Am I A Gigolo Chapter 23-24

Chapter 23

“Arrange to be a doorman in the car park!”

Night Zhen Ting took his phone and turned to leave.


Night Hui patted He Wenzhe’s face, “You should be grateful for the generosity and kindness of Chief Night, a doorman with an annual salary of a million dollars, that’s kind of unique!”

“Yes, yes, yes, thank you Mr. Night, thank you Brother Hui, thank you thank you.”

He Wenzhe’s mouth was full of blood, but he didn’t forget to smile and nod his head.

Feng Qianxue was disgusted to the core with He Wenzhe, but at the same time, she was also feeling in her heart, such an original way of punishment!

From now on, He Wenzhe’s self-esteem was going to be trampled underfoot forever!

This is the way of the night devil!

Feng Qianxue reminded herself in her heart that she must stay away from this dangerous devil.

In retrospect, her “debt repayment duck” was still good, good and obedient, earning her over a million dollars in two nights. Remember the website

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue quickly dried her clothes and went to the bank.

She ran all the way to the bank and finally rushed in to cash the cheque before the bank closed.

It turned out that the bank clerk told her that the cheque had been bounced early this morning!!!

Feng Qianxue was stunned. The three rich women had bought the “debt repayment duck” from her for a million dollars, and the cheque had bounced even though she had gotten her hands on it?

Are all rich women nowadays so uncouth?

Feng Qianxue immediately called the “debt repayment duck”, but there was no answer, she called three times, but still no answer.

She was desperate and sent him a text message: “Call back immediately, it’s urgent!”

The other party did not return the message.

Feng Qianxue held the phone, thinking left and right, could it be that something happened last night?

Could it be that the debt repayment duck couldn’t stand the oppression of those three rich women and fled from the battlefield? So the rich women got angry and cancelled the cheque?

It’s possible!

That must be the case!

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue immediately hailed a taxi to rush to the night.

On the way, she had already started sneezing and sniffling, obviously catching a cold when she was cleaning the swimming pool in the afternoon.

But she couldn’t care less, she just wanted to find that guy as soon as possible!

Soon she arrived at the Night, but it was still early and not yet open for business, so outsiders were refused entry.

Feng Qianxue slipped in through the back door and went to the box from before.

Strangely enough, the box was empty, the sofa, coffee table, wine cabinet and even the carpet were gone.

A few waiters were carefully cleaning up and cleaning, and the manager was taking measurements, saying that new furniture would be made to order.

Feng Qianxue pulled a waiter and asked in a low voice, “What happened here? It was fine yesterday.”

“I’m not sure, the manager instructed me to clean it, so I did.” The waiter said impatiently, “How did you get in here? Get out of here ……”

“I’m just curious to inquire, it won’t affect your work, please.”

Feng Qianxue took out three hundred yuan and shoved it into her hand.

The waitress immediately took the money and stuffed it into her pocket, looked back, covered her mouth and came closer to Feng Qianxue and whispered, “When I came here today, there was a lot of blood on the carpet, I guess someone was killed, this kind of thing, you know ……”


Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened and her whole body froze.

All she could think of was “someone got killed”!!!

She remembered what the debt repayment duck had said earlier, “58 years old, 280 pounds, I don’t want to die in bed!”

There was a rich 280 pound woman who wanted to have a night out and he refused, last night it was three, three, he wouldn’t have died of physical exhaustion, would he?

If there was really a fatal accident, it was possible for the rich women to cancel the check in order to clear their relationship ……

Feng Qianxue was so anxious that she secretly blamed herself in her heart for being greedy for money and getting a human life killed ……

or the father of her child.

Images were already appearing in her mind of her children growing up decades later and asking her for the identity of their father ……

She confessed with tears in both eyes, Your father was a duck, sold by me for a million to three rich women who weighed seven hundred pounds combined …… After that life and death was unknown and no news!!!


Chapter 24

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue shivered and hurriedly sent a message to “Duck who is repaying his debt”.

“Dear Ducky, are you still alive?”

“I’m sorry, I was too greedy for money, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have sold you to those three rich women, I apologize, I repent, I beg you to forgive me ……”

After sending a dozen consecutive text messages, the other party did not reply.

Feng Qianxue called a few more times, but still no one answered.

She waited until late in the evening, dragging her body with a cold, looking for the figure of the “debt repayment duck” in the night.

To enhance the mystery, the publicists at the night wear various sexy masks.

Most of the masks were exaggerated, but they were different from the mysterious and cold masks of the “debt repayment ducks”, so it was easy to identify them.

After looking around, I couldn’t find the “debt repayment duck”.

Feng Qianxue’s cold was getting worse, her nose was running, she was sneezing, her body was weak, she was dizzy, and she was even more dull and uncomfortable in this airless place.

She was ready to go back first and pushed her way out of the crowd when she inadvertently spotted a man wearing a black half-mask at a card table, his figure, clothes and mask all resembling ……

She rushed over to him and pulled him in, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, so here you are.”

The man looked at her in bewilderment and was about to speak when an exasperated woman with a face-lifting next to her shouted angrily, “What are you doing? This is the young master I ordered!”

“He’s mine!” Feng Qianxue yanked that duck over with one hand, “No need to open today, come with me!”

With that, she was about to pull that duck away ……

“Stop right there!” The plastic-faced woman jumped over from the sofa and grabbed that duck’s other hand, “I’ve ordered you for two bells, how dare you leave?”

“Sister Zhang, I didn’t want to leave, it’s this beautiful woman she …… is,” that duck hurriedly explained.

Feng Qianxue heard his accented C*ckney voice and froze for a moment, not him!

“I, I, I seem to be mistaken ……”

“b*tch, how dare you even touch my people, blind your dog eyes, I’ll beat you to death-”

Without waiting for Feng Qianxue to explain, the plastic-faced woman pounced on her and pinned her down on the sofa.

Feng Qianxue waved her hands and wrestled with her.

They were neck and neck, but the woman’s three sisters also jumped over to help, gripping Feng Qianxue in a frenzy ……

Feng Qianxue held her head in her hands, protecting herself like a turtle, but she still took a lot of hits and her hair was torn out.

The duck was shouting anxiously at the side, pulling his voice out, “Aiya, don’t fight, don’t fight, don’t fight for me, ooh ooh ooh ……”

“Skin the little b*tch, see how Sl*tty she is inside, dare to steal the old lady’s man ……”

The women shouted and came to tear Feng Qianxue’s clothes, one woman even choked her, ready to slap her.

Feng Qianxue instinctively closed her eyes, but the slap did not come down, and the women who tore her were also gone.

There were a few screams in her ears ……

Feng Qianxue slowly opened her eyes and saw that the duck she had mistakenly identified had been kicked away and crashed into several women, and a group of them fell to the ground on all fours in a terrible mess.

Feng Qianxue lifted her head and saw another “debt paying duck” from a backwards angle!

He was wearing a mysterious and cold half-mask, and his slender and upright figure looked proud and lonely under the brilliant light.

His eyes were as deep as the sea, and even in this dim light, they were still full of light!

He reached out his hand to her and she froze ……

The first thing that happened was that a strong hand pulled Feng Qiuxue up into his arms, and his cheek hit a strong, firm chest, and the sound of a heartbeat was in his ears.

She looked up and met a pair of eyes as deep as the sea, reflecting her stunned face in them.

“Even a debtor can be mistaken, what is your brain made of?”

Night Zhen Ting knocked Feng Qian Xue’s head, his eyes full of contempt.

“You’re finally here, are you alright?” Feng Qianxue’s dismayed gaze shifted from his face to underneath him, staring at his lifeblood as she asked, “Is it really alright?”

Night Zhen Ting cupped her chin and teased her face, “Want to try?”