Am I A Gigolo Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29

He still wears his silver-rimmed gla*ses and always has a gentle smile on his lips that makes you feel like a spring!

Only his figure is noticeably thinner than before ……

I don’t know how he’s been doing all these years.

The past came to mind, those pure and beautiful emotions came to mind ……

The man she loved most …… was a sour nose and red eyes.

All her teenage feelings were given to him, he once said that he would not marry her, and also once guarded her against all odds, giving her the best warmth in the world ……

Unfortunately, now, things are different!

Seemingly sensing something, Si Hao Xuan turned around and looked over, Feng Qianxue immediately hid behind a pillar, her heart beating fast.

Did he see it?

Did he see?

There were footsteps behind her slowly approaching …… Remember the website

Feng Qianxue was very nervous, she didn’t want him to see her in this state of despair.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and Feng Qianxue’s heart was beating faster and faster. When the footsteps were right at the back of her head, she was in a hurry and ran away ……

“Hey, what are you running for!”

David shouted from behind him.

Feng Qianxue stopped in her tracks and looked back, it turned out to be David.

Si Hao Xuan had long ago entered the lift, the lift numbers showed 66th floor, that is the president’s office conference room.

Feng Qianxue let out a breath of relief, but at the same time, she was a bit lost.

He did not recognise her.

It seemed to have completely forgotten about her ……

“The first time you meet a big shot is like this, I was more nervous than you at first, I’ll slowly get used to it later.

David thought Feng Qianxue was so nervous because she hadn’t seen the world before.

“Thank you.”

Feng Qianxue was very grateful, the colleagues in the security department were still quite friendly.

“Let’s go patrol over there.”

David took Feng Qianxue to one side of the patrol, explaining to her the dos and don’ts of the job in the meantime.

The two were chatting when a Rolls Royce Phantom drove down.

“It’s the president’s car.” David immediately greeted it and also shouted to Feng Qianxue, “Follow it.”

When Feng Qianxue thought that she was in this situation because of that devil, her heart was burning with anger, she wanted to tear that devil to pieces!

However, since she had come across him, she really had to ask him what she had done to offend him.

Otherwise, she feared that her future would be even more difficult.

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue followed.

“Good morning, President!”

David pulled open the car door and greeted respectfully.

Morning, my a*s, it was already half past ten!

Feng Qianxue cursed in her heart.

Night Zhen Ting’s slender legs stepped down from the car, his black suit set off his mysterious dominance, coupled with that handsome and charming but cold face ……

The most important thing is that you can’t be a security guard.

“Looks like you’re not too good at being a security guard either ……”

Night Zhen Ting saw Feng Qianxue’s eyes full of resentment, coldly sarcastic, “Perhaps a cleaner would be more suitable for you?”

“Uh….” Feng Qianxue froze for a moment, and then, immediately stood at attention and saluted –

“Good morning, Mr. Night! It’s really hard for you to come to the company personally, Mr. Night …… Have you had your breakfast, Mr. Night? Do you want me to go and buy it for you ……”

“Sure.” Night Zhen Ting hooked his lips into a smile and gave a wink to Night Hui.

Night Fai immediately went up to Feng Qianxue and said, “Fragrant fried buns from Crispy Clouds Record, beef bone congee from Yulan Pavilion, pearl small dishes from Jade Green Place, and hand-ground coffee from Ginza …… Keep it simple today, that’s all!”

“Uh ……” Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened as she listened in awe.

“Hard work!”

Night Zhen Ting looked at her with a wry smile and turned to leave.

A few bodyguards followed closely behind.

“Deliver it to the 66th floor conference room within half an hour.”

After admonishing, Night Fai quickly caught up with Night ZhenTing.

Feng Qianxue was dumbfounded, she was just being polite, this night devil actually asked her to buy breakfast and made such a harsh request ……


Chapter 30

Those are all famous high-end restaurants in Haicheng and reservations have to be made half a month in advance, so how could they get these items within half an hour?

He was clearly trying to screw her on purpose.

“By the way ……” Night Fai added back, “If breakfast isn’t delivered within half an hour, prepare to be transferred to the cleaning department tomorrow.”


Feng Qianxue really wanted to shake her fist and roar, “I’m quitting !!!!”

Her mouth moved, the words were already caught in her throat ……

And at that moment, Night Zhen Ting walked into the lift and turned around elegantly, his lips curled up in a wicked bad smile.

“I ……”

Feng Qianxue had just uttered one word when the lift door closed.

She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth, cursing herself in her heart for not having the guts to do so.

“Little Feng, Little Feng!” David’s call interrupted Feng Qianxue’s thoughts, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” Feng Qianxue cried, “I shouldn’t have been cheap, why did I say that I was buying breakfast for the night demon?”

“Night devil? You mean the Night Chief?” David became nervous all of a sudden, “Don’t let outsiders hear, or you’ll be finished, don’t call it that in the future.”

“What should I do now?” Feng Qianxue wanted to cry, “Asking me to buy those things within half an hour is as difficult as heaven.”

“Those things, I’ve never even heard of them.” David looked at her sympathetically, “I’ve never been to such an upmarket place either, we usually dine in the restaurant on the seventh floor.”

“There’s a restaurant on the seventh floor too?” Feng Qianxue was surprised, “I’ve always dined in the staff restaurant on the 21st floor before.”

“The seventh floor is a Chinese restaurant and the 21st floor is Western, you svelte clerical workers like to go to the 21st floor, we big old guys like to go to the seventh floor ……”

“I know what to do.”

Feng Qianxue quickly ran towards the lift, only half an hour, she had to hurry.

Feng Qianxue went straight to the restaurant on the seventh floor and asked the chef to help prepare the pan-fried buns, beef bone congee and pearl small dishes.

Then went to the 21st floor and asked for coffee.

Anyway, it was bought according to the recipe Night Fai said, everything was similar, she didn’t believe that Night Devil could still eat differently!

Twenty-one minutes had now been spent, and there were only nine minutes left to go.

Feng Qianxue carried these things straight to the lift, but when she pressed the lift, she realised that the security guard’s work sign could not swipe the 66th floor.

She remembered that yesterday when she went to the 68th floor to clean the swimming pool, it was Yang Rui, the director of the administration department, who swiped the card for her.

What now?

There was plenty of time, but now she was delayed.

Feng Qianxue wanted to ask Yang Rui for help, but thinking of the way he was avoiding her, she was afraid that it would be a waste of time to go there.

She tried pressing other buttons and found that this card would take her to the 48th floor.

She hurriedly swiped it to the 48th floor and then climbed the stairs carrying her breakfast ……

From the 48th floor to the 66th floor, 18 floors.

Feng Qianxue, who was suffering from a cold, climbed with trembling legs and sweating profusely, but she still gritted her teeth and rushed to the 66th floor at the last minute.

When she stepped out from the staircase, her legs went weak and she almost fell down at the entrance of the conference room.

At the critical moment, a pair of white hands held her from behind ……

“Thank you ……”

Feng Qianxue panted and turned around, seeing a familiar face.

Her heart trembled and her whole body froze.

Si Hao Xuan’s handsome face was stunned at this moment of seeing Feng Qianxue, and his originally graceful smile became stiff.

“Mr. Si!” The bodyguard behind him reminded in a soft voice.

Only then did Si Hao Xuan come back to his senses, panicking and letting go of his hand, taking a half step back.

This action made Feng Qianxue hurt.

Her heart turned upside down and tears almost fell from her eyes.

Feeling Si Haoxuan looking at her, she was so nervous that she was at a loss for words, tugging the takeaway bag tightly with one hand, wiping the sweat from her face with the other in a panic, and tidying her messy hair ……