on the crystal coffee table, “Choose for yourself!”

“I ……” Si Hao Xuan was about to speak when his phone suddenly rang, he immediately stepped aside to answer it, “Hey, what???”

“Daddy take it easy, I’m trying to figure it out, I know I know, I’ll call you back later.”

Hanging up the phone, Si Hao Xuan hurriedly went up to beg Night Zhen Ting, “Mr. Night, you don’t have to be so desperate, right? Bringing the project to a complete halt is too much of a loss for us.”

“So what?” Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows and sneered.

“I ……”

Si Hao Xuan was dumbfounded, Night Zhen Ting was the god who ruled over destiny, whoever he wanted to die, would have to die.

There was simply no room for negotiation.

“The last three seconds.” Night ZhenTing raised his finger and began to count down, “Three!”

“Chief Night ……”


“Chief Night, just consider me begging you ……”

“If you keep nagging, you won’t even have the chance to choose.”

Night Zhen Ting frowned, his face full of impatience.

“I ……”

Si Hao Xuan looked at the ruby necklace and then at Feng Qianxue, his eyes full of torn struggles.

And at that moment, his mobile phone started ringing again ……

He was so anxious that his head was sweating and his eyes were red.

Feng Qianxue could not stand to see it anymore and was ready to go get the ruby necklace and hand it to him.

Almost at the same time, Si Hao Xuan reached out and took away the ruby necklace ……

The pendant of the necklace teased the back of Feng Qianxue’s hand, and she subconsciously looked up at him.

The two eyes met, complicated beyond words.

Although she understood his choice and supported it, she was still shocked when he made his choice with impatience ……

It was as if a sharp knife was stabbed in the heart, and it hurt like hell.

“Xue’er, I ……”

Si Hao Xuan was completely flustered, he realised that Feng Qianxue wanted to help him choose the company, but he was a second ahead of her.

So, the meaning was completely different ……