Am I A Gigolo Chapter 251-252

Chapter 251

Feng Qianxue searched on her phone’s navigation and her home was more than seventy kilometres away from the mausoleum garden.

“You’re going to visit the old master? It’s not the Qingming Festival nor the anniversary of Master’s death.” Zhu Ma’s face turned grave, “Did something happen?”

“There’s nothing wrong, I just miss my father and want to go and see him.” Feng Qianxue was a bit sad, “A lot of things have happened recently and my mind is a bit confused, so maybe if I go and see him, I’ll have a direction.”

“That’s good.” Zhu Ma nodded her head with red eyes, “Give my regards to the master.”


Feng Qianxue bought her father’s favourite calla lilies and took a taxi to the Autumn Hill Cemetery.

The night had fallen, the rain was pouring down, and the cemetery was bleak.

Feng Qianxue came to his father’s grave, looking at his father’s picture on the tombstone, his heart could not help but feel a sorrow ……

In my memory, my father was always kind and easy-going, with a smile on his face.

He was kind and generous to others all his life, and had been in business for many years without any stain, preferring to be owed by others in the business world rather than to anyone else.

Everyone who knew him said he was a good man, a good man! Remember the website

But such a good man was inexplicably killed by someone ……

Now he was lying here alone, suffering from the wind and rain.

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue’s heart was as uncomfortable as a tumbling sea ……

She placed the calla lily in front of her father’s grave, bowed three times to him, and then went to the relics storage room in the mausoleum garden.

She found her father’s safe and used her mother’s birthday code to open it, and sure enough, there was her father’s mahogany chest stored inside!

Seeing this mahogany chest, Feng Qianxue’s emotion was a little excited, she remembered many past events about her father, those fond memories once again surged in her mind and touched her heart ……

She took a deep breath, took out the mahogany box from the cupboard and opened it with the key.

The box had a letter, a photo album, and a silver document bag.

Feng Qianxue carefully opened the envelope, and into her eyes, there was familiar handwriting.

Seeing the handwriting is like seeing a person, my father has been an upright and humble person all his life, and this handwriting is just as neat and dashing as his ……

The words were a familiar sight.

I think Feng Qianxue can feel the urgency that her father felt when he wrote this letter, probably because he realized that the crisis was coming and there was no more room for maneuvering, so he wrote her a final and final letter before he died.

Every word, full of deep emotion, and with infinite worry and reluctance ……

With hot tears in her eyes, Feng Qianxue read the letter word by word –

“Xue’er, when you see this letter, I may not be alive anymore, don’t be sad, don’t be upset, daddy will watch over you in heaven, I hope my Xue’er lives a peaceful and happy life!

Looking back on this half-life, through the storms, but also had a glorious, to now fall to such a state, I do not blame anyone, only my own incompetence, spent half a life, fight this world, but still can not fight that family ……

The only thing I regret now is not being able to find your mother, not being able to say sorry to her in person. In the beginning, in order to protect you and protect this family, I chose the cowardly way and P*ssed her off.

If you get a chance to meet her in the future, be sure to help me tell her that dad loves her and only her in this life, and if there is an afterlife, I still want to be with her and beg her to give me a chance!

Unfortunately …… I don’t even know if she is dead or alive now, maybe, maybe she has long gone to heaven and is waiting for me in another world ……

Alas, enough of that, Dad made you laugh again, didn’t he?

I’ve been talking about my mother in front of you since I was a kid, whenever I drank, and you said your ears were calloused from hearing it.

You were the one I couldn’t worry about. For the past nineteen years, I did my best to give you the best love and affection, but I forgot to give you the ability to protect yourself.”


Chapter 252

“I always thought that I could protect you in this life and you would just grow up happy.

But now, I may have to go first, leaving you alone in this treacherous world of people, facing a violent storm ……

I can almost imagine how difficult it will be for you after something happens to me.

There will be a lot of people watching you intently, seeking to take your property by all means, and probably, the only way you can live peacefully is to have nothing.

So, I didn’t circumvent those things; if they want to rob or take, let them, there’s not much left anyway.

But, Dad left you a way out ……

In the silver file folder was a bank card details of a private account I had saved for you in Switzerland.

Since you were thirteen years old, I have been saving you ten million dollars a year and I have never touched this money, no matter how difficult the company has been.

I have left this account in the hands of a reliable person to take care of it for me. In five years’ time, by the time you receive this letter, the money in the account should have risen to at least $100 million.

I hope you can live a low-key life and find a man who truly loves you in the future, and live out your life in an uneventful manner, that is also a kind of happiness!

Of course, these are my ideals and I don’t know if your path in life will be as smooth as I would like it to be.

If you encounter insurmountable difficulties and crises, Daddy has also left you a way back ……

Inside the silver envelope, in addition to the bank account, was a black card.

The card has a phone number written on it, and when you are really desperate, call this person and tell him your mother’s name.

He will appear quickly.

No matter how big the problem is, he will solve it for you!

But remember, Cher, don’t call this number until you have no choice and are desperate, because once you do, you will start another life ……

Remember, remember!”

After reading this letter, Feng Qianxue’s feelings were very complicated, she suddenly realized that her father had many secrets ……

What was the family that father said he couldn’t fight against?

Was that family related to her father’s death?

Who was the mysterious person behind that phone number?

Why does a phone call to him open up another life once it is made?

Why can all the big problems in the sky be solved?

Feng Qianxue is puzzled ……

This is what fairy tales say, that door of divine enchantment, the more you can’t open it, the more curious it makes people!

Feng Qianxue opened the silver envelope and took out the black card with a string of phone numbers handwritten in gold lettering.

The phone number was from abroad.

Feng Qianxue used her mobile phone to look it up, it was a phone number from M. It was easy to remember, the last five nines, she remembered it after a few times of silent recitation.

Who was that person?

This question surfaced in Feng Qianxue’s mind for no reason, but she quickly interrupted it forcibly.

Putting both the card and the bank card into her purse, she was about to open the photo album to take a look at the photos, when her mobile phone suddenly rang, it was Night Zhen Ting calling ……

At this time, at this location, suddenly received a call from him.

Feng Qianxue had an inexplicable sense of trepidation, and even some resistance.

But she answered it anyway, “Hello!”

“I want to see you.” Night Zhen Ting was his usual domineering and forceful self, “Now, right now!”

“I’m in the suburbs ……”

“Say the address and send someone to pick you up.” Night Zhen Ting did not give her room to resist.

Feng Qianxue wanted to say that she wasn’t in the mood and didn’t want to see him now, but she knew what the consequences of doing that would be ……

She took a deep breath and tried to be as gentle as possible: “No need to pick up, it takes time to come and go, I’ll take a taxi over, you’re home?”

“Outside, address sent to your phone.”

“Hmm.” Feng Qianxue answered and was ready to hang up the phone.

“Half an hour!” Night Zhen Ting added.

“It’s far away here ……,” He hung up the phone before Feng Qianxue could finish her words.