Am I A Gigolo Chapter 207-208

Chapter 207

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue was a little hesitant, yes, if Night Zhen Ting knew about it, it would be a problem ……

However, if Night Zhen Ting was the Duck Duck back then, then these threats would not exist.

However, she can’t be sure if he is now.

She didn’t dare to bet ……

What’s more, even if he really was Duck Duck, what if he had something to do with her father’s death again?

She still couldn’t recognise him, let alone let him know that the children existed.

Otherwise, he might snatch the children, I’m afraid ……

These concerns flashed through her mind and Feng Qianxue’s heart was in turmoil ……

She couldn’t really marry this Thai man just to cover her ears, could she?

“You don’t have a choice.” Bai Lu threatened, “I don’t have the patience to wait either, Tai Hu has already brought the documents, you will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau now to get the marriage license, then I will arrange for media coverage, as long as these two steps are done, I will never give you a hard time again.”

“You guys give me some time.” Feng Qianxue did not dare to say no in one breath, and was reluctant to agree, “I’ll think about it again ……”

“Think about what? You must say yes right now.” Bai Lu couldn’t wait a moment.

“But ……” Feng Qianxue was about to speak when her mobile phone suddenly rang, the caller alerted “Duck Duck”, she suddenly seemed to have met her savior, “You don’t I want to get married so that Si Hao Xuan can stop thinking about it? I don’t have to marry this Thai guy, I can find someone else to marry.”

“Who are you looking for to marry at this moment?” Bai Qiuyu said without good grace, “Do you really think that because you look like a heavenly fairy, everyone wants to marry you?”

“I have someone in mind ……,” Feng Qianxue picked up her phone, “but I can’t let him know that I have a child.”

“Whatever.” Bai Lu waved her hand impatiently, “As long as you get married and announce it in the media, this will be done, but it has to be registered today.”

“Lulu ……” Bai Qiuyu wanted to stop her, but Bai Lu’s words had already been spoken.

“Okay, I’ll take a call.” Feng Qianxue took the phone and walked to the side to answer it, “Duck Duck, help me ……”

“What’s wrong? Someone is after you again?”

Night Zhen Ting on the other end of the phone hurriedly pursued the question, this time, because of his emotions, he forgot to hold his voice.

“No, I ……” Feng Qianxue choked for a moment and said tentatively, “I now, must go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register my marriage immediately, can you help me?”

“What’s the situation?” Night Zhen Ting was completely confused.

“I have no way to explain to you, in any case, I have to register my marriage today, just say, can you help me.”

Feng Qianxue was testing, if he was Night ZhenTing, then he was in Eagle Country right now, there was no way he could fly back to Haicheng right away.

“I’m out of town, can I do it in a few days?”

Sure enough, Ducky’s reply was just as she had thought.

“Eagle Country?” Feng Qianxue asked tentatively.

The Duck Duck on the other end of the phone took a couple of seconds to slow down and replied, “In Switzerland!”

“Oh ……”

Feng Qianxue was already 80% sure that he was Night Zhen Ting, she tried again, “The two million you gave me is not enough to spend.”

“What are you talking about?” Duck Duck looked confused, “What two million?”

“Just admit it, you’re actually ……”

“Well have you? I don’t have the heart to spend time with you.”

Bai Lu’s annoyed urging voice came, interrupting Feng Qianxue’s words.

On the other end of the phone, Night Zhen Ting narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Someone is threatening you?”

“It’s alright, I’ll contact you later.” Feng Qianxue hung up the phone and turned back to Bai Lu, “I can’t find anyone right now for a while, either you guys give me a few more days of grace or be my guest!”

“You really think we can’t do anything about you?” Bai Qiuyu shouted angrily, “If you play tricks with me again, do you believe that I will immediately shake out what you did?”

“Shake it out.” Feng Qianxue simply gave up, “Night Zhenting knows that I have a child, so he won’t want me, but Si Haoxuan won’t dislike me, if you guys make me have no way out, I really have to rely on Shang Haoxuan.”


Chapter 208

“B*tch!” Bai Lu rushed over and fiercely threw Feng Qianxue a slap, shaking with anger, “You dare to steal my husband, I’ll kill you!!!”

With that, she wanted to hit Feng Qianxue again, but was pulled back by Bai Qiu Yu ……

“It’s useless to beat her now to solve the problem.” Bai Qiuyu advised in a low voice, “This can’t be forced out of her for a while, so why don’t we give her two days.”

Feng Qianxue inclined her head, her face burning with pain, but she didn’t resist, she just kept the account in her heart silently.

Bai Lu was furious and reluctant, but listened to her mother: “Fine, I’ll give you two days, and if you don’t do as I ask within two days, I’ll immediately expose your scandalous deeds. If you dare to sue Hao Xuan, I will immediately send the information about your child to the media.”

“I know.”


Leaving from the cafe, Feng Qianxue was tracked by a group of reporters, and she ran all the way, sparing several streets and crossing several alleys before she could shake them off.

She really couldn’t understand, she didn’t even take it personally when Bai Lu harmed her like that back then, and not only did Bai Lu not feel guilty, she continued to harm her even more ……

Now she has been suspended from her job and her life has been messed up ……

When she got home, Feng Qianxue was about to collapse from exhaustion, her phone kept ringing, it was Si Hao Xuan calling.

She now gets a headache when she sees this name, hangs up the phone straight away and pulls it into the blacklist!

This time, the world cleared up ……

Feng Qianxue covered her burning forehead and leaned back on the sofa to take a break, when her phone rang again, still the same media, she was very annoyed and blacked out one number after another.

At that moment, a familiar number suddenly called in ……

She looked at the number and couldn’t help but freeze.

This number was just one number away from Si Hao Xuan’s, Si Hao Xuan’s ending number was 9, this one was 6.

Feng Qianxue recalled that when Chu Zihan was madly pursuing Si Hao Xuan during her college days, she got a phone number similar to Si Hao Xuan’s ……

Feng Qianxue answered the phone, “Hello!”

“Feng Qianxue your phone number is really hard to get through, this is Chu Zihan.”

Sure enough, it was the same familiar voice.

“Hello, are you looking for me for something?” Feng Qianxue asked politely.

“I’m fine, it’s someone else looking for you ……”

Chu Zihan handed the phone to another person.

With that, a gentle voice came, “Little crazy, do you know who I am?”

Feng Qianxue froze, dumbfounded and stunned for a while before she came back to her senses, “Chu Zimo!!!”

“Luckily, you still remember me, I just made a bet with Zihan that if you don’t remember me, I’ll be responsible for her high heels for a year ……”

The boy on the other end of the phone was funny and still carried the warmth of the sun like he did when he was young.

“How can I not remember ……”

Feng Qianxue was suddenly a little sentimental, except for her father and Si Haoxuan, Chu Zimo used to be the best man in the world for her.

In his college years, there was an accident where he cut a finger by a machine to save her ……

She looked at him, who had fallen in a pool of blood, and cried so much that she was trembling.

He was obviously pale with pain and sweating like rain, but he squeezed out a smile and said, “Guilty? Marry me if you feel guilty ……”

Chu Zi Mo had been competing with Si Hao Xuan for many years, and he had done many things to pursue Feng Qian Xue.

But in the end, Feng Qianxue still chose the gentle and elegant Si Haoxuan, after all, that was the first person who made her heart flutter.

And she was more like a brother, or a relative, to Chu Zi Mo.

After the announcement of Feng Qianxue’s engagement to Si Haoxuan, Chu Zimo left the country alone and cut off contact directly.

“Are you free? Come out for a drink?” Chu Zi Mo asked gently.

“Yes.” Feng Qianxue blurted out, and then hesitated a little after finishing her sentence, she would be blocked by reporters wherever she went now, right? Would it bring trouble to Chu Zimo?

“Don’t worry, I will protect you, you name a safe address me, I will come to pick you up.”

Chu Zimo is always so thoughtful and considerate when considering things.