Am I A Gigolo Chapter 233-234

Chapter 233

“No ……” Bai Lu quickly reacted, “He wouldn’t know that we are in the night, would he?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Bai Lu became nervous and ordered those two bodyguards in a panic, “You guys guard the door, don’t let Night Zhen Ting’s people barge in ……”

Before Bai Lu could finish her sentence, the compartment door was kicked open.

Even the door with the man was trampled underfoot.

“Unbearable!” Night Fai shouted coldly.

Bai Lu hurriedly took out a sharp dagger and strangled Feng Qianxue’s neck, “Don’t you come over, or I’ll kill her!”

This was not the first time this image had happened, it was incredibly familiar to Night Fai.

The difference was that this time, Feng Qianxue was very cooperative.

She tilted her head and said anxiously, “Night Fai, she just wants to save her parents, you should let Chief Night let the people go.”

“Yes, as long as you let my parents go, I will never mess with her again, or else we will all die together!”

Bai Lu’s voice was shaking, and so was the hand holding the knife. Remember the website

She then whispered in Feng Qianxue’s ear, “My phone is always on the play screen, if they don’t let anyone go, I’ll release all the videos of you and those three sinners.”

“Do you hear me? Release them quickly.” Feng Qianxue ordered anxiously.

“I have to ask the Night King for permission ……”

Before Night Hui could finish his words, a silver light suddenly shot out and stabbed Bai Lu directly in the wrist.

Bai Lu screamed miserably and crouched on the ground, dropping the dagger and mobile phone in her hand.

Feng Qianxue had gotten out of danger, but she didn’t rush to escape, instead she went to pick up Bai Lu’s mobile phone ……

Bai Lu immediately picked up the dagger and stabbed at Feng Qianxue.

A black rushed over like an arrow, but it was still too late ……

Feng Qianxue screamed miserably and got a slash on her shoulder.

But before the knife could penetrate deeper, it was snatched away by Night Fai.

Bai Lu was also taken down.

Feng Qianxue clutched the phone in a death grip and fell to the ground, where she was caught from behind.

“Stupid pig!” Night Zhen Ting cursed angrily through clenched teeth.

“Duck Duck!” Feng Qianxue looked back at him, first stunned for a moment, then immediately reached out ……

Thinking that she was going to unmask him again, Night Zhen Ting subconsciously turned his face away.

But Feng Qianxue didn’t touch his mask this time, instead she ripped open his collar.

Sure enough, there was a deep tooth mark on his shoulder with a dark bruise around it.

This was her work from last night ……

Even if there were more coincidences, it couldn’t be so bizarre as this.

Feng Qianxue was so excited in her heart that she raised her head and looked at Night ZhenTing excitedly, “It’s you, it’s really you!!!”

Without speaking, Night Zhen Ting picked her up and prepared to leave.

Taking advantage of the fact that his hands were not free, Feng Qianxue fiercely reached out and unmasked him ……

The charming and handsome face was even colder in the dim light, the sword eyebrows were low-pressure and carried a vague anger, the eyes were dark and cold, there was an icy chill flickering ……

Sure enough ……

The duck duck is the night Chen Ting!

The night is the same as the duck!

Finally, at last, the truth is revealed!

Feng Qianxue’s heart was filled with mixed feelings, complicated beyond words ……

“Happy now?” Night Zhen Ting gave her a hard slap on the buttocks.

“Night Zhen Ting, why did you lie to me?” Feng Qianxue questioned angrily.

Without saying a word, Night Zhen Ting hugged her and prepared to leave.

“Let go of me, let go of me ……” Bai Lu struggled desperately and roared, “Why are you defending Feng Qianxue like this? This piece of sh*t goes around seducing men, wh*red a duck four years ago, and gave birth to that duck ……”

“Shut up!” Feng Qianxue turned around and shouted angrily, and gave a wink to Bai Lu.

She was telling her that as long as the matter of the child was not exposed, she would naturally plead for her ……

Bai Lu gritted her teeth reluctantly, but did not speak again.

Her mother, Bai Qiuyu, had repeatedly instructed her before she left home not to reveal the matter of Feng Qianxue’s child without permission, otherwise, they would lose this last card.

“You want to see your mother very much?” Night Zhen Ting twisted his head to stare at Bai Lu, “Then let’s come together!”


Chapter 234

Several large oil barrels were burning with a roaring fire, illuminating the cold chamber.

Bai Qiuyu and Feng Shiyuan curled up in the corner, drifting off to sleep.

Tai Hu sat on the other side, his eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling, as if waiting for a miracle.

Hearing the sound of the iron door opening, Tai Hu immediately looked up alertly and then rushed out excitedly, “Let me out, let me out.”

The bodyguard gave him a gentle push and he collapsed limply to the ground.

After a day and a night of starvation and mental anguish, he was already drained and losing his strength.

Of course, Bai Qiuyu and Feng Shiyuan were worse off than him.

“Dad, Mom!”

Bai Lu’s excited call came.

Only then did the two of them slow down and scrambled to get up from the ground.

“Lulu ……” Bai Qiuyu pounced over and hugged Bai Lulu.

Mother and daughter hugged and cried.

“Chief Night, it’s against the law for you to put us under house arrest like this.” Feng Shiyuan said in a trembling voice, “Please release us immediately!”

“Aren’t you breaking the law by coercing others and forcing them to get married?”

Night Zhen Ting sat on the red leather sofa in a wild and arrogant posture, like a god looking down on all beings.

Feng Qianxue stood beside him with her wound covered, her brow furrowed and her heart in a panic.

She had just tried everything she could to stop Night Thunder from coming here, but unfortunately, she could not stop him at all.

He was in the night when Bai Lu played that recording of the child, so he must have heard it.

He had also heard Little Four Treasures call out “Three Treasures” before, so he must have been able to a*sociate it with something ……

And there must be a reason why she has been threatened by the Bai family again and again ……

The reason he held back from investigating before was because he didn’t want to reveal her secret.

And now that the matter was at hand, how could he still hold back?

“Chief Night, I really don’t understand, what’s so good about Feng Qianxue? What’s so good about Feng Qianxue that it deserves your protection?” Bai Qiuyu shielded her daughter behind her and said excitedly, “She seduced my son-in-law, I’m sure you’ve seen those videos, and she was also with this man before ……”

She pointed at Tai Hu, “Having a one-night stand! You must have seen the videos in the news before, right? That’s it, and you can put up with it?”

“Exactly.” Bai Lu gritted her teeth and said, “Feng Qian Xue is a woman who can be used as a husband, what do you see in her?”

“Do you hear me?” Night Zhen Ting glared at Feng Qianxue with cold eyes, “People are scolding you!”

Feng Qianxue frowned and said helplessly, “I’ve explained many times that nothing happened between me and Si Hao Xuan, but they don’t believe me, so I can’t do anything about it.”

“What about him?” Night Zhen Ting pointed at Tai Hu with his toe, a cold glint in his eyes.

Tai Hu shivered in fear and took a half step backwards, lowering his head and cautiously sizing up Night Zhen Ting, wanting to speak again.

“What’s his condition, don’t you know?” Feng Qianxue said without good grace, “They say the duck I wh*red four years ago was him, do you think so?”

“It’s not clear.” Night Zhen Ting narrowed his eyes and stared at Tai Hu grimly, “Maybe you wh*red someone else after you wh*red me?”

“You ……” Feng Qianxue was so angry that her face turned blue.

Bai Qiuyu froze, what does that mean, what does that mean?

“Actually, I didn’t have sex with this young lady back then.” Tai Hu explained anxiously in broken Chinese, “That Miss Bai gave money and sent us to the hotel, I took pictures and was about to rest when gunshots suddenly came from outside, I got scared and escaped through the window ……”

“No way? You took the money and didn’t do anything?” Bai Lu questioned angrily, “Are you afraid of death and deliberately lying like that?”

“No, it’s true ……” Tae-Hu said excitedly, “And I saw a man break in before I jumped out the window, and that man looked ……”

Tai Hu looked weakly at Night Zhen Ting and said carefully, “Looked like you, but he was wearing a mask.”

“Is that so?” Night Zhen Ting took out the black half mask and put it on gracefully.