Am I A Gigolo Chapter 387-388

Chapter 387

Sure enough, not long after Feng Qianxue returned to her office on the 68th floor, Night Sen came to arrest her with his bodyguards, “Please come with us!”

“What?” Feng Qianxue was bewildered.

Without talking to her, Night Sen made a gesture and the two bodyguards escorted her straight down.

“What are you doing?” Feng Qianxue struggled desperately, “Let go of me, let go of me!”

Soon, she was taken to the conference room on the 66th floor ……

Old Master Night was sitting on the president’s leather chair, leaning on his cane, staring at her with cold eyes, that gaze, like a thousand sharp arrows, seemed to shoot Feng Qianxue to death with random arrows.

“Why are you arresting me?” Feng Qianxue questioned angrily.

“I thought you were just born lowly, but I didn’t expect you to be so vicious!” Old Master Night spoke coldly, “How dare you poison Ling Long?”

Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened in shock, her face full of disbelief.

It was a while before she came back to her senses and said excitedly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I haven’t done anything.”

“Cut the crap!” Old Master Night simply didn’t have the patience to go on with her, “Give an honest explanation, and perhaps you can still be left in one piece!”

“I really didn’t ……” Feng Qianxue’s heart was burning, “What evidence do you have that I poisoned you? Don’t spout blood.”

Old Master Night’s brow was furrowed, no longer interested in talking to her.

Night Sen said indifferently, “Miss Ling hasn’t eaten anything else today, she only drank the coffee you prepared, and half an hour ago, she suddenly fell into a coma from poisoning.”


Feng Qianxue was stunned, she should have thought of this long ago, Ling Long asked her to bring a cup of coffee to the office today, and then didn’t give her a hard time, and even said “thank you” to her.

She thought it was strange that Ling Long had become so nice today.

It turned out to be a tough move at the end.

“Nothing more to say?” Night Sam said coldly.

“Just because she drank the coffee I prepared, it was me who poisoned her?” Feng Qianxue retorted anxiously, “To add insult to injury!!! Who can guarantee that she hadn’t eaten something else? She even went to the 17th floor to dine at noon.”

“We don’t arrest people for nothing.”

Night Sen made a gesture and the bodyguard took out a coffee cup in a sealed bag with some unreserved coffee liquid inside.

“I had someone go to the young master’s office and find this cup of coffee that was too late to dispose of, and did an inspection, and it was indeed poisoned.” Night Sen pointed at the sealed bag.

Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened in shock, Ling Long had played this trick too ruthlessly, poisoning his own coffee and then planting it on her?

“No need to talk nonsense to such people.” Elder Night ordered, “Together with the evidence, hand it over to the police.”

“Yes!” Night Sen nodded and immediately made arrangements.

“I didn’t, it really wasn’t me ……” Feng Qianxue pleaded anxiously, “Think about it, if it was me who poisoned the coffee, why didn’t I clean up the poisoned coffee? And leave it there for a few hours, waiting for you guys to test it?”

Old Master Night didn’t want to hear any more and made a cold hand gesture.

The bodyguards immediately stepped forward, ready to drag Feng Qianxue down.

“Hold on!” At this moment, Night Zhen Ting hurriedly arrived, he had taken off his jacket and was only wearing a white shirt, there were still some blood stains on the shirt and on his neck, too late to deal with them.

“Grandpa, it happened in my company, it’s better to let me investigate first.” Night Zhen Ting said.

“Night Sen has already investigated it for you.” Old Master Night coldly said, “What? The evidence isn’t enough?”

“There are rules for breaking cases, just this bit of evidence can’t mean anything.” Night Zhen Ting glanced at Feng Qian Xue, “I know this woman, she is stupid and has little guts, it is impossible for her to poison someone.”

“Then explain to me, what is this cup of coffee about?” Old Master Night pointed at the cup of coffee with his cane, “Could it be that someone planted the blame on her?”


Chapter 388

“It’s not impossible ……,” Night Zhen Ting’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Then who do you think is going to plant the blame on her?” Old Master Night raised his eyebrows and watched as he waited, “Night Sen has checked all the CCTV footage, and from the time she ground the coffee beans and made the coffee until she brought it to your office, she didn’t touch anyone.”

After a pause, the old man of the night seemed to remember something else and sneered ……

“Oh no, she met Night Fai in front of your office and handed the coffee to Night Fai. What you mean, could it be that Night Fai poisoned the coffee and framed this woman?”

“Ah!” Night Fai’s eyes widened in shock, “I didn’t do anything.”

“After Night Fai took the coffee, he walked into your office, we can’t see the surveillance of your office.” Night Sen bowed respectfully to Night Zhen Ting and added with a smile –

“Of course, judging from logic, Night Fai is also a suspect, if you feel that I have handled the matter unfairly, I can hand Night Fai and this Miss Feng Qianxue over to the police together for them to judge.”

Night Fai looked weakly at Night Zhen Ting, not daring to say a word.

“Or, you can also pull out the surveillance of your office to see if Night Fai has done anything.” Night Sen suggested.

“There’s no need to look.” Night Zhen Ting sat in his chair and said coldly, “There is no surveillance in my office!”

“Then ……”

“There’s no problem with Night Fai.” Night Zhen Ting was very decisive, “He has been with me for ten years, his family’s life is pressed into my hands, there is no way he would do such a stupid thing.”

“Then ……” Night Sen looked at Feng Qianxue as if he had a point.

“She is also fine.” Night Zhen Ting had a serious face, “Afterwards, she went back to my office, if the poison was really hers, she could have taken that coffee cup and destroyed the body, but she didn’t, even if she was not smart, she wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that, right?”

“You are clearly taking sides on purpose.” Old Master Night shouted angrily, “Ling Long is your fiancee, she is in a coma and her life is hanging by a thread, at this time, you are still defending another woman?”

“I’m just discussing the matter as it is.” Night Zhen Ting was very insistent.

Feng Qianxue looked at him deeply, fortunately, at the critical moment, he still believed her and defended her ……

“That’s enough!” Old Master Night didn’t want to waste any more time, “I have to give an explanation to your Uncle Ling.”

“What are you still standing there for? Take the man down.”

“Yes.” Night Sen immediately did as he was told.

“Don’t ……,” Feng Qianxue panicked all of a sudden.

“Who dares??” Night Zhen Ting bellowed in a blazing rage.

Night Sen dared not move again.

“You still dare to rebel?!!!”

Old Master Night was unforgivably angry and thumped his cane hard into the ground.

Night Zhen Ting didn’t bother with nonsense and made a hand gesture.

The Night Army led a line of men and surrounded Night Sen and his men.

“I’m sorry, Master.” Night Jun said weakly.

Night Sen frowned tightly and looked at the old master.

“You, you ……” Old Master Night was so angry that his face turned blue and his hand on his cane was shaking, “You unfilial son, how dare you ……”

“Don’t be angry, old master.” Night Sen hurriedly placated, “Young master is not disobeying you, he just wants to investigate personally.”

“Uncle Sen is right in this statement.” Night Zhen Ting went along with the steps, “Grandpa, I will definitely investigate this matter and give you and Uncle Ling an explanation, but for now, you can’t take my people away.”

“I have to get rid of this woman today.” Old Master Night didn’t budge in the slightest, “Or else there’s no telling what will come out next time!”

“Grandpa ……”

“Old Master calm your anger!” At this moment, Ling Fengye hurriedly came over and dissuaded, “Long’er has woken up, Dr. Lei said that her life is not in danger.”

“Ling Long has woken up? That’s good, that’s good.” Old Master Night breathed a sigh of relief, “Let’s go, I’ll go and see her.”