Am I A Gigolo Chapter 287-288

Chapter 287

“Chu Zi Mo!!!” Ling Long exclaimed in amazement, “Why are you here?”

“What? Not welcome?”

Chu Zimo wore a simple beige suit today, setting off his even more handsome beauty.

This androgynous beauty had caught the attention of many girls at the scene.

“How come.” Ling Long looked at Chu Zi Mo and Feng Qian Xue with a wry smile, “You know each other?”

“Qianxue and I are college cla*smates and good friends who are childhood friends.” Chu Zi Mo put his arm around Feng Qian Xue and said bluntly, “Moreover, I’m her patron saint!”

“Understood.” Ling Long smiled quite profoundly, “Just like me and Zhen Ting!”

All the time, Ling Long was cautioning Feng Qianxue that her relationship with Night Zhenting was extraordinary!

But when Ling Long talked about Night Zhen Ting, he also unintentionally reminded one thing, Feng Qianxue had previously promised Night Zhen Ting that she would never meet with Chu Zi Mo again ……

If this is bumped into by the night devil, I’m afraid that he will have another attack ……

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue took a half step back to the side, avoiding Chu Zimo’s embrace. Remember the website

Chu Zi Mo was slightly stunned, and his eyes were filled with loss.

“Since Little Feng is taken care of, I won’t bother.”

Ling Long guffawed and turned to leave.

Night Hui followed her and went to find Night Zhen Ting.

Wen Li glanced at Feng Qianxue and followed suit.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly followed, but was pulled by Chu Zimo: “Qianxue, let’s talk.”

Feng Qianxue immediately avoided his hand and whispered, “Zimo, we agreed to keep our distance.”

“Uh ……” Chu Zimo’s hand froze there, his expression full of desolation.

“I’m sorry.”

Feng Qianxue didn’t dare to look at him and bowed her head to leave, just a few steps away, she suddenly found that Night Zhen Ting was standing not far away watching her ……

He was holding a tall gla*s of wine in his hand, surrounded by several imposing business and political figures who seemed to be looking for him to discuss something.

From time to time, he responded with a word, but his eyes, however, were on Feng Qianxue!

He should have seen all of that scene just now, so, at this moment, his gaze was cold ……

Feng Qianxue lowered her head and walked quickly towards the back hall.

She wanted to avoid the crowd, and even without looking at others, she could feel those strange gazes.

Both men and women were almost always looking at her with a look of contempt, suspicion and mockery ……

She even heard a few of the ladies whispering –

“This kind of dress, at a glance, is not a decent person.”

“This is the kind of little star, little netizen, who will do anything to climb up the ladder.”

“That’s right, look at those b**bs, those thighs, they’re hidden, they’re just here to seduce men!”

“How can there be such low-cla*s people at such a high-cla*s party?”

“That’s right, I don’t know who brought it in, it brings down our cla*s.”

“It seems to be General Manager Ling, don’t say anything, this grand lady can’t afford to be messed with.”

“Mr. Ling has a good heart, he must have been compelled by this immodest woman.”

“Yes, yes, yes, it must be!”


Feng Qianxue couldn’t listen to this anymore and left quickly, she wasn’t an important person anyway, she was purely here to make up the numbers, the party was the same with or without her.

She just wanted to find a quiet place to hide and wait until the banquet was over before she left with Wen Li.

There were very few people in the back room, only a few waiters and staff.

Feng Qianxue found an unoccupied lounge and wanted to go in for a while, but when she reached the door, she suddenly heard a harsh scolding sound –

“What’s wrong with you? Such an important banquet and you hurt your hand when you were about to go on stage, are you deliberately giving me trouble?”

“No, Mr Fang, I really didn’t do it on purpose.” The girl cried and explained, “When I was pa*sing by the banquet hall just now, I accidentally brushed against a Mr. Ling.”

“She was very angry and pushed me hard, I bumped into a waiter, the red wine gla*ses in the waiter’s hands fell to the floor, I fell too, and then that Mr. Ling ……”


Chapter 288

At that, the girl cried even more and said excitedly, “She just stepped on my hand on the gla*s crumbs, so I ……”

“Don’t give me excuses.” The party director, Mr. Fang, shouted angrily, “All the people attending the party tonight are rich and powerful people, and if you can’t perform on stage on time, you won’t even be able to make it in the industry in the future.”

“But I ……”

“I’ll let the violin group perform on stage first, so you can see for yourself.”

At that moment, the president of the company, Mr. Fang, stomped on his high heels and walked out.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly avoided to one side, and saw that Fang, who was wearing a black slim-fitted female suit, walked into the dressing room diagonally opposite, clapped her hands and greeted loudly, “Violin group, prepare immediately, go on stage in three minutes!”

Feng Qianxue looked back at the box behind her, a clean-looking girl came out from behind the screen, crying like a tearful person, her trembling hands were full of blood, it was shocking to see ……

She sat alone in a chair, using her elbows to open the medicine chest with difficulty, trying to apply medicine to herself.

But because of the injuries to her palms, her movements were clumsy and she couldn’t open it for half a second.

Feng Qianxue immediately walked in to help, “Let me help you.”

The girl looked up at Feng Qianxue and was stunned for a moment, then she said “thank you”.

Feng Qianxue opened the medicine box, first took out the iodine to disinfect the girl, and then used tweezers to carefully remove the gla*s residue from the wound for her.

The girl was shaking with pain, biting her lower lip, not daring to cry out, but her tears kept flowing.

“Your hand is too badly injured, you have to find a professional doctor to treat it.” Feng Qianxue looked at the girl’s injured palm and felt herself aching as she said anxiously, “No, you have to go to the hospital right away, or your hand will be ruined.”

“I can’t go now, if this show is messed up, even if my hand heals, I won’t be able to perform in the future.” The girl cried, “Please bandage it for me and see if you can stop the bleeding, I’ll wear a pair of white gloves on stage later ……”

“Fool, how can you still play the piano in this condition?” Feng Qianxue was heartbroken, thinking of what Ling Long had done, she was very indignant, “That Ling Long is really too much!!!”

“I just accidentally brushed against her, it didn’t really weigh much, she just pushed me so hard, that’s even better, after I fell, she actually stepped on my hand on the gla*s ……”

The girl was shaking with tears ……

“I was in so much pain, I was crying and begging her, but she wouldn’t let me go and stepped on me so hard, luckily the sister next to me pulled her away, otherwise my hand would have been ruined by now ……”

“Don’t cry.” Feng Qianxue wiped her tears for her, “How about this, I’ll go on stage for you.”

“You?” The girl froze, “You know how to play the zither too?”

“Well, bring me the sheet music and I’ll go on stage for you.” Feng Qianxue said soothingly, “Don’t worry, I’ve won some awards abroad and been on various formal stages, I can hold my own.”

“But, Fang will always recognise it, right?” The girl was a little worried.

“So what if he does?” Feng Qianxue said straightforwardly, “She just wants to finish the task and deliver to the top, as long as the performance pa*ses, it doesn’t matter who is on the stage.”

“You’re right.” The girl hurriedly found the sheet music and handed it to Feng Qianxue with her injured hand, “Thank you, you’ve done me a great favour!”

“Don’t be polite.” Feng Qianxue looked at the small white ballet-style dress on the girl, “We need to change our clothes.”

“Mm hmm.” The girl nodded her head repeatedly, then said carefully, “But I can’t wear this dress of yours, I’ll just wear my own civilian clothes, this dress of yours looks expensive, I’ll keep it for you, and change back after your performance, okay? I still have to return the little dress I’m wearing to Mr. Fang.”