Am I A Gigolo Chapter 385-386

Chapter 385

Hearing these words, Night Zhen Ting was somewhat shaken; in fact, marriage had absolutely no meaning to him.

He had always felt that things like marriage were meant to maintain social order!

that marriages among the lower cla*s were for pa*sing on their families, keeping each other warm and reducing the cost of living.

And the marriages of the upper cla*ses were all business unions.

It has nothing to do with love!

If it wasn’t for Feng Qianxue, he actually wouldn’t care who he married ……

So, before Feng Qianxue appeared, he was fine with Old Master Night’s interference and control over his feelings, and because of this, he was accustomed to the Old Master taking an inch and getting more and more aggressive ……

And now, for a moment, it can’t be turned around.

What’s more, the old man was a grey professional when he was young and acted in a murderous and decisive manner. If he provokes him, I’m afraid Feng Qianxue will really be in danger ……

Thinking of this, Night Zhen Ting compromised ……

“That’s right.” Old Master Night hooked his lips in satisfaction and gave a wink to Ling Fengye.

Ling Fengye was overjoyed and exchanged another wink with his daughter Ling Long.

At once, the whole stage, except for Night Zhen Ting, all had happy faces.

“Please be quiet, be quiet!”

The host began to maintain order and calm down the commotion of the media, before saying a few words of compliment to welcome Old Master Night.

Once again, thunderous applause rang out from the stage ……

In the side hall, Feng Qianxue sat where she was, not daring to move a muscle.

The other little secretaries were all cleared out, and only Feng Qianxue and Night Sen and the others were left in the entire side hall.

Night Sen suddenly appeared with someone just now and looked at her with a smile, “Miss Feng, we meet again.”

“You ……”

“The old man wants to discipline his grandson and needs your cooperation.”

Although Night Sen was smiling, that smile was cold and frightening, his words were polite and respectful, yet they made Feng Qianxue nervous and scared for no reason.

Feng Qianxue shivered and suddenly realised that all of the people in the Night Family were not oil lamps!

When they want to treat you well, they can pick the stars and the moon for you, and spoil you to the sky, such as the old man of the night to the three babies, and the night Zhen Ting to her ……

However, if you mess with them, they will immediately turn into a ghastly face, like the devil coming down, and make you break your spirit ……

“I’m just an insignificant little person who can’t influence anything.” Feng Qianxue’s heart was beating fast, but she tried to calm herself down, “Isn’t old master lifting me up too much?”

“Master never lifts anyone up, it is the young master who lifts you up!”

Night Sen’s words were in every sentence.

“Then you should look for Night Zhen Ting.” Feng Qianxue frowned and retorted, “What’s the use of looking for me?”

“You are the root of the matter, you have to cut the gra*s first!”

Night Sen was still all smiles, not looking threatening in the slightest.


Feng Qianxue finally knew how powerful this old butler was, no wonder Night Sen and Night Jun were all respectful when they saw him, even Night Zhen Ting had to give him the courtesy of three points.

Even though there were millions of discontent in her heart, Feng Qianxue did not dare to say anything else.

She could only sit there obediently and wait quietly for things to develop.

“Now, our Chairman Ling has something important to announce.” The MC said loudly.

Ling Fengye stood up and said modestly, “The Night and Ling families have been friends for three generations, and the Ling family owes much to the promotion and support of the Night family to get to where they are today. My daughter, Ling Long, has admired Zhen Ting for many years, so today I will ……”

“Aiya!” Old Master Night interrupted Ling Fengxiao and said impatiently, “Fengxiao you are really a man of letters, beating around the bush with so many words, just say it directly.”

Old Master Night patted the table and announced bluntly, “I announce that my grandson, Night Zhen Ting, and Ling Long are officially engaged on the tenth of next month!”


Chapter 386

“Hahahaha, it’s still the old man who is quick …… to laugh,” Ling Fengye laughed happily.

Old Master Night also laughed, at the same time, the hand that was placed under the table, squeezed Night Zhen Ting’s thigh harder, reminding him to laugh!

Night Zhen Ting couldn’t laugh, but he was silent and acquiesced!

Ling Long was overjoyed and branded a deep lip mark on Night Zhen Ting’s face, then hugged his arm and leaned on his shoulder to pamper him.

The happiness and sweetness was on her face.

Everyone was taking pictures of them, recording the joy of the marriage!

Feng Qianxue looked at Night Zhen Ting in a daze, her heart breaking into pieces and then falling into a bottomless abyss ……

This is exactly what she wanted, isn’t it?

But why, at this moment, hearing this news and seeing the way Ling Long was getting close to him, her heart would be so hard and painful ……

She lowered her head and tried to control her emotions, reminding herself to smile, to laugh!

Yes, at this time, she should laugh happily, better let Night Zhen Ting see it and think that she does not care and congratulate him, so that he will be disgusted with her and give up on her …… Remember the website

But she couldn’t laugh….

“You can go now.” Night Sen led the men away.

Feng Qianxue knew that she was safe, or rather, now she had lost her value.

That’s right, even being threatened required value!

She was now, useless.

Feng Qianxue stood up, lost in thought, and headed for the backstage, she wanted to leave this noisy place, it was too noisy, it seemed like everyone was congratulating the union, and she should too!

Night Zhen Ting turned his head to look over, Feng Qian Xue left blandly as if all this had nothing to do with her.

Yes, she didn’t care, not at all!!!

His eyes dimmed and a fire burned in his chest as he got up and prepared to leave ……

“Zhen Ting!” Ling Long reached out to pull him, but he couldn’t pull him at all. Night Zhending left in stride, but after a few steps, there was a sudden muffled “thud” behind him.

The night Zhen Ting subconsciously turned around, only to see Ling Long fell to the ground, the corner of his mouth spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, painful whisper, “so painful ……”

“Long’er, Long’er ……” Ling Fengye rushed over and picked her up, “What happened to you? What’s wrong?”

“Quick, call a doctor.” Old Master Night immediately ordered.

“Yes.” Night Sen immediately arranged for a doctor.

Night Jun and Night Hui immediately dispatched the media reporters, while checking that they had not filmed the scene where Ling Long had just fallen to the ground, and solemnly reminding that they must never report on the incident.

Night Zhen Ting rushed over to pick up Ling Long and ran quickly towards the lounge in the back room.

Feng Qianxue was walking towards the staircase, when suddenly a man bumped into her and she fell to the ground with a broken foot.

Feng Qianxue looked up, only to see Night Zhen Ting holding Ling Long and rushing anxiously into the lounge.

She was stunned, her heart was very hard ……

“Get out of the way!” A line of people hurriedly ran over from behind, almost bumping into her again.

Luckily someone yanked her out of the way and Feng Qianxue looked up, it was Wen Li!

“Something’s wrong, don’t stay here, get up there.” Wen Li’s brow was furrowed and her face was gloomy.

“Oh.” Not knowing what had happened, Feng Qianxue dragged her injured foot and headed for the stairs.

At this moment, there was a commotion at the venue, many reporters were curiously asking about Ling Long’s situation, and someone asked, “Why did Miss Ling suddenly vomit blood and fall to the ground? It doesn’t look like illness, it couldn’t be poisoning, could it?”

“Which media are you? Do you still want to do your job or not?” Night Army bellowed angrily.

“Yes, yes, yes, sorry ……”

Those media no longer dared to say more and all promised that they would not report this unexpected incident and would not take photos ……

Seeing this scene, Feng Qianxue’s heart was vaguely uneasy, so it was Ling Long who was in trouble, how could he be poisoned for good reasons?

I don’t know why, obviously this matter has nothing to do with her, but her heart suddenly panicked, and a sense of foreboding…