Am I A Gigolo Chapter 263-264

Chapter 263

Night Zhen Ting’s slightly narrowed eyes had a cold light flickering, but there was no action.

Just, one hand pulled a new phone out of his pocket and spun it in his palm!

“Where’s the phone?”

Feng Qianxue ran for over two hundred metres before she realised she didn’t have her mobile phone with her, she had given all the cash she had on her today to Night Zhen Ting and was now penniless.

She looked up and looked around, this was over fifty kilometres from where she lived ……

Walking back was out of the question.

Without a mobile phone, without money, she simply couldn’t go back, what should she do?

It was late at night and only the convenience stores that were open 24 hours a day were open, all the other shops were closed.

There was nowhere to hide.

Besides, there is no shared phone and no taxis.

So …… remember the website

Feng Qianxue let out a long sigh and turned around to go back.

Forget it, it was better to be tossed by the night devil than to be displaced outside.


“Sir, what brand of sanitary napkin do you want?” The big lady waitress asked enthusiastically.

“Whatever.” Night Zhen Ting glanced at his watch, three minutes at the most, the woman must be back.

“Sir, do you want night or day use?” The older woman waiter asked.

“Both are fine.” Nightquake frowned in annoyance.

“Well, do you want the ones with wing guards or the ones without?” The waitress asked again.

Nightquake raised his hand to cover his forehead, he felt a headache: “A little of both.”

“A little of the same?” The waitress asked, “Is it a little bit of each brand and type, or a little bit of the winged and unwinged ones? Or ……”

“Shut up!” Nightquake finally couldn’t take it anymore and was about to snap.

“Sir, I don’t know what you want if you don’t say it clearly ……”

The big mother waitress was still pursuing the question carefully.

Night Zhen Ting’s fists were already clenched.

“Pure cotton era, for night use, one pack, please!”

A familiar voice came out, finally breaking the awkward situation.

Feng Qianxue saw that scene at the door just now, and had a complicated and unspeakable feeling in her heart ……

It turned out that he got out of the car to help her buy sanitary napkins, and she was actually thinking of running away.

The older woman froze for a moment, pointed at Night Zhen Ting and asked, “Together?”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue nodded and intimately held onto Night ZhenTing’s arm.

Night Zhen Ting stared at her with cold eyes and questioned in a low voice, “Didn’t you run away?”

“Can’t run away from you anyway.” Feng Qianxue made a face at him, took the sanitary napkin handed to her by the waiter and pushed him, “Pay up!”

Night Zhen Ting took out the wad of cash in his pocket and threw it to the cashier, then pulled Feng Qianxue away.

When she got into the car, Feng Qianxue looked at those aunt tissues and let out a laugh: “I didn’t expect you to buy something for me, I thought ……”

“Shut up!” Night Zhen Ting was a bit annoyed and did not want to talk.

In all his life, this was the first time he had gone to a convenience store to buy something, or to buy women’s goods, and he ended up being treated like a robber, and was finally interrogated by an older woman ……

At this moment, he was very stifled in his heart.

The first time I went to a convenience store, I was treated like a robber.

Night Zhen Ting drove to the Windy Cloud Hotel, the same place, the same room.

Push Feng Qianxue into the bathroom, aunt towel thrown to her, pull the bathroom door shut.

Then went to the shower room to take a bath.

Feng Qianxue comfortably took a hot shower and found that a change of clothes had long been prepared, disinfected at high temperature, and still warm on her body.

But she had a problem with menstrual cramps and felt cold all over.

Wrapped in her bathrobe, she walked out of the bathroom to find Night Shocking leaning on the sofa and starting to drink again.

“Why are you drinking again?”

Feng Qianxue said, and lay down on the bed, wrapped tightly in the covers.

“Come here!” Night ZhenTing ordered.

“I’m so tired ……,” Feng Qianxue hugged her pillow and curled up under the covers.

Night Zhen Ting twisted his head to look at her and saw her curled up in a ball, shivering under the covers, and couldn’t help but frown ……


Chapter 264

Feng Qianxue buried her face in the pillow and fell into an exhausted sleep, and was about to enter dreamland when a large hand reached over ……

She was startled and moved to the side in a panic: “What are you doing? I’m already like this, you still want to ……”

She didn’t finish her words as Night Zhen Ting’s burning palm rested on her forehead, taking the temperature and picking up his phone to call Lei Yu: “Come over here, Feng Yun Hotel ……”

“No no.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly stopped, “I just have menstrual cramps, it’s not like I’m sick, there’s no need to call a doctor.”

“Are you sure?” Night Zhen Ting frowned, “You look very ill with this look.”

“It’s alright, I’ll drink some hot water and get some sleep.” Feng Qianxue placed her face in his large palm, her voice unconsciously gentle, “It’s three o’clock in the morning, don’t let Dr. Lei come over.”

She just wanted to rest and didn’t want to toss and turn anymore.

Besides, his concern had already made her feel twice as warm.

“Okay.” Nightquake hung up the phone, then reached for his phone and searched for something.

“What are you doing?” Feng Qianxue took a curious probe and couldn’t help but be stunned.

Night Zhen Ting was searching on his phone: how to boil hot water!

Probably having been instructed, he got up, followed the phone’s directions, poured mineral water into the hot water kettle, then placed it on the electric stand, pressed the button, and then, stood next to it and waited intently.

“What are you doing?” Feng Qianxue almost laughed out loud, “You actually, can’t even boil hot water?”

“Shut up!”

Night Zhen Ting glared at her, he wouldn’t allow anyone to mock him for anything, even though it was just something as simple as boiling hot water, he would take it.

Well, it had been learnt!

Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh when she looked at his serious look.

She had never found that he actually had such a cute side to him ……

They say that men are handsome when they are serious, but she thought, he wasn’t just handsome, he was cute!

It was simply adorable!

The night Zhen Ting suddenly thought of something else and took out his phone to continue operating.

Probably because he was tired of the trouble of typing, he asked Siri directly, “Hi, Siri.”

“How can I help you?”

“What can I do for women with menstrual cramps?”

“I found these on the internet ……,” Siri replied.

Nightquake took his phone and read it carefully, then called the hotel to send brown sugar and ginger slices over.

The hotel quickly sent the stuff over, and Night Zhen Ting carefully put the right amount of brown sugar and ginger into the kettle to boil according to the proportions.

Ten minutes later, he carried a steaming cup of brown sugar and ginger tea and placed it on the bed: “Let it cool for five minutes before you drink it, I’m going to wash my hands.”

All this was done with seriousness and concentration, as if he was doing a very important thing.

Feng Qianxue looked at his back, a warm current surged in her heart, and she had to say that she was touched ……

Really, touched by this demon!

She had never known that he would actually have such a warm side.

To be angry and angry with her one minute, to treat her roughly, and then to go to the convenience store to buy sanitary napkins for her the next.

One moment he dislikes her to death, the next moment he cooks brown sugar and ginger tea for her and takes care of her carefully ……

These details, if it were an ordinary man, might be nothing.

But Night Zhen Ting, this arrogant and unrestrained man, the man who has never been to a convenience store in his life, the man who can’t even use a hot water pot ……

Make an exception for her, go searching for usage and learn to take care of people little by little.

This preference is really different.

It’s not the same ……

Night Zhen Ting came out of the bathroom, helped Feng Qian Xue sit up, and gave her a pillow for her back, then stared at his watch, “Fifty-five seconds left!”

“Hmm? What fifty-five seconds?” Feng Qianxue asked curiously.

“Fifty-five seconds is only five minutes.” Night Zhen Ting continued to stare, “Forty-four seconds, you can’t drink until it’s time!”