Am I A Gigolo Chapter 289-290

Chapter 289

Feng Qianxue closed the door to the room and quickly changed with the girl.

Although the girl’s figure was not as good as hers, her height was similar to hers, and the little dress was just right for her to wear.

But after Feng Qianxue put it on, the originally simple little dress instantly became elegant!

In order to prevent others from recognizing her, Feng Qianxue also found a white lace veil and made a veil to cover her face, revealing only a pair of clear and soulful eyes ……

“Sister, you’re fantastic, so no one will recognize you!”

The girl exclaimed excitedly.

“Wait for me here later, I’ll come back for you when I’m done with the show.” Feng Qianxue admonished, and handed the girl her handbag, “Keep these for me.”

“Mm-hmm.” The girl nodded her head repeatedly, “Sister, my name is Gao Ting, I’m a student at the Hai Cheng Music Academy, what’s your name?”

“My name is Feng Qianxue.” As Feng Qianxue spoke, there was a tap on the door from outside, followed by the sound of Mr Fang’s angry shout, “Why did you lock the door? Gao Ting, do you still want to work or not?”

Gao Ting panicked at once and asked in a low voice, “What should we do?”

“Don’t be afraid.” Feng Qianxue shoved the medical kit behind the screen with Gao Ting, and then walked out with the zither sheet.

“What the hell are you up to?” Mr Fang saw Feng Qianxue and took her for Gao Ting, “What are you wearing a veil for? Are your hands still okay ……”

General Fang looked down at Feng Qianxue’s hand and found that it wasn’t injured, only a scar on the back of her left hand that was about to heal.

“You ……” Mr. Fang froze for a moment.

“I went on stage.” Feng Qianxue didn’t wait for her to come back to her senses and took the sheet music and walked towards the banquet hall.

“You, who are you? Don’t mess it up for me.” Mr Fang hurriedly chased after her.

By this time, the violin performance had already ended, and Feng Qianxue went straight to the stage with the sheet music ……

“Hey ……” Fang wanted to chase after her, but the spotlight hit her and she hurriedly stepped back, standing at the side of the stage and looking anxiously.

Feng Qianxue bowed in front of the piano, then sat down and began to play ‘Croatian Rhapsody’.

Soon, the guests were captivated and all turned their eyes to look over ……

Feng Qianxue’s fingers were like elves jumping on the keys, as if giving the piece soul and life.

The guests on the stage are all rich and famous people who are used to listening to concerts performed by world-cla*s masters and naturally know how to distinguish between good and bad.

Originally, they had only invited university students from the conservatory to play as a backdrop, but suddenly they were able to hear the standard of a world-cla*s master, which immediately made everyone feel that they had reaped an unexpected surprise.

“Where did you find this piano player? The standard is very high.” Some guests were asking Mr Fong.

“Er ……” Mr Fang first froze for a moment, then smiled and said, “It’s, it’s the one the Conservatory found, how do you feel?”

“Very good.” The guest exclaimed with heartfelt praise, “This level, it’s comparable to a world-cla*s piano master!”

“Ah? That impressive?”

Fang, who only knew the skinny, could not help but be very surprised to hear such praise, and then she looked at the other guests present, who had all stopped climbing and turned to admire the piano playing on stage.

She was relieved, and then she smiled.

It looked like she had lost a horse!

Who cares who she is, as long as the show goes on smoothly.

Backstage, Gao Ting heard the music, and her originally furrowed brow lifted, so she could finally rub her wound with medicine and bandage it.


In the middle of the banquet hall, surrounded by the crowd, Night Zhen Ting turned his head to look at the stage ……

The exquisite piano skills, the clear and soulful eyes, very familiar!

He recalled the Feng Qianxue who played in a mask at DTT bar before.

At that time, he didn’t recognise her, but now, she couldn’t fool his eyes anymore ……

His eyes fell on her left hand, the wound that had been stepped on by Ling Long’s high heels, the scars had not yet finished falling off ……

Well, it was her!


Chapter 290

The gentle piano music echoed in the banquet hall, like a genie, as if it could make people forget all their worries and be in the clouds.

Originally, it was just background music to decorate the banquet, but now it turned into a private recital. All the guests stopped and looked back, intently admiring Feng Qianxue’s piano performance.

In the corner, a pair of ice blue eyes looked deeply at Feng Qianxue, with unexpected appreciation and surprise in their eyes!

Chu Zi Mo stopped to listen for a moment, but quickly moved his gaze away and hurriedly went to the back hall.

He didn’t recognise Feng Qianxue on stage, so he went to the back hall to look for her.


Soon, a song ended and thunderous applause rang out from the stage.

Feng Qianxue rose and saluted, then continued to play the second piece, Chopin’s Magnificent Grand Ballade.

The piece was upbeat and relaxed, like a young girl in love dancing a ballet solo by a lake, waiting for the arrival of her beloved ……

The tune became upbeat and everyone swayed gently to the music, and their faces couldn’t help but raise a smile.

Even the always cold and grim night ZhenTing, also slightly raised the corners of his lips. Remember the website

In the past, at the bar, he did not have the chance to appreciate it carefully, but now he knew that this stupid and dumb woman was not useless.

At least, she was really talented at playing the piano!

“Is it that good?” Ling Long muttered in a small voice, “What’s there to appreciate about this kind of college student from a music academy with inferior piano skills?”

“There aren’t many people in the world who can compare to such qin skills, you call it inferior?” Night Zhen Ting showed contempt to Ling Long for the rare time, “You really don’t know how to appreciate!”

“No, ZhenTing ……”

“Shhh~~” Night ZhenTing interrupted LingLong, not allowing her to ruin the beautiful music.

Ling Long just had to shut up and stop making noises, but in her heart, she was unconvinced.

On stage, Feng Qianxue finished playing her second piece, followed by the third, Liszt’s ‘Dream of Love’.

She had just played the introduction when she noticed that the bottom half of the score had been torn out.

She panicked all of a sudden.

sh*t, although she had played this piece before, she hadn’t played it for four years and had long forgotten the score, so it was impossible to recite it silently now.

What to do?

She was still playing the first half of the piece, but soon she reached the point where the sheet music had been torn out, and she could only continue to play along with what she remembered.

But soon, she felt that something was not right ……

There were also many guests on stage who could hear the sudden flaw in the originally heavenly piano piece, and those who had been listening to it with rapt attention began to frown.

There were even guests who were whispering.

Feng Qianxue was in a bit of a panic, hesitating whether to stop or not.

At this moment, a pair of slender hands suddenly appeared on the piano keys and played along with Feng Qianxue ……

The piano attainment of these hands was above Feng Qianxue’s, moreover, he was very familiar with the piece and could still play it without looking at the music at all.

Because of his guidance, Feng Qianxue quickly caught up with the rhythm.

With ten fingers in a row, the two hands were like four elves, dancing freely on the keys ……

Feng Qianxue was so surprised that she looked up to the side and couldn’t help but freeze.

It was a handsome foreign boy, with an impeccably handsome silhouette, fair as snow skin and a pair of clear, penetrating ice blue eyes ……

It was as if a prince had come out of Greek mythology, possessing an innate aristocratic air!

The boy smiled faintly, like the light of an angel shining on earth.

Feng Qianxue was dumbfounded ……

The boy pointed to the keys with his chin, and only then did she come back to her senses, hurriedly averting her gaze and concentrating on her playing.

Thunderous applause immediately recalled from the stage ……

Night Zhen Ting frowned slightly, looking at the two people playing together on stage in a complicated manner.

Ling Long froze for a moment and asked in a low voice, “That one, could it be ……”