Am I A Gigolo Chapter 351-352

Chapter 351

“Mummy, if you don’t want us to go out for dinner, we won’t go, but we should at least say hello to Grandpa.” Tenzin thought more thoughtfully, “All visitors are guests, we can’t turn him away.”

“Right, right, right.” Long Long nodded his head repeatedly, sweating with anxiety.

“Mummy doesn’t mean that ……”

“Mama San Bao, Old Master Night is here.”

Before Feng Qianxue could finish her words, the shouts of the medical staff came from outside.

“Dabao, go out and greet them.” Feng Qianxue lowered her voice and said to Chen Chen, “Just say that Mommy is sick and it’s not convenient for her to come out to meet the guests, also, don’t let Grandpa come in, ask him to wait outside for a while while you change your clothes and go out for dinner with him.”

“Huh?” Chen asked with a frown, “Mommy, why is that? It’s not a good idea to turn people away when they’re already here, is it?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Longlong and Yueyue echoed.

“Actually, Mommy met Grandpa before and there was some misunderstanding between us ……” Feng Qianxue explained carefully, “So, Mommy didn’t want him to know that I am your Mommy.”

“Oh!” Longlong and Yueyue nodded their heads with a half-understanding.

“Got it.” Tatsuya did understand, “Don’t worry, Mummy, we’ll keep it a secret for you.”

“Yes, yes, keep it a secret.” Dragon and Yueyue agreed again.

“That’s right.” Feng Qianxue breathed a sigh of relief, “So, when Grandpa asks about who your mummy and daddy are, you should not answer positively, understand?”

“Understood.” The three children answered in unison.

“If Second Treasure and Third Treasure don’t know how to speak, be silent when you encounter such questions and let Big Treasure speak, understand?” Feng Qianxue once again admonished.

“Alright, go out now.” Feng Qianxue let go of Yue Yue.

“Thank you, Mummy!” Yue Yue hurriedly ran outside with her short little legs, and affectionately shouted, “Grandpa Grandpa!”

“Hey, good boy!” The excited voice of Old Master Night came from outside.

Long Long was all anxious, sliding his wheelchair and about to go out.

“Don’t be anxious.” Chen Chen immediately pushed Long Long’s wheelchair out and even closed the door to the room with his hand.

Feng Qianxue stayed in the room, not daring to go out, and pressed herself against the door to listen to the commotion outside.

“Grandpa, sorry, my mommy is sick and it’s not too convenient to come out to see you.” Tenzin followed Feng Qianxue’s teachings and said good-naturedly, “The house is a bit messy and there are sick people, can you wait at the doctor’s uncle and his family’s house across the street? We’ll come to you when we’ve changed our clothes.”

“Of course.” Old Master Night said quickly, “Son, what is Mummy’s illness? Should we ask the doctor to come and have a look?”

“No need, Mummy has just returned from the hospital.” Chen Chen said dripping with words, and also said to the paediatrician, “Dr. Huang, please help greet grandpa!”

“Okay, okay, no problem.” Doctor Huang immediately invited Old Master Night and the Ministry to go across the house, “Old Master, Mr. Sen this way please.”

“Take your time to change, there’s no rush, grandpa will wait for you.” Old Master Night said dotingly to the three children.

“Mmmmmm, thank you grandpa.” The children nodded politely.

“This, is for your mummy and mother-in-law.”

As Old Master Night spoke, Night Sen carried a few gifts and tried to take them into the house, Tenzin hurriedly went forward to catch them, “Just leave them to me, thank you grandpa!”

“Don’t be polite!” Night Sen glanced at the house and didn’t say much.

“Grandpa wait for us for ten minutes.”

Tenzin waved politely and then closed the door behind him.

The three children quickly went back to their rooms to change, and Feng Qianxue retrieved their clothes and handed them to the medical nurse, reminding again, “Dabao, remember what Mummy said.”

“Got it, don’t worry, Mummy.” Chen Chen promised with conviction.


Chapter 352

The three children went next door to find Old Master Night.

Feng Qianxue pressed herself against the door and listened to the commotion outside. The three children were chattering non-stop with Old Master Night, who affectionately called them “good boys”, and from time to time, there were bright laughter.

The warm and cheerful atmosphere infected Feng Qianxue, and her originally tightly-furrowed brow lifted and her lips lifted in a light curve.

If she could, she would want her children to have more family to care for.

But ……

Just thinking about the temperamental, violent and ferocious nature of Night Zhen Ting sends chills down her back.

Whether or not there was a hidden agenda to the car accident, the night was a deep shadow on her.

The panic feeling of losing her child in those three days had taught Feng Qianxue a profound lesson ……

That feeling of despair had broken her several times.

She no longer dared to gamble.

Not daring to gamble on Night Zhen Ting’s humanity with the slightest possibility!

“San Bao mother, the children are not here, we will go over there first, do you have anything to call us anytime?” The medical nurse’s voice interrupted Feng Qianxue’s thoughts.

Feng Qianxue came back to her senses and nodded, “Thank you guys for your hard work.”

“Don’t mention it.” The medical nurse left.

Only Feng Qianxue was left alone in the large house, she looked at the empty house, thought of Zhu Ma and the children, and felt a pang of loss in her heart ……

She knew that the children were only going out for a meal and would return, but she was still terrified.

What if the old lady knew about their origins?

What if the children were deliberately cajoled into finding an excuse to take them away?

Wouldn’t she never see her children again in her life?

The more Feng Qianxue thought about it, the more frightened she became ……

The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t sit still. She hurriedly went back to her room, changed her clothes, put on sungla*ses, a mask and a duck tongue cap, and then chased after them ……

But when she walked out of the neighborhood, Feng Qianxue remembered that she had no idea which restaurant they had gone to.

Feng Qianxue paused in the distance and thought back carefully, finally remembering that Yue Yue had said something –

“Grandpa is inviting us to the Children’s Castle for western food.”

Children’s Castle Restaurant!!!

Feng Qianxue came up with the answer and immediately took a taxi to rush there.

By this time, Old Master Night had already brought the children to the Children’s Castle Restaurant.

It was a restaurant that catered to children aged one to twelve, and apart from the sumptuous and nutritious children’s food, there was also a spacious and beautiful indoor amus*ment park and library.

Adults must bring their children to enter this restaurant and everyone has to wear a beautiful dress.

Little Luna, today dressed in a pink princess dress with long, naturally slightly curly hair and a princess hair crown, drew many eyes as soon as she appeared.

Everyone who saw her exclaimed, “Oh my, this little baby is so pretty and cute, she looks like a doll!”

“Yes, it’s so beautiful. Oh my, these two boys next to her are so handsome too!”

The crowd soon spotted Tatsu and Long Long, who was still in his wheelchair, but still handsome in his little suit, like a little prince in a fairy tale!

Tatsu was slightly colder and more serious between his eyebrows, more like a mini version of a domineering CEO.

The three siblings drew all eyes around them, causing many people to take pictures and videos of them.

Chen Chen’s little brow furrowed and was about to speak when the Night Family’s bodyguards had already stepped forward to deal with them.

Old Master Night asked in a low voice, “Will you feel disturbed? I’ll have them pack the venue.”

“No need.” Chen Chen shook his little head, “Many of the children are having fun and they won’t be able to play if the venue is closed.”

“What a kind boy.” Old Master Night stroked his head and said lovingly, “Good, then we won’t pack the venue, come on, let’s go in and eat first.”

“Mmmmmm.” Chen Chen was about to walk in leading Yue Yue when he suddenly heard an arrogant voice, “I’ll give you double the price, clear the venue for me immediately, I want my grandson to play here alone!”

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