Am I A Gigolo Chapter 353-354

Chapter 353

When Tenzin looked up, he couldn’t help but frown a little, “It’s Simu Feng!”

“Why is it him again?” Longlong looked speechless, “Last time at the amus*ment park, his grandma chartered the carousel and wouldn’t let us play, and this time she’s going to charter the fairy tale restaurant, so won’t we have nothing to play with again?”

“Simu Feng’s grandmother is so fierce, I’m afraid.”

Yue Yue hid behind Chen Chen, tugging on his lapel and looking timidly into the distance.

Hearing the conversation between the three children, Old Master Night frowned and gave a wink to Night Sen.

Night Sen immediately went forward to deal with it.

“Don’t be afraid, little boy, with grandpa, no one can bully you.”

Old Master Night bent down and rubbed Yue Yue’s hair in a doting manner.

“Grandpa, let’s just go.” Chen Chen took Old Master Night’s hand and said, “This Simu Feng is our cla*smate, his mummy, grandmother and grandma are all very mean, they had a fight with mummy before and made her very angry.”

“Then it must be their fault.” Old Master Night squatted down and lovingly hugged Chen Chen, “You three have such good character, your mummy must be a very good person.”

“Yes, my mummy is very good.” Long Long nodded hastily. Remember the website

“Simu Feng’s grandmother and mummy bullied us first, and mummy is trying to protect us ……,” Yue Yue said with a puff of anger as she beamed her little mouth.

“No one can bully you guys today with grandpa around.” Old Master Night led the children inside, “Come on, let’s go in!”

“Scared ……” Yue Yue timidly hid behind Old Master Night, not daring to go in.

“Don’t be afraid, grandpa is here.” Old Master Night held her little hand.

“Grandpa, let’s forget it, let’s go next door for pizza, I don’t want to get mommy into trouble.”

Chen Chen tugged at Old Master Night’s clothes.

“Silly child.” Old Master Night stroked his hair heartily.

“Simu Feng’s grandmother is going to pack the venue, she’ll kick us out, right?”

Longlong frowned his little brow with a worried look.

“No, she can’t pack the venue.” Old Master Night raised his eyes.

“What? It’s been bought off?” Zheng Yulin exclaimed in shock, “When did this happen? It was fine two minutes ago, why is it suddenly said that the Children’s Castle Restaurant has been bought?”

“It’s just been implemented.” The restaurant manager said politely, “A minute ago, our boss called.”

“But ……”

Zheng Yulin wanted to say something else, but that manager had already ignored her and went straight around her to greet Night Sen respectfully.

Night Sen whispered a few words, and that manager’s face changed dramatically as he hurriedly led all the staff and came out to greet Old Master Night and the three babies.

Thirty-six staff members, neatly and orderly lined up in two rows, bent down and bowed, greeting in one voice: “Good day, Old Master, good day, young master and young princess, it’s a pleasure to serve you!”

The three babies looked at each other, all dumbfounded.

“So it’s these three little wild b*****ds.” Zheng Yulin’s face sank as she quickly walked over and questioned, “You three little things, where did you find them ……”

“Shut up!” Old Master Night shouted angrily, “You old woman with a face full of folds, how dare you speak ill of my grandson, are you tired of living?”

“She turned her head to the bodyguards behind her and shouted angrily, “Are you dead people? Get your a*ses over here!!!”

Those few bodyguards were originally guarding Simu Feng in the play area and playing, not knowing what was happening over here, when they heard the sound, they hurriedly ran over.

One by one, they rolled up their sleeves and prepared to make a move, but when they saw Night Sen and the few bodyguards behind him, their faces immediately changed drastically.

“This dead old man actually dares to insult me, take him down for me.” Zheng Yulin pointed at Old Master Night in anger.

“Madam ……,” a bodyguard attached to her ear and whispered, “This is Night’s Old Master Night!”

Zheng Yulin shivered, startled, and scrambled to apologise, “Night, Night, Old Master Night?”


Chapter 354

“What? You want to take me down?” Old Master Night raised his eyebrows coldly.

“I dare not dare ……” Zheng Yulin scrambled to apologize, “It’s because I have eyes that are not aware of Mount Tai, please forgive me ……”

“Well? Did you find out?”

Old Master Night simply ignored Zheng Yulin’s words and twisted his head to look at Night Sen.

“I found out, it’s the wife of the chairman of the Si Group.” Night Sen bowed his head and reported.

“The Si Group is already in tatters, how dare you still be so arrogant.” Old Master Night was full of mockery as he ordered, “You know what to do now?”

“Yes.” Night Sen nodded his head.

“No, don’t ……” Zheng Yulin’s body went limp and she almost fell to the ground.

The two bodyguards hurriedly held her up.

Zheng Yulin cried and prayed, “Old Master Night, please spare our Si family, it’s my fault, if you want to beat or scold me, I admit to the punishment ……”

“Shut up.” Old Master Night frowned.

Night Sen immediately made a gesture and a few bodyguards dragged Zheng Yulin down.

Instantly, the world cleared up.

Longlong and Yueyue looked dumbfounded, unable to come back to their senses for half a second.

Chen Chen, on the other hand, watched all this with a calm face and an unprecedented strange glow in his eyes.

“What? Did grandpa scare you guys?” Old Master Night squatted down to coax the children.

“No, grandpa is protecting us.” Longlong quickly responded and said excitedly, “Are you a king, Grandpa? Why is that fierce grandmother so afraid of you?”

“Hahahaha ……” Old Master Night laughed, “Grandpa is not a king, but, if Dragon likes, Grandpa can buy an island to be king so you will be a real little prince.”

“Really? Wonderful.” Ryuu almost jumped up and down in excitement.

“Yay, then I’ll be a real little princess!” Yueyue raised her chubby hands in excitement, “I want to live in a castle and ride a white horse!”

“Hahahaha, no problem!” Old Master Night laughed happily and turned his head to look at Chen Chen, “Chen Chen, what about you? What do you want?”

“I want the supreme power.” Chen Chen looked in the direction of the doorway and spoke quietly, “Just like grandpa, to be admired everywhere I go and to be feared by bad people, so that I can protect mummy and my younger siblings!”

“Good boy!” Old Master Night excitedly took him into his arms, “What a good boy!”

At this moment, his heart was rippling with excitement, “You know what? Almost the same thing was said to me by someone once.”

“Really? Who was it?” Tenzin asked curiously.

“My grandson.” Old Master Night was overwhelmed with emotion, “He said that to me when he was five years old, I was very excited at the time and felt that our Night Family had a successor!”

Old Master Night rubbed Chen Chen’s little head and sighed, “How wonderful it would be if you were really the flesh and blood of my Night Family.”

“What flesh and blood?” Longlong didn’t hear clearly, all he could think about was playing, “Grandpa I want to go over there and play.”

“I see ice cream, I want to go eat ice cream ……”

Yue Yue lifted the skirt of her princess dress and ran away like a little bird.

The two bodyguards hurried to follow.

“San Bao wait for me.” Longlong shouted anxiously as one of the bodyguards pushed his wheelchair to follow.

Only Chen Chen heard what Old Master Night had just said and asked in confusion, “Grandpa, can’t your eldest grandson have children?”

“Pfft, cough cough cough!” Old Master Night cried out in laughter.

No matter how smart and understanding Chen Chen was, he was still a child after all, he didn’t understand the meaning of this flesh and blood family, and thought that Grandpa’s eldest grandson couldn’t have children, which was why Old Master Night envied the others.

He couldn’t help but think in his mind that that oldest grandson was so pitiful that he couldn’t have children.

No wonder he had such an odd temper.

“It’s okay, we’ll be your grandson in the future.” Chen Chen understood how to comfort Old Master Night, “Grandpa, I’ll help you in, there are delicious snacks over there.”

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