Am I A Gigolo Chapter 321-322

Chapter 321

“Qianxue, Qianxue ……” Chu Zimo shouted from outside, “Qianxue, are you alright?”

“Night Zhen Ting, I’m telling you, if you dare to hurt a hair on Qian Xue’s head, I won’t let you go.”

“Young Chu, this is a hospital, please don’t make any loud noises here.”

Lei Yu hurriedly arrived and scolded sternly.

“Chu’s mother called me and said that the child is missing.” Chu Zi Mo roared in agitation, “Did Night Zhen Ting grab it? That brute, even a three year old child can do that? Does he know that the child ……”

“That’s enough, stop it.” Lei Yu interrupted him in exasperation, “You will harm Miss Feng like this.”

“What are you talking about? How could I possibly harm her?” Chu Zi Mo didn’t want to talk to her any further and turned back to the room again and shouted, “Night Zhen Ting you get out of here–”

As soon as his words left his mouth, the door to the room opened ……

The first thing you need to do is to get out.

Even though it was such a messy and casual look, it still had a breathtaking domineering aura.

Those eyes, like knives, stared at Chu Zimo, grimly questioning, “Chu Shao, how are you going to not let me go?”

“Night Zhen Ting, was it you who captured those three children? Isn’t it?”

Chu Zimo questioned excitedly.

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything, just narrowed his eyes dangerously and stared at him grimly, his eyes burning with fiery anger ……

“Zimo!” Feng Qianxue braced her injured back and came out with difficulty, saying anxiously, “He didn’t capture the child, there’s nothing for you here, you should go.”

“Qianxue, what’s wrong with you?” Chu Zi Mo saw Feng Qian Xue’s pale and feeble appearance, he was instantly distressed and hurriedly went forward to help her, “Are you hurt? Who beat you up like this?”

That day at the banquet, that kick from Night Zhen Ting, although it knocked Feng Qianxue to the ground, the situation did not look that serious at that time ……

But now, Feng Qianxue was in a condition as if she had been seriously injured again.

“It’s me!” Night Zhen Ting deliberately provoked, “How?”

“You beast!” Chu Zi Mo waved his fist and was about to hit Night Zhen Ting.

“Don’t!” Feng Qianxue hurriedly yanked him, her weak body dragging him, almost shaking, “Zimo, stop it, please just go ……”

She really hoped that Chu Zimo would leave her alone, the more he did, the more complicated things would become.

Lei Yu had a headache watching, she knew very well how much the Night King was devoted to Feng Qianxue, he just had a hard mouth and a soft heart, as long as Feng Qianxue begged him for a few words, he would definitely step in to help her find the child ……

But when Chu Zimo made such a fuss ……

Everything will backfire!

“Qianxue, you come with me.” Chu Zimo wanted to take Feng Qianxue away.

“Are you sure you can take her away?” The corners of Night Zhen Ting’s lips raised in a mocking arc as he fiercely reached out and strangled Chu Zi Mo’s neck with a deadly grip, “Seeking death, I will make you whole!!!”

Instantly, Chu Zimo suffocated, his eyes flushed white, his face turned dark blue, his mouth grew wide, it was the breath of death ……


Feng Qianxue screamed in horror and scrambled forward to stop it, but was flung away by Night Zhen Ting.

Feng Qianxue flung herself to the ground, blushing in pain.

Lei Yu hurriedly went to help her ……

“Night King, calm down!” Night Hui hurriedly advised.

“Shut up!”

Night Zhen Ting was really angry this time, he felt that he was really too good at talking ……

The sinful child born between Feng Qianxue and Chu Zimo was missing, Feng Qianxue came to beg him, he was already soft-hearted and ready to agree to help her.

But this Chu Zi Mo actually barged over indiscriminately, chopped his head and gave an insult, and wanted to take away Feng Qian Xue ……

How could he bear this anger?

Today, if he didn’t kill Chu Zimo, he would not feel like a man!

Hands, still hard ……

At this moment, Night Zhen Ting was like the god of death!


Chapter 322

“Night Zhen Ting, please ……”

Feng Qianxue got up from the ground and tried to beg for Night Zhenting, but was pulled by Lei Yu, “Miss Feng, the more you do this, the faster Chu Shao will die!”

“But ……”

“b*****d-” At this moment, Chu’s mother suddenly rushed over with a broom, “Beat you to death, you bad egg!”

Unfortunately, before she could hit Night Zhen Ting, she was yanked by two bodyguards.

“Let go of me, let go of me ……” Zhu Ma shouted angrily as she struggled, “You bad egg, you bullied our young lady, kidnapped my three babies, and bullied Young Master Chu, I’ll beat you to death ……”

As Zhu Ma cursed, she violently threw the broom in her hand towards Night Zhen Ting ……

The broomstick hit the head of Night Chen Ting and landed on the ground with a muffled “bang”.

Everyone was stunned ……

The first thing that happened was that the person who had been in charge of the project was the person who had been in charge of the project.

At this moment, there were only two words in her mind: “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over” ……

This broomstick is not very deadly, but it is extremely insulting!

The hand that was gripping Chu Zimo’s neck gradually loosened and turned his eyes, staring grimly at Zhu’s mother ……

As if a god of death, is telling her: “You are the time to die!”

Zhu Ma was so scared that she shivered, her fat body was shaking, at this moment, she knew fear ……

Feng Qianxue felt that Zhu Ma was about to be in great distress, so scared that her legs went weak and she almost fainted.

“Zhu Ma, you misunderstood ……” Lei Yu hurriedly explained, “The child was not captured by our Night King ……”

“It’s not him? Then, then who is it?” Zhu Ma’s voice was shaking but she was still questioning, “Miss Chen called me early in the morning and asked me if the child had been found, and when I pressed, I found out that the child was lost.

I called Miss and no one answered, so I had to call Young Master Chu, who immediately went to the house to check and found that Miss was also missing ……

Immediately after that, I heard from the nurses that Miss was brought to the hospital last night by this evil man.”

Chu’s mother trembled her hands and pointed at Night Zhen Ting, “Our young lady has been sick and injured every now and then since she met you ……

Moreover, during this period of time, our family kept having trouble, some bad people broke in and robbed things, some bad people put bombs to try to blow us up, and now even our children are lost ……”

Speaking of this, Zhu’s mother broke down in tears, “Our baby is only three and a half years old, what’s wrong with them? Why do you want to hurt the baby?”

“Zhu Ma, the child really wasn’t captured by our Night King.” Lei Yu explained anxiously, “This matter ……”

“Zhu Ma, right?” Night Zhen Ting finally spoke, his voice was like the cold ice of the Arctic glacier, he took a step towards Zhu Ma, his body carried a blatant killing aura, “Who told you that I captured the child? Who told you that I had the child?”

“Yes, it was ……” Zhu Ma subconsciously glanced at Chu Zi Mo, and immediately withdrew her gaze and changed her mouth, “It was myself, guessing!!!”

“Chu Ma, the child really wasn’t caught by him.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly rushed over and pulled Zhu Ma, explaining in a panic, “Listen to me, I will take care of this matter, you go back to the ward first, listen to me!”

“Miss ……” Zhu Ma was about to say something else when Feng Qianxue begged her with tears streaming down her face, “Please, please go.”

Feng Qianxue was afraid, afraid that Night Zhen Ting would hurt Zhu Ma.

After all, the night devil had been the only one to do anything since he was a child, and no one dared to hit him with a broom.

Zhu Ma was really teetering on the edge of death today ……

“But, but you ……”

Zhu Ma was about to speak when Night Zhen Ting walked up to her ……

Feng Qianxue was scared silly, panicked and blocked in front of Zhu Ma, crying out in agitation, “If you want to kill, just kill me, don’t hurt my family!”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting nodded with a cold smile, “I don’t move the old people and children, so this debt, naturally, has to be on your head!”

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