Am I A Gigolo Chapter 363-364

Chapter 363


Night Zhen Ting frowned as he stared at the forked chicken wing, his face full of disgust.

Yue Yue knew that she was disliked and lowered her head in loss, retrieving the chicken wing.

“Brat ……”

Old Master Night was about to scold.

Night Zhen Ting reached out and took the chicken wing over with the fork, placing it on his own plate and handing Yue Yue a new fork.

Not far away, Feng Qianxue, who was watching this scene, had a pleased smile lift up on her lips, although she had no intention of letting the child recognize her relatives, she was still happy watching this scene in front of her ……

“Hee hee!” Yue Yue smiled with her eyebrows and gestured her fleshy little chubby hands as she said with a smile, “This chicken wing is delicious, big brother, you should try it.”

“Don’t bark!” Night Zhen Ting frowned.

Yue froze for a moment and pouted her little mouth in aggression.

Seeing this, Feng Qianxue frowned again, the night devil was temperamental, making Yue Yue laugh one moment and cry the next, happy the next and aggravated the next ……

This can’t be good.

“Don’t scare the child.”

Old Master Night gave him a blank look, but his tone had become much gentler, no matter what, the fact that this grandson, who had a cleanliness problem, was able to take the chicken wings that Yue Yue had grabbed with his hands was already a concession.

He used to be really worried that Night Zhen Ting would be dinky in the future, because this kid has never liked children and is cold and paranoid about love ……

Now that he’s seen some improvement in how he and San Bao get along, Old Master Night feels very relieved!

“San Bao, dine well.” Chen Chen let Yue Yue have the cola chicken wings on her plate and took her a cupcake, “We need to go home early after we finish eating, Mummy is still waiting for us at home.”

“Mmmmmm.” Yue Yue nodded her head repeatedly and began to eat in earnest.

“There’s no rush, grandpa will take you back later.” Old Master Night looked at the children lovingly and also instructed the manager, “Tell them to serve some more cola chicken wings, the children don’t have enough to eat.”

“Yes.” The manager immediately sent someone to do it.

“I hurt my leg today, so I didn’t get to play with many things.” Longlong was a little disappointed that he hadn’t had enough fun, “Grandpa, can we come back when my leg is better?”

“Of course you can.” Old Master Night said hurriedly, “You can even come back tomorrow, you can come whenever you want and Grandpa will pick you up.”

“Grandpa, we’re going to kindergarten tomorrow.” Only Chen Chen remembered the schedule, “It’s not free until the weekend!”

“That’s fine, grandpa will come and pick you guys up on the weekend.” Old Master Night said with a smile.

“Yes, we can come again on the weekend.” Longlong waved his hands and cheered excitedly.

“I’ll come earlier next time so I can play a bit longer.” Yue puffed out her little face and said happily, “I’m going to play Princess Elsa next time.”

“Hahahaha, seeing you guys having fun makes me happy too.” Old Master Night looked at them with a big smile, “Anything else you want, I’ll have the waiter bring it over.”

“I want ice cream.” Yue Yue immediately raised her hand to indicate.

“I want …… too,” Long Long also raised his hand.

“Fine, fine, arrange it right away!”

Old Master Night made a gesture and the restaurant manager waiting nearby immediately sent someone to make the arrangements.

“Oops!” Suddenly, Night Fai called out.

Everyone turned their heads to look over, and it turned out to be Night Zhen Ting who had dropped the cola chicken wings that Yue Yue had given him and rolled them off his body onto the floor.

“The clothes didn’t get dirty, did they?” Night Fai stretched his neck to look over, “It’s dirty, I’ll have someone send clothes over.”

“There’s no rush, get someone to come over and clean it up first.”

Night Zhen Ting wiped his clothes with his napkin, his movements bland and elegant.

The restaurant manager waiting behind him immediately brought a waiter to clean it up.

Night Timothy glanced at the “cleaners” not far away and casually knocked over the gla*s of wine in front of him.

The gla*s fell on the table and rolled to the floor, spilling red wine everywhere ……

“Sorry Mr. Night, I’ll call the cleaner to come over and clean it up right away.” The manager hurriedly waved to the “cleaner” who was not far away, “Sister Fang, come here quickly!”


Chapter 364

When Feng Qianxue saw someone waving at her, she wanted to avoid it, but the person had already called out the name of the “cleaner” and many people were looking at her.

At this point, it would be too suspicious for her to evade ……

If someone reveals her identity in public, it would be embarra*sing.

Therefore, Feng Qianxue could only walk over with a stiff upper lip.

“Sister Fang, this place is getting dirty, come and help clean it up.” The manager instructed.

“Okay.” Feng Qianxue bowed her head and cleaned up the gla*s fragments on the floor, afraid of being recognised.

Night Zhen Ting’s chair had moved out of the way and was sitting on one side, carefully wiping the stains on his hands with a wet towel.

“Night King, shall I accompany you to change your clothes?” Night Fai said cautiously.

“No need, it’s just a soiled jacket.”

Night Zhen Ting took off his jacket and threw it to Night Fai, picked up his gla*s of wine and continued to drink.

“Wow, there are muscles yeah!” Long Long asked excitedly when he saw Night Zhen Ting’s toned and sturdy physique, “Big brother, how did you train?”

Feng Qianxue, who was cleaning up, paused in her movements and couldn’t help but glance up at Night ZhenTing, Big Brother? What is this?

“Practicing fist.” Night Zhen Ting simply replied.

“You know how to box? What kind of boxing do you practice?”

Long Long was instantly interested, his hand with the knife and fork stopped, excitedly expecting Night Zhen Ting’s answer.

“Any kind of boxing.” Night Zhen Ting responded indifferently.

“Really? Let’s spar sometime.” Long Long was obsessed with martial arts.

“You spar with me?” Night Zhen Ting felt ridiculous, “I can beat you with one finger!”

“Cut it out, I don’t believe you.” Dragon deflated his little mouth in defiance and waved his little fist, “I’m injured in my leg now, when I get better, I’ll let you see how good I am.”

“We’ll see!” Night Zhen Ting didn’t even look at him as he continued to sip his wine.

Yue Yue took a candy for Old Master Night and said in a milky voice, “Grandpa, we’re going to kindergarten tomorrow, we can’t wear phone watches when we go to school, so if you miss us, you can call us when you’re done with school.”

“Why can’t you wear a phone watch? What if we get lost like last time?” Old Master Night asked with a frown.

“I don’t know, the teacher said you can’t wear a phone watch in kindergarten.”

Yue fiddled with the bowl of cherry ice cream.

“What’s the name of your kindergarten?” Old Master Night asked.

“Little Apple!” Yue Yue held up a small apple and said with a smile, “That’s the name!”

“Hmm.” Old Master Night gave a wink to Night Sen.

Night Sen immediately comprehended it and stepped aside to deal with it.

“It’s not good to spoil the child like this.” Night Zhen Ting said lightly.

“I’m happy.” Old Master Night returned his words without good grace.

Night Zhen Ting was too lazy to talk to him, glancing down at the cleaner squatting next to him to deal with the situation, his lips curled up in a mocking arc as he deliberately said, “You like these three children so much, why don’t you receive them to live at home, their home is too small and it’s inconvenient to pick them up and drop them off.”

Feng Qianxue was shaken, her heart was very anxious, secretly in saying, no no, the children must not agree ……

“Good!” Old Master Night had just that intention and asked lovingly, “Children, why don’t you go and stay at Grandpa’s place, Grandpa can take you to kindergarten every day and pick you up after school.”

“Yes!” Yueyue replied without even thinking, rubbing her chubby hands excitedly, “Can we still come here to play after school?”

“Of course you can.” Old Master Night nodded his head with a smile and said to Long Long, “Grandpa can ask the instructor to teach you to practice, you can learn any kind of boxing you want.”

“Really? That’s great.” Long Long excitedly gestured his fist, “Then can I learn Taekwondo?”

“No problem, grandpa hired the best taekwondo instructor in the world to teach you.” Old Master Night said as he was about to ask Night Sen to arrange ……

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