Am I A Gigolo Chapter 211-212

Chapter 211

Chu Zi Mo took Feng Qian Xue to a Thai hot pot restaurant by the sea to eat hot pot. Feng Qian Xue was uncomfortable as soon as she saw the word Thai ……

Although she was pretty sure that Tai Hu was not the man from that night, being photographed in that kind of intimate photos already made her sick.

What’s more, those photos were now on the bottom of the Bai family’s mother and daughter’s hands.

Once they were exposed, not only would her reputation be ruined, but it would also affect her children ……

“What’s wrong?” Chu Zi Mo saw that Feng Qian Xue’s face didn’t look right and asked thoughtfully, “Is it because you don’t want to eat Thai hot pot? Then let’s change to another one.”

“It’s fine, there’s no need to change.”

Feng Qianxue thought of Chu Zimo’s elaborate preparations and didn’t want to spoil his fun, moreover, this place was very remote, so if we changed to another one it would take a long time.

“Then let’s go in.”

Chu Zimo dragged Feng Qianxue into the long-ordered private room, and ordered all the dishes that Feng Qianxue liked.

After the waiter retreated, the two began to catch up, chatting about their college days, both of them were very happy, after all, that time was simple and pure, the memories of youth were all happy ……

Chu Zimo then asked about Feng Qianxue’s current situation.

Feng Qianxue’s smile disappeared all of a sudden, her face became grave, and she lowered her head to drink tea without saying a word.

“I heard Zi Han say that you have a good relationship with the Night Chief …… of Shengtian Group?” Chu Zimo asked tentatively.

“He is my boss.” Feng Qianxue responded evasively.

“Qianxue ……” Chu Zimo solemnly reminded, “Don’t mess with the Night family!”

Feng Qianxue raised her eyes to look at him and asked in confusion, “Why do you say that?”

“How to tell you ……” Chu Zi Mo thought for a moment and explained simply, “There is a legend in the business world, South Night and North Leng, these two families are the leading bosses in the Chinese business circle, and at the same time, they are also dragon pools and tiger caves, very complicated, you are too simple, not suitable for that kind of family!”

“Oh ……” Feng Qianxue nodded, “I thought you knew something.”

“What?” Chu Zi Mo was confused.

“Nothing.” Feng Qianxue smiled at him, “Have some tea!”

Chu Zi Mo was different from Si Hao Xuan, Night Zhen Ting, and even Broken Sky ……

He had grown up loving art and was bored with the business world, and he didn’t like the life of hook and line, he was in a completely different world from those businessmen who ran the business.

He was also not as clever and smooth as Broken Sky, who mingled in the pleasure world.

He has nothing to do with fighting, power and strategy, and treats his feelings as pure as white paper. He is like a fairy who does not eat fire and smoke, simple and pure ……

The two of them were not involved in the game.

Soon, the waiter served the meal, and the two of them chatted while eating the hot pot.

Chu Zimo still took care of Feng Qianxue as thoughtfully as before, and Feng Qianxue got used to his care.

As she was eating, Feng Qianxue’s phone rang. It was Chu’s mother, so she took the phone and went out to answer it.

Zhu’s mother told her that Yue Yue had caught another cold and fever and had now been sent to the county hospital for treatment ……

The moment Feng Qianxue heard this, she became anxious and quickly asked for details.

The child was missing her mother and kept calling out “mommy”.

Feng Qianxue could not wait to fly to the child’s side, but she did not dare to go to the countryside to pick them up now as the matter was not yet resolved, so she could only ask Zhu’s mother to take good care of the child, and she would go to them as soon as the matter was settled.

Hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue was ready to go back to the box when she suddenly noticed that the door of the box diagonally opposite was hidden, and through a two-inch wide gap, she saw two familiar figures ……

It was actually Si Haoxuan and Chu Zihan!

The two of them are the same as the other two.

Chu Zihan was very distressed and couldn’t help but go up and hug him ……

Si Hao Xuan did not push away, instead he cupped her face and kissed her ……


Chapter 212

Feng Qianxue was stunned and dumbfounded.

It was only when the waiter came forward to close the door of that compartment that she came back to her senses and blinked hard, wondering if she had seen the wrong ……

“Qianxue!” Chu Zi Mo walked out and called to her.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly followed him into the compartment and closed the door behind her, saying with a palpitating heart, “I just saw ……”

Before she could finish her words, her mobile phone rang, it was a call from Bai Lu.

She frowned and answered the phone, “Hello!”

“Where are you?” Bai Lu questioned bluntly.

“I’m eating out, what’s wrong?” Feng Qianxue frowned.

“Address, tell me now.” Bai Lu was aggressive.

“You’re sick ……” Feng Qianxue was about to speak when a waiter’s greeting suddenly came from outside, “Lime welcomes you!”

Hearing this voice, Bai Lu on the other end of the phone exploded at once – remember the website

“Fine, Feng Qianxue, it said you were given two days to find a man to marry, but it turns out you were seducing my husband and asking him out to meet you, you lecherous and shameless b*tch, you wait for me!”

“Hey ……”

Feng Qianxue was about to explain when Bai Lu hung up the phone.

Feng Qianxue was really speechless to the extreme, how could she be so unlucky? How could she be so unlucky? She could even take the blame for coming out for a meal?

Feng Qianxue guessed that Bai Lu had installed tracking software in Si Hao Xuan’s mobile phone and knew that Si Hao Xuan was eating here, then called him, but he didn’t answer, so she suspected that he was dating a woman ……

And this woman, naturally, was her Feng Qianxue.

So Bai Lu called Feng Qianxue to question her.

Then she heard the waiter’s remark and misunderstood again ……

“What’s wrong? Whose phone is it?” Chu Zi Mo inquired.

“Bai Lu.” Feng Qianxue didn’t have a good mood and said, “What a crazy dog, she opened her mouth and scolded before she could figure out the situation.”

“Why did she scold you?” Chu Zi Mo asked in confusion.

“She mistakenly thought that I was eating here with Si Hao Xuan, in fact ……”

Feng Qianxue almost blurted out, but the words came out of her mouth and then retracted ……

After all, Chu Zihan is Chu Zi Mo’s cousin, and the two are now in the same restaurant, if Chu Zi Mo knew the truth, with his personality, he would definitely rush over and beat up Si Hao Xuan ……

The moment word spreads that there are so many people here, the relationship between the two will be exposed.

At that time, Si Hao Xuan will have another scandal, which will be extremely bad for his career, and Chu Zihan will also hate Feng Qianxue to death ……

The fact that Feng Qianxue has already made enemies everywhere and is in trouble on all sides, she doesn’t want to have another enemy in Chu Zihan.

Nor did she want to cause trouble for Si Hao Xuan.

“What actually?” Chu Zi Mo asked after him.

“Nothing.” Feng Qianxue didn’t want to cause trouble, “Zimo, let’s go, change to a quieter place.”

“I should have known not to book here, Zi Han said this hot pot is delicious and highly recommended it to me.”

Chu Zimo picked up his phone and car keys and led Feng Qianxue away.

Feng Qianxue looked back on his words and felt a bit strange, so she asked, “Does Zihan know you brought me here?”

“Of course I know.” Chu Zi Mo laughed, “I never eat with any woman except you.”

Feng Qianxue stiffly raised the corners of her lips and didn’t say anything, but she had doubts in her heart ……

Since Chu Zihan recommended Chu Zi Mo to bring her here, why did he bring Si Hao Xuan over again?

Is it just to let her see it on purpose?

The two of them walked out of the restaurant and were about to enter the lift when Feng Qianxue saw two familiar figures kissing pa*sionately in the lift again ……

She stopped in her tracks in shock ……

Chu Zimo was about to look up when his phone rang, he walked to the side to answer the phone, “Uncle, um, I’m outside, some other time, when I finish my business, okay.”

By the time he finished answering the phone, the lift had long since reached the ground floor ……

Feng Qianxue immediately went to the gla*s window and looked down, and sure enough, Si Hao Xuan had his arm around Chu Zihan and got into the car, and Chu Zihan drove away at a gallop.