Am I A Gigolo Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

The family has to live and spend money every day when they open their eyes.

Now she only has a little money on hand from the “debt repayment ducks” and will soon run out ……

If she doesn’t find a job, she won’t last another month.

What to do?

What to do?

That night, Feng Qianxue texted the “debt repayment duck”: “Why haven’t you transferred money to me for three days? Is there no business in the past three days?”

Now the “debt repayment duck” was her only source of income, she had to hold on to it.

“No private night, single time also can ah, no more help, with wine with dance with anything is good, anyway you have to earn money ah ……”

“Are you poor and crazy?” The debt repayment duck took a long time to reply.

“Yes, I am poor and crazy!”

“Unemployed, can’t find a job, won’t have any money to eat soon, and if I keep dragging this out, I won’t have any money to pay the rent and will be evicted by the landlord.” Remember the website

“It’s okay for me to be on my own, what about my family? I have an old man and a young one ……”


Feng Qianxue was ready to withdraw, but the “debt repayment duck” had obviously seen it, so she could only say instead, “There are four small pets at home ……”

“So where did you get the nerve to fire the boss?”

“In a fit of anger at the time ……”

“It’s foolish to cut your own throat.”

“I know I was wrong, even though he was sick, at least he could give me a bite to eat and I regret it now.

If God gives me another chance, I’m willing to take back those words, I’ll do anything if I’m allowed to go back to work at Shengtian!”

“Really willing to do anything?”

“Well, next time, no matter how that devil torments and insults me, I will go against the grain and obediently accept the punishment, as long as I can keep that job ……”

When Feng Qianxue sent this paragraph, she was holding the spending slip that Zhu’s mother had just given her.

Today, she bought a carton of milk powder for her three babies, and the invoice for the little four babies’ follow-up consultation, a total of four thousand three hundred and eighty ……

She looked at the remaining balance with tears in her eyes, having forgotten her modesty and dignity.

“That’s right.” The debt repayment duck spoke back.

“I should have the same sense of awareness as you do, considering that I’m not treating you well as a boss, and you’re not going against the grain, are you? Even though I was kicked off the bus, I didn’t go on strike and quit. ……”

In contrast, the “debt repayment duck” is much more dedicated than her!

The phone suddenly received a call from an unfamiliar landline number, and she answered the phone with suspicion: “Hello.”

“Hello, is this Feng Qianxue? I’m Manager Chen from Shengtian’s security department.”

“Hello there.”

“Your new uniform is ready, remember to come to work on time tomorrow.”

“Huh? I ……”

Feng Qianxue was almost about to say that she had fired her boss, but pulled back in time and asked, tentatively

“I was sick that day, and there was a sudden family emergency, so I left early and didn’t take time off, didn’t my boss fire me?”

“It’s understandable. Shengtian is a very humane company and won’t fire you for such a trivial matter, but next time remember to follow the rules.”

“The boss didn’t say anything?”

“You mean Mr. Night? He has a lot of time on his hands, how can he be bothered with such trivial matters? Don’t worry, just come to work tomorrow.”

“Fine, fine, thank you, thank you!”

Hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue was overjoyed and hurriedly sent a message to the “debt repayment duck”…

“The manager of Shengtian’s security department just called me and told me to come to work tomorrow, hahahaha, great, I don’t have to be unemployed anymore!”


“You’re my lucky star, not only do you make me money, you also bring me good luck.”

“How can you thank me?”

“Thank you? This is to make up for what you did last time when you kicked me out of the car!”

Feng Qianxue was still a little angry when she remembered the day she was kicked out of the car by him ……

“How dare you kick your boss out of the car and leave him on the viaduct, you’re guilty of an unforgivable sin!”



Chapter 42

“Just got your job back and you’re getting C*cky??”

The debt repayment duck returned a sentence with a murderous aura.

Feng Qianxue took what she could get, she couldn’t pick the sesame seeds and lose the watermelon!

Shengtian’s salary was only eight thousand a month, the debt repayment duck could turn her five thousand a night if she did her job properly.

Although she has to have the swagger of a boss, she can’t be too arrogant, in case she P*sses him off, it’s really not worth the loss!

Although there is a contract, you can’t really go to court, can you?

Or should we coax this God of Wealth, no, it should be the God of Wealth, the Duck!

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue hurriedly coaxed him, “Just kidding with you, I’ll visit you in a couple of days and bring you tonic, but you can’t kick me off again, do you know how miserable I was that night ……”



“Be good if you’re scared!”


Feng Qianxue was speechless, did this guy read too many romance novels?

A duck, but he was also acting like a bully.

Was he going to do a “domineering duck in love with me”?

Wait ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Feng Qianxue suddenly remembered the last time she sold him to those three rich women at the night, he pulled her lapels and said “If you dare to leave, you’re dead” ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The other day in the car, she asked him about being adopted and discussed splitting the money, he actually got annoyed and kicked her out of the car.

At the time she thought it was because of the sharing of the spoils that turned him off, but now that she thinks about it ……

I’m afraid he was annoyed because he had moved on to her and was angry and jealous.

Otherwise, why else would he meekly report his performance to her and honestly transfer money to her?

Although they had signed an agreement, she couldn’t really threaten him blatantly for that sort of thing.

In the end, he still had to volunteer for this agreement to be carried out.

The more Feng Qianxue thought about it, the more apprehensive she became, it’s over, it’s over, being in love with a duck, this is not good.

It seems that from now on, I have to keep a clear distinction between public and private affairs and keep a distance from him.

At the same time, she has to work hard at Shengtian, so that she can be regularised as soon as possible and have a chance to develop, so that even if she loses the financial support of the “debt repayment duck” in the future, she can still support the family on her own.

As a matter of urgency, she should win the approval of the night demon so that she can survive in Shengtian in peace and security!

When she thought of this, Feng Qianxue took a deep breath and secretly made up her mind that she would endure no matter how difficult the night devil made it for her when she arrived at the company tomorrow ……

Probably because she kept reminding herself over and over again, at night, Feng Qianxue had a very bloody dream ……

In the dream, the night devil knelt down on one knee holding 999 roses and said to her with deep emotion, “Qianxue, marry me!”

The whole company was cheering for Feng Qianxue, and all of her former colleagues were coaxing from the side: “Promise him promise him!”

Feng Qianxue was so excited that she was about to say yes when the masked “debt repayment duck” barged in with his three babies and cried out desolately, “Wife, don’t abandon me–”

She looked back and saw the desolation in front of her.

The debt-paying duck had three bottles hanging on his chest, a backpack of milk powder on his back, a pile of dolls, milk pans and nappies hanging on his body, just like a miserable daddy.

The eldest baby, the second baby, the third baby, hung with snotty noses and tearful eyes, crying, “Mummy, Mummy ……”

Behind him, the night devil, who had just been affectionate, suddenly changed his face and choked Feng Qianxue, shouting with eerie fury, “Feng Qianxue, you have a husband and children and you still come to cheat on my feelings? I will kill you-”

Feng Qianxue jerked awake from her dream and opened her eyes, gasping in fear.

Luckily, it was just a dream ……

She touched the sweat on her forehead and picked up her phone to look at it.

It was 6:10 a.m. and the “debt repayment duck” had transferred 5,000 yuan to her!

When she thought of how hard he had worked last night to serve a fat, greasy, rich woman, and how he had honestly shared half of her hard-earned money ……

The fact that she felt a little bit guilty, she felt a little bit like she wasn’t human!