Am I A Gigolo Chapter 357-358

Chapter 357

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue was stunned, buying Fairytale City for the sake of the triplet little grandchildren ……

Could it be that they were talking about her family’s three treasures?

“Grandpa grandpa, I’m hungry.”

At this time, Yue Yue’s milking voice came, and Feng Qianxue hurriedly turned her head to look.

Old Master Night was holding Yue Yue in one hand, holding Chen Chen in the other, and Night Sen was pushing Long Long, and the group walked out from the play area, with a dozen waiters waiting beside them, taking them to the restaurant.

In order not to disturb the other children playing, the night family’s bodyguards were stationed outside and did not enter the inner arena.

Those parents in the lounge area saw the gesture and hurriedly pulled the waiters to ask: “Is that old man the one who bought this fairy tale castle?”

“Yes, it’s him.” The attendant smiled and nodded, “His surname is Night, we call him Old Master Night!”

“This Old Master Night is a great man.” Several parents excitedly walked over and shouted at Old Master Night, “Old Master Night, thank you!”

“And the two young masters and the little princess, thank you for opening the fairy tale castle for free and providing such a nice environment for our children!”

“Yes, thank you!”

A group of parents thanked Old Master Night and San Bao with gratitude.

Old Master Night often did good deeds, this little thing was not worth mentioning to him, and such a small scene did not fluctuate for him, he just smiled and nodded back.

For the three babies, however, it was the first time in their lives that they had experienced it.

Yue Yue blushed with shame, tugging tightly at Old Master Night’s fingertips, not daring to let go, her big purple grape-like eyes full of curiosity.

Longlong, on the other hand, was a little bolder than Yue Yue, smiling and waving a greeting to them, and returning a few words, “You’re welcome!”

Tenzin, on the other hand, although nodding politely in response, did not say a word throughout, as if this was something he had become accustomed to for a long time.

Old Master Night was very pleased with the children. Although they were young and had not seen big scenes, they were still calm and composed when they encountered such things.

He could see that Chen Chen was a child with ideals and ambitions, and he even imagined in his mind that if they were really his great-grandchildren, he would let Chen Chen take over the management of the Night.

Let Long Long do what he liked as a career.

And Yue Yue, no matter how old she was, would be their little princess, and all the men in the family would guard her and let her have have have a happy and joyful life ……

Not far away, Feng Qianxue watched all this and her heart was touched ……

From the time the three treasures were born until now, she had never taken them to see any big scenes, nor had she focused on any nurturing.

All she can do is to do a good job of home education, so that they can have a healthy family environment and establish the right outlook on the three, and at the same time, let them go to a good kindergarten ……

It was all of these that Feng Qianxue had exhausted.

She always thought that the children were still young and that things like nurturing and development could be considered later ……

But now, watching the children feel another life, Feng Qianxue suddenly realized that nurturing needs to be subtle, needs to be nurtured by ear, needs to provide a better and higher environment much earlier.

Right now, Old Master Night is only taking care of and caring for them in many ways because he has met them in pa*sing and is fond of them.

If he knew that they were the children of Night Zhen Ting, I am afraid that he would have given the children much more than that ……

Wouldn’t that be better for the children’s development?

Especially Chen Chen.

He grew up as a precocious and early learner, he likes to learn, to use his brain and to research a lot of new knowledge ……

And she, as a mummy, simply can’t give him enough knowledge in his environment and can’t keep up with him.

He is only three and a half years old now and she is already unable to provide sustenance, so I am afraid that when he grows up, he will feel even more lost and lacking ……


Chapter 358

“Hello, hello ……”

The waiter’s shout interrupted Feng Qianxue’s thoughts.

Feng Qianxue suddenly came back to her senses and looked back, she couldn’t help but be shocked, the original cartoon character used to cover up was dressed up by the waiter, and now that waiter had already left.

She was still standing dumbfounded ……

The waiter next to her thought something had happened to her and hurried over to ask, “Are you okay?”

“No, it’s fine.”

Feng Qianxue responded in a panic, and then looked back to see that Old Master Night had already walked into the restaurant with the three children, and Chen Chen glanced back just in time to meet her gaze.

Then, he waved at her and then followed the old man inside.

Feng Qianxue froze for a moment and hurriedly hid in the restroom in the lounge.

She was all wrapped up like this, and Chen Chen could still recognise her, as expected of her own son.

However, fortunately it was Chen Chen, that boy was mature and understanding, he wouldn’t expose her.

She washed her face and sighed in the mirror. She had brought the children here once before, on their birthday, and she had bitten the bullet to come ……

And the old lady of the night, because she didn’t want the children to be bullied by Zheng Yulin, bought the Talking Castle restaurant outright and opened it to the public for free.

The children were allowed to be fully valued and protected.

This comparison, she as a mother really seems so useless ……

“Night King, the old lady and the children are in the dining room.”

Outside, a familiar voice suddenly came.

It was Night Fai!

Feng Qianxue froze for a moment and hurriedly put on her hat, sungla*ses and mask and hid at the exit to peek.

Sure enough, Night Zhen Ting came out of the washroom and walked straight towards the restaurant.

Probably for the sake of keeping a low profile, apart from Night Fai, he had only brought along two attendants this time.

But it was such a gesture that still made him the centre of attention. Just as he walked down the aisle, his arrogant aura attracted countless young mamas, leading to a flurry of screams –

“Oh my God, is this any star? It’s so handsome and cool!”

“Is this the daddy of those three angel babies? It kind of looks like that.”

“It should be a family, the old master and this one look just like each other, and those three kids are also ……”

Hearing these words, Night Zhen Ting’s brow furrowed as if he had been insulted, a nameless anger running upwards.

Night Hui saw his face and hurriedly made hand gestures to signal everyone to be quiet.

Then he and his bodyguards pulled the cordon and escorted Night Zhen Ting away at a fast pace ……

Behind him, Feng Qianxue saw this scene and frowned unhappily, dog thing, saying that they are your children, what do you have to be angry about?

That is your own flesh and blood, you still dare to dislike them?

No, what was Night Zhen Ting doing here at this time?

He wouldn’t be going after the children, would he?

Or was he jealous that Old Master Night was too good to the children and wanted to come and wreak havoc?

After all, up to now he still thinks that San Bao is Chu Zi Mo’s flesh and blood ……

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue was terrified, after the last incident of losing contact with the children, she was even more worried about their safety, she must not let the children encounter danger again.

She wanted to go with her to take a look, but she was alone, without her children, and was not allowed to enter the restaurant infield.

What to do?

Feng Qianxue was thinking left and right when she suddenly noticed a cleaning lady aunty walking into the staff changing room with a bag, and after a while, came out in her casual clothes before leaving from work.

Feng Qianxue took advantage of everyone’s inattention and quickly slipped into the staff changing room ……

Today, because of special circumstances, the entire Fairy Tale Castle restaurant encountered a major reform, and the staff all went to serve Old Master Night and the three treasures, so this side was empty.

Feng Qianxue quickly changed into the cleaning aunt’s clothes, put on the special hat and mask for cleaners, revealing only one pair of eyes, and took a mop and smoothly slipped into the fairy tale castle restaurant ……

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