Am I A Gigolo Chapter 313-314

Chapter 313

Ling Long dared not speak any more, and bowed to Old Master Night, turning to leave.

Night Sen looked at her back and said worriedly, “Old Master, do you think, Miss Ling is really suitable for the young master?”

“What are you trying to say?” Old Master Night asked.

“A person’s opinion is a direct reflection of her heart.” Night Sen said politely, “Is it trivial to get someone killed? That’s not very kind.”

“Ling Long was spoiled, perhaps a little capricious and straightforward, but nothing bad-hearted.” Old Master Night frowned, “The most important thing is that her father, whom I have watched grow up, has absolutely no problems with his character, which is why I want to set up this marriage.”

“Ling always has no problem, but ……”

“All right.” Old Master Night interrupted him and ordered, “Take this food to that boy, he’s still hungry.”

“Take it to that child?” Night Sen was a little surprised, “Miss Ling made it for you herself and sent it all the way here ……”

“Where’s all that nonsense?” Old Master Night shouted lowly in displeasure.

“Yes.” Night Sen carried his things and prepared to leave.

“Forget it.” Old Master Night called out to him again, “I’ll go myself.”

The two of them went upstairs, by now, Longlong had already been pushed out from the emergency room and was placed in the VIP ward.

Chen Chen followed beside him with his school bag on his back, asking anxiously, “Uncle doctor, how is my brother?”

“There’s nothing seriously wrong, don’t worry.” The doctor said soothingly, “Be careful, don’t fall down.”

Everyone’s heart becomes softer and kinder when they see such an older child looking after his brother.

When they came to the ward, the doctors put new tags on Longlong’s wrists, gave him an injection and fluids, and connected him to an oxygen machine and an electrocardiograph. ……

Tenzin watched from the sidelines, very anxious.

When the doctors were done, he went up to them again and asked, “Uncle doctor, what is my brother’s condition now? Why hasn’t he woken up yet?”

“Little friend, where are your mother and father?” The doctor asked gently.

“My mummy’s phone can’t be reached.” Tenzin’s voice was a little choked up, but he quickly toughened up again and puffed out his little chest, “I’m the big brother, so it’s just as well to tell me what your situation is.”

The doctor, stunned for a moment, knelt down and said gently, “How old are you? You should talk to your mum and dad about these things. Hey, you and this injured child look alike, are you twins?”

“No, we are triplets.” Tenzin replied politely, “I’m the eldest, this is the second, and we have a sister, the third, who has tonsillitis and is resting in the ward downstairs.”

“So it’s triplets.” A few nurses gathered around, laughing and chattering ……

“So cute looking, even prettier than the little stars on TV.”

“Are you guys mixed race?”

“Where are your mum and dad?”

“Sisters nurses, my brother is injured and needs to be quiet.” Tatsumi’s little brow furrowed in seriousness, “Let’s keep all this small talk out of here, shall we?”

“Er….” The nurses froze and blushed in shame, apologising repeatedly, “Sorry, sorry.”

“Huh.” That doctor laughed and explained, “Little friend, don’t worry, your brother is not in any serious trouble.”

“No major injuries, why isn’t he awake now?” Tenzin seriously pursued, “Uncle doctor, don’t think I’m small and don’t understand anything, please tell me directly about my brother’s condition, I can understand it.”

“Okay.” The doctor stifled a laugh and said professionally, “Your brother has a broken right ankle, multiple abrasions on his body and a slight concussion on his brain ……”

“So, he hasn’t awakened yet because of the concussion?” Tenzin confirmed again, “Are you sure it’s minor? Could there be any after-effects?”


Chapter 314

“You really do know something.” The doctor was very surprised, “Only three years old, so smart.”

Tenzin furrowed his little brow and grimaced, reminding him unpleasantly, “Please get down to business!”

“Fine, fine.” The doctor immediately returned to business and said seriously, “That’s right, the reason he’s still unconscious right now is mainly because of the head injury and also some blood loss, but he’ll wake up soon.

Besides, we are a professional hospital and will take responsibility for every patient, I have done an all-round examination on him to make sure that there is nothing else wrong with him and that he will not leave any after-effects, so don’t worry about it.”

“That’s good.” Tenzin finally breathed a sigh of relief, “Uncle doctor, please help give me a copy of my brother’s examination report and all the treatment documents, I need to provide them to my lawyer, I will also need them later when I pursue the legal responsibility of the perpetrator.”

“Uh ……” The doctor was stunned, was this something a three year old would say? This kid’s IQ and logical thinking is higher than the average adult!!!

“Do as he says!”

An old voice came out.

The doctor turned around and hurriedly stood up, saluting respectfully, “Old Master Night!”

“There is no need to be polite ……”

While Old Master Night was speaking, the dean was leading a group of experts and rushing over. Remember the website

When this group of people saw Old Master Night, they bent their backs from a long distance and saluted respectfully.

The dean explained with trepidation, “Old Master Night, when I learned the news, I immediately organized a team of experts and rushed here at once, on the way I have already understood the situation, don’t worry, I will take care of your grandson’s affairs ……”

“Ahem.” Night Sen coughed dryly twice, interrupting the Dean’s words and introducing, “This child is not the Old Master’s grandson, the Old Master has only one real grandson, and that is Chief Night.”

The dean’s face paled and he hastily changed his words, “I’m sorry, it was my mistake ……”

“It’s not my grandson, but it’s the same as my family.” Old Master Night instructed, “Dean Huang please make sure to arrange the best medical treatment plan and give the most proper care in life.”

“Yes, yes, yes, definitely, definitely.”

Dean Huang’s back didn’t dare to straighten up and kept nodding his head.

The other doctors and nurses all followed suit, bending down and nodding their heads.

“And ……,” Old Master Night pointed at Chen Chen and said, “Please provide all the information and documents that this child says, truthfully, and do not be negligent.”

“Yes, understood.” Dean Huang glanced at Chen Chen, his gaze full of awe.

“This child has a younger sister.” Old Master Night continued to instruct, “Because of the shock combined with crying for a long time, it has caused inflammation of the tonsils, and is now being infused downstairs, please give the same highest level of treatment and care.”

“Yes, I will arrange it immediately.”

In the ward, Dean Huang personally inquired about the situation and made new arrangements.

Chen Chen stood by and waited until everything was arranged and the various examination reports and slips were in hand before his little frown was slightly relaxed.

Master Night had been gazing at him benevolently, and when he saw him breathe a sigh of relief, he immediately walked forward and asked with a smile, “Are you at ease now?”

“Thank you.” At this moment, Chen Chen was no longer so hostile towards Elder Night, “Mummy said that it is better to know your mistakes and make amends, and although you have made a mistake, you have made amends, so I have decided to forgive you!”

“Hahahaha, thank you!”

Old Master Night smiled and nodded his head, he really liked this child, every word, every expression, could remind him of Night Zhen Ting when he was a child ……

Not only did he look similar, his expressions were similar, even the logic of his thinking and the tone of his speech were similar.

“However, your driver has not shown up until now, I wonder if he realizes that he has made a mistake?” Tatsuya returned to the topic and said in a serious manner, “I think that it is necessary for you to consider whether he is still competent for the profession of a driver.”