Am I A Gigolo Chapter 253-254

Chapter 253

Hearing the busy tone coming from the phone, Feng Qianxue was very nasty, he didn’t care how far she was from there, he ordered her to be there in half an hour, how unreasonable.

Her phone received a text message alert, she opened the address and searched the navigation, even if she took a taxi right now it would still take forty minutes, if she delayed any longer and made the night devil wait too long ……

That pair of cold eyes flashed in her mind, Feng Qianxue shivered and immediately used the mobile phone software to call a car.

Putting down her phone and looking at her father’s relics, Feng Qianxue’s emotions were very complicated.

After thinking carefully, she took the bank card and black card out of her wallet again and put them back into the silver envelope.

Then she packed her father’s letter and put it back into the mahogany box as it was, before locking it up again and putting it back into the locker.

He then carefully closed the locker again and double-checked that it was correct before leaving in a hurry ……

The first thing you need to do is to get to the place of your appointment, but you are still eleven minutes late.

Getting out of the taxi, Lei Yu immediately greeted her with an umbrella and reminded her in a low voice, “Miss Feng, today is a special day, the Night King is not in a good mood, you should be careful!”

“Huh?” When Feng Qianxue heard this, her heart became even more apprehensive, “What day is it today?”

“You will find out later.” Lei Yu said softly, “No matter what, you should not make him angry today.”

“I know ……,” Feng Qianxue’s brow furrowed as she walked in quickly.

Night Zhen Ting sat on the window seat, quietly looking out of the window at the rain scene.

“I’m sorry I’m late ……” Feng Qianxue apologized softly, “I took a taxi as soon as I received the call, and the journey was a bit long, so ……”

Night Zhen Ting looked back at her with a calm expression.

“Not angry, right?” Feng Qianxue looked at him timidly.

“Where did it go?” Night Zhen Ting raised his eyes to stare at her.

“The mausoleum garden.” Feng Qianxue didn’t hide and said bluntly, “To visit my father.”

As long as the secrets of the relics were not known, there was nothing else that could not be said.

Hearing these words, Night Zhen Ting lowered his eyes and said nothing, handing the menu card to her and making a gesture to indicate that she should order.

“Feel free to arrange it.” Feng Qianxue handed the meal card to the restaurant manager waiting on the side and said in a pretend relaxed manner, “Why are you so free to ask me out for dinner today?”

This seemed to be the first time that he took her out for dinner as Night Zhen Ting.

Night Zhen Ting was silent for a moment and suddenly said, “Today is my birthday!”

“Huh?” Feng Qianxue froze, she was completely unaware that it was his birthday and she really hadn’t prepared anything.

“I went to the mausoleum garden too.” Night Zhen Ting shook his tall wine gla*s, his gaze deep, his voice low, “To visit my mother!”

The light shone on his face, dark and uncertain, seemingly something on his mind.

“Oh ……” Feng Qianxue answered cautiously, she wanted to ask, where his mother was buried, but did not dare to say much.

She felt that there was something strange about him today, and she was afraid that she might offend him if she was not careful.

“Well? Is the new house still satisfactory?”

Night Zhen Ting changed the subject and raised his eyes to look at her.

“It’s quite good.” Feng Qianxue smiled and nodded, “Thank you!”

“Have a good weekend and go back to work on Monday.” Night ZhenTing took a sip of his wine.

“Mmm.” Feng Qianxue raised her gla*s to him, “Happy birthday ……”

“Don’t say that.”

Night Zhen Ting suddenly interrupted her, his brow furrowed and a seeping cold light in his eyes.

Feng Qianxue was stunned, which of his tendons was wrong again, wasn’t it his birthday today? What was wrong with her wishing him a happy birthday?

Seemingly sensing that he was not in the right mood, Night Zhen Ting clinked his gla*s with her to lighten the mood, and then drank the wine in his gla*s in one go.

Feng Qianxue also drank the wine in her cup, exhaled deeply and sighed, “This wine is so strong.”


Chapter 254

“You can drink more tonight.”

Night Shocking liked to see her slightly drunk, her face swirling with a charming red, her eyes rippling with light, so soulful that they seemed to overflow with water.

“I can’t.” Feng Qianxue touched her burning face, “I am a very poor drinker and not a very good drinker, I get drunk after a few drinks and when I am drunk I get delirious ……”

“Well, seen it before!”

Nightquake Timbers remembered the last time she had been drunk, pa*sionate and active, like a blazing fire that wrapped itself around him and made him fall in love.

His throat twitched slightly with desire, and a dark desire welled up in his eyes ……

“What are you looking at ……,” Feng Qianxue was a little uncomfortable.

At this time, the manager himself brought in a sumptuous French dinner.

Feng Qianxue asked, “Is there any cake prepared?”

“No yet, I’ll get it ready right away.” The manager responded quickly.

“No need.” Night Zhen Ting raised his hand, “All stand down.” Remember the website

“Yes.” The manager scrambled to retreat.

Only two people were left in the large dining room to dine quietly.

Romantic and melodious piano music gently echoed in the dining room, accompanied by the fragrance of red wine and food, punctuating the romantic evening.

“Why don’t you let them prepare the cake? It’s so ritualless.” Feng Qianxue asked softly.

“No need.” Night Zhen Ting poured himself half a gla*s of red wine.

“But, I didn’t even prepare a birthday present.” Feng Qianxue was a little uneasy.

“You are the best gift!”

Night Zhen Ting’s gaze was ambiguous as fire as he poured her another half cup of wine.

“I can’t drink any more ……,” Feng Qianxue’s face was already a little red.

“It’s okay to get drunk, I’m here.”

Night Zhen Ting started drinking again, the food on the table didn’t move at all.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Feng Qianxue felt that there was something wrong with him today, “Is he in a bad mood?”

Night Zhen Ting once again drained the wine in his cup, then, slowly spoke, “Today …… is also the anniversary of my mother’s death!”

Feng Qianxue froze, no wonder ……

She then understood why he didn’t let her say “happy birthday”, why he didn’t let anyone prepare a cake, why he went to the mausoleum garden, why he was depressed ……

“So, I never have a birthday.” Nightquake Timbers continued to pour himself a drink.

“I’m sorry ……”

Feng Qianxue suddenly realized that in fact, Night Zhen Ting also had his own matters on his mind.

He wasn’t gloomy and moody, he just had a lot of pain that she didn’t know about.

She didn’t know how to comfort him and didn’t even dare to say much because she, who knew nothing about him, was afraid that if she said the wrong thing, she would offend him.

“You seem to be afraid of me?” Night Shocking raised his eyes to look at her, “You weren’t like this before.”

“You weren’t so scary then either ……,” Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but sigh, “Alas, if life is only as it was …… I still like you as a duck and duck look.”

I still remember the first time she identified him as a duck, how arrogant she was, yelling and cursing at him, and forcing him to sign a debt repayment agreement, forcing him to receive three rich women who added up to seven hundred pounds ……

When she thought of this, she laughed “pfft”, “Those three rich women, the next day, cancelled the cheque, I lost the million.”

“Serves you right!” Night Zhen Ting glared at her, remembering that incident, he was angry, “For a million dollars, you actually sold me out, your conscience was eaten by dogs!”

“It was eaten by you!”

Feng Qianxue blurted out, and then hurriedly covered her mouth after she finished speaking, looking at him apprehensively.

“Not so timid, huh?” Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows and stared at her.

“Sorry, I was just joking ……,” Feng Qianxue apologized in a small voice.

“Going to the night?” Night ZhenTing suddenly asked.

“Huh?” Feng Qianxue froze for a moment and asked excitedly, “Are you going to be a duck duck?”

“Pay up.” Night Zhen Ting stretched his hand towards her, “A package for the night, ten thousand yuan!”