Am I A Gigolo Chapter 399-400

Chapter 399

Leaving Zhu Jianshan’s side, Feng Qianxue was kind of relieved in her heart, she was starting to feel that there was a purpose in life, once she had settled everything here, she would take Zhu’s mother and the children to Rain City.

Away from this complicated city, she would start a new life.

At that moment, the taxi stopped for a red light and Feng Qianxue overlooked the roadside Shengtian Building, where an oversized electronic billboard was showing that day’s press conference ……

On the screen, the seductive and handsome face of Night Zhen Ting attracted the attention of many pa*sers-by, while the pretty Ling Long was also prominent.

Especially when she was looking at him with affection, that deep look in her eyes made people think that they were a match made in heaven!

Presumably there will be news of their union to be shown later ……

A bitter smile lifted Feng Qianxue’s lips, her emotions were complicated beyond words, she remembered the day when Night ZhenTing protected her against all odds, and remembered all the entanglements between them ……

The past is still fresh in my mind, and my heart is full of mixed feelings.

Sometimes she can’t tell if she has feelings for him or not ……

The car started to drive out, Feng Qianxue retracted her gaze, but in the afterglow, she glanced at a familiar figure.

The Rolls Royce Phantom was parked on the roadside not far away, and Night Zhen Ting got into the car surrounded by several bodyguards.

Then, the car drove into this road.

Feng Qianxue’s heart trembled and she hastily shrank down, still covering her face with her hands, afraid of being discovered by Night ZhenTing.

He had sacked her and had not contacted her in the past two days, probably because he wanted to completely separate himself from her, right?

She should stop appearing and getting in his way.

Perhaps, never seeing each other again would be the best ending between them.

“A limousine is a limousine, it’s a fast start.” The taxi driver looked at the distant Rolls Royce Phantom and sighed, “Alas, when will my little broken car become a Rolls Royce too?”

Feng Qianxue did not say anything and sat up, looking at the distant direction of the Phantom in a daze ……

In his mind, he couldn’t help but wonder, would he really marry Ling Long?


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

But when he turned around, he didn’t see any familiar vehicles.

It was probably those philistine pa*sers-by.

There was a highway surveillance clip that proved that Ling Long, after coming down from the airport that day, did not go directly to Shengtian, but drove to the outskirts.

Then, the scene that happened in the suburb was all captured by the car recorder ……

A doctor was waiting for her there and handed her a small bottle of liquid, telling her that it would kick in ninety minutes after she drank it and that she should control the time herself ……

Ling Long asked, “Is it going to be okay?”

“Don’t worry, the dose I’ve configured for you is very small, although you will vomit blood and faint during the attack and have intestinal cramps, the effect of the medicine will pa*s in an hour, when you come back, I’ll give you a tonic, recuperate for a few days and you’ll be completely fine.”

“But, Zhen Ting’s eyes are very poisonous, if I play tricks under his nose, he will be able to see it at a glance.” Ling Long still had some hesitation.

“I’ll teach you a method.” The doctor whispered, “This liquid is like ink, you can breathe it into the gallbladder of the pen, so that he won’t find out anyhow.”

“That’s a good idea.” Ling Long nodded, “Remember, make sure you keep it a secret, if word gets out you’re dead!”

“That’s for sure, we’re on the same boat!”

“Good cooperation!”

When he got into the car, Ling Long also asked his a*sistant, “Are you sure Feng Qianxue is at the company today?”

“Sure, I just called and she’s already at the company.” The a*sistant said, “Don’t worry, you will definitely take her down in one fell swoop today.”

“Very well.”


Chapter 400

Seeing this, Night Zhen Ting’s brow tightened, and his face was terribly gloomy ……

He had long known that Ling Long was unruly and capricious, and would do anything to achieve his goals, but he had never expected such a despicable and vicious nature.

He had actually poisoned himself and slandered Feng Qianxue!

“Night King, although this matter is found out, it should be handled carefully.” Night Hui cautiously reminded, “The news of Shengtian and Ling’s cooperation has already been released, as well as the news of your engagement to Miss Ling ……”

“The old man is so persistent.” Night Zhen Ting sneered mockingly, “So what if it’s released? If I refuse, can he still tie me up in an engagement?”

“But there is nothing to be gained by you going against the old master like this.” Night Fai said softly, “It won’t do Miss Wind any good either ……”

“That’s why she was fired, to get her out of the way so I could deal with it.”

Night Zhen Ting’s palm spun the phone, his eyes looking out the window, what was that stupid woman doing now?

He had gone out of his way to confront his grandfather for her and got a slap on the wrist, and she didn’t even have a text message, had her conscience been eaten by dogs?

“Fine.” Night Fai didn’t dare to say more, he knew that no one could stop what the Night King had decided.

“How strange.” Night ZhenTing said coldly, “Ling FengYi is such a gentle person, why would she raise such a daughter?”

“It is said that Miss Ling was not born to a proper family, she was raised outside and only picked up at the age of ten, so she may have developed a sinister and poisonous nature outside.

By the way, it seems that Mr. Ling also has a daughter born to the original wife, a year older than Miss Ling, who is mute …… seems to be called Ling Yun.” Night Hui said.

“I met her when I was a child, she was quite clean looking, just a bit autistic.” Night Zhen Ting thought up, “I’m curious, why did the old man have to ask me to marry the Ling family’s daughter? Is it just because he admires Ling Fengxiang?”

“I think I heard Uncle Sen mention that Mr. Night and Mr. Ling were like brothers when they were young, and Mr. Ling even saved his life, and when something happened to Mr. Night later, it was Mr. Ling who stayed by the old man’s side, so to put it mildly, the Night family owes the Ling family a big favour!”

“So you want me to repay it?” Night Zhen Ting laughed coldly.

“You can’t say that either.” Night Hui was objective, “The main thing is that Miss Ling is a good match for you and knows how to please the old master, and she hides it too well, so the old master is bewitched.”

“There are times when the old master can look away ……” Night Zhen Ting scolded lowly, “The older you get, the more confused you are!”

“When you say that, it seems a bit treacherous.” Night Hui looked at him cautiously.

“Want your nonsense?” Night Zhen Ting glared at him, “You went to see those three little brats again today, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I heard that they went straight to the kindergarten.” Night Hui was a little worried, “The old man likes these three kids so much and hates Miss Feng so much, if he knew that these three kids were Miss Feng’s, I don’t know how he would react.”

“I am also curious ……” Night Zhen Ting sneered, “Isn’t he pretending to be noble? This incident should teach him a lesson, let him know that he has bad eyes.”

“。。。。” Night Hui did not dare to speak.


Little Apple Kindergarten, the three babies were released from school and were just about to get on the school bus when a stretched Rolls Royce drove over.

The car door opened and Night Sen helped Old Master Night to get off.

Old Master Night waved to the three children from afar, “Children, Grandpa has come to see you!”

“Grandpa!!!” Yue Yue darted away like a little bird, almost knocking Old Master Night to the ground.

“Ouch, my little ancestor, slow down, slow down.” Night Sen was so scared that his heart almost jumped out, “Grandpa can’t afford to be hit by you like that, something could happen.”

“What could happen?” Old Master Night glared at him, “A three year old baby, could he still hurt me?”

“Yes ……,” Night Sen bowed his head, not daring to say more.