Am I A Gigolo Chapter 397-398

Chapter 397

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue fell into deep thought. She was thinking that perhaps she could buy the factory and ask Zhu Jianshan and some of her father’s old men to help take care of it, while she could follow and learn how to run it ……

After some of the things that have happened during this time, she feels more and more that she is too well protected by her father and has absolutely no ability to survive or resist risk.

She couldn’t even keep an ordinary job and couldn’t afford to support her children with the money she earned ……

Even though her father had left her with a generous livelihood, she could not sit on her hands, and besides, as a mother, she was expected to set a good example for her children.

But buying the factory and getting it running again was no easy task ……

She had never managed a company before, and she didn’t know much about her father’s industries. To take out 70 million dollars to buy those factories all at once, and to start from scratch, she had little confidence ……

“Wind’s used to operate mainly in real estate, in addition there are ten factories making clothing and jewellery, seven of them are in the provinces, with Wind’s bankruptcy they were closed, these three factories, the chairman used his connections to keep them, they were meant to be left for you, but unfortunately they were taken away by people like Feng Shiyuan and Ma Qiang using despicable means ……”

Zhu Jianshan indignantly recounted the events of that year, lamenting ……

“I just hate myself for being incompetent and unable to fight them, at the same time thinking that those factories are still surnamed Feng, so I gave up, I didn’t expect those few people to run the business for four years before they couldn’t continue.”

“They were originally parasites who relied on my father for food, they were not capable of much, after my father died, they relied on the Si family for a few years, and now that the Si family has collapsed, they naturally couldn’t run the business anymore.”

Feng Qianxue sighed and asked tentatively, “Uncle Zhu, you came to see me because you want me to buy those factories?”

“No, no, no.” Zhu Jianshan shook his head repeatedly, “With the chairman gone and your uncles and cousins all being a*sholes, you are a girl who has a hard enough time on your own, how can you get the money to buy the factories?”

“Then what do you mean?”

“I found a few of your father’s former trusted men to discuss it, we can barely buy a factory if we put our money together, and we are confident that we will be able to make it work in the future.”

Zhu Jianshan said excitedly, “I want to invite you to join the stock, not to let you invest money, but to let you into the technical shares, didn’t you study design back then? These factories are all in the garment business, so your expertise can be put to good use.”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue was very touched. This was not asking her to join any technical shares, it was clearly because she knew that she had no stable job and was now living in a stable place, so she was asked to join the company so that she could have an income to rely on in the future.

“The company has a lot of experience in the field, so you can only do some clerical work outside, which has no future.” Zhu Jianshan continued ……

If you follow us, we can teach you all the things your father taught us at the beginning, and in the future, if you learn something and do some business on your own, you will have a bottom line in your future life.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhu ……” Feng Qianxue was moved to tears, “Thank you really.”

“Don’t say that, these few of us have all received favours from your father, now is the time to repay.” Zhu Jianshan smiled shyly, “What’s more, we have a profit to make by taking over that factory.”

“I’ll go back and think about it, can I give you an answer in a few days?” Feng Qianxue still wanted to be cautious.

“Okay, you think about it.” Zhu Jianshan nodded, “By the way, have you gotten the things your father left you?”

“Not yet, I took a trip.” Feng Qianxue said, “For now, it might be safer to keep it in the mausoleum garden for safekeeping.”

“Take a look at the things inside early, especially about your mother, perhaps, it will be useful to you ……”


Chapter 398

Leaving the cafe, Feng Qianxue was preoccupied. Zhu Jianshan’s proposal was very good, but she was now dragging her family with her, how easy was it to leave?

Zhu’s mother was still in hospital, and Longlong’s broken leg was still under treatment, so this was not the right time to get involved.

The factories are in the small cities around Haicheng, where education and medical care are limited.

The children are still young, so a delay of one or two years is not a big problem, but in terms of treatment, she does not dare to neglect.

Longlong has a broken right leg, what if it is not treated properly and leaves sequelae in the future?

And Zhu’s mother, who has a moderate brain attack and is still in hospital ……

They can receive the best treatment if they stay in Haicheng, but once they leave, there will be no guarantee for these problems.

In any case, we have to wait until Zhu’s mother and Longlong’s condition is stabilized.

That night, Feng Qianxue tossed and turned, having difficulty sleeping, she kept thinking about this matter and how to choose.

Early the next morning, Feng Qianxue asked Longlong’s paediatrician, “Dr Huang, may I ask how Longlong’s leg is doing now? About when will it fully recover?”

“Children recover faster than adults, and the general recovery period is three and a half months. Longlong’s body is well-built, so maybe it will be a little earlier.” Remember the website

Feng Qianxue said thank you, and after sending the children to school, went to the hospital to visit Zhu’s mother.

Lei Yu said that Zhu’s mother needed an operation, plus physiotherapy and so on, and that she would recover as usual in about two months.

Hearing this, Feng Qianxue had a number in mind and she immediately called to ask Zhu Jianshan to meet her.

“Miss, you’ve thought about it so quickly?” Zhu Jianshan was surprised.

“Uncle Zhu, I can’t leave now for a while, give me three months, I’ll rejoin you when I’ve settled things here.” Feng Qianxue took out her bank card from her wallet and handed it to Zhu Jianshan, “Here’s two million, all my savings, consider it my entry into the stock.”

“This …… can’t be.” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“You must take this money.” Feng Qianxue is very insistent, “participate in the investment, into the shares, in order to later in name to share shares ah, otherwise, how can I be good to share money?”

“But ……”

“I know you guys are doing it for my own good, and I also know that buying the factory is not a small amount of money.” Feng Qianxue sighed, “Those three factories are that big in size, plus the machinery, it all costs money.”

“Well, three together is not affordable.” Zhu Jianshan said, “I can barely buy one with Lao Liang and Lao Geng, and it would cost ten million.”

“So that’s it?” Feng Qianxue shoved the bank card into Zhu Jianshan’s hand, “I’ll give two million, and I’ll get a twenty percent share in the future.”

“No, no, no, you don’t have to pay, we have to share your shares too.” Zhu Jianshan didn’t dare to take her money, “You’re a girl, you need to keep some money for yourself.”

“There is no way I can ask for your shares without contributing money.” Feng Qianxue was anxious, “I’m begging you, don’t make me feel like a parasite!”

When she said that, Zhu Jianshan said no more and silently accepted the bank card, “Then this way, the four of us will share equally, and you will take twenty-five percent of the shares.”

“I won’t be polite with you guys.” Feng Qianxue knew that it would be impossible to finish the story if she continued, “You guys go over to prepare first, when I’m done with things on my side, I’ll come to you.”

“Mm-hmm.” Zhu Jianshan nodded repeatedly, “This factory is in Yu City, about four hundred kilometres away from Hai Cheng, I will arrange everything when the time comes and wait for you to come!”

“Good, this matter must be done in a low profile, no one must know that I’ve taken a stake.” Feng Qianxue solemnly admonished, “Don’t let anyone know that I’m going back to take up residence in the factory either.”

“Understood, don’t worry.”