Am I A Gigolo Chapter 411-412

Chapter 411

The two of them were working when Feng Qianxue suddenly saw a familiar back ……

It’s him!

Every time Night Zhen Ting came to the night, he was wearing a black leather jacket jacket and that mysteriously dark and cold black half mask, that slender and upright figure, even in the dark promenade, was still full of dominance!

It was as if he was a god from hell, making people fear and tremble.

What was he doing here?

Was he looking for fun like the other men?

Feng Qianxue’s mind was filled with thoughts and her emotions were complicated beyond words, her eyes kept looking at him for a long time, unable to move away.

It was only when he walked into the familiar box that she withdrew her gaze ……

“Sister Qianxue, what’s wrong with you?” Gao Ting patted Feng Qianxue’s shoulder.

“Nothing.” Feng Qianxue looked back, “V11 wants ice, I’ll go get it.”

“I’ll go, there’s a guest from a box in front who just arrived, go and entertain them, maybe you can make a few orders.” Gao Ting took the tray from her hands, “Go on, be smart!”

“Haha, I know!”

Feng Qianxue was amused by Gao Ting’s remark, she had been here for a week and had made the least number of orders.

Sister Hua had told her several times that she must be thick-skinned and be able to whine and pamper to sell, otherwise she would only be able to live on the bottom salary.

Sister Hua even personally demonstrated how to coax customers to open orders, but she just couldn’t learn. She was so angry that Sister Hua’s face turned green and finally gave her a yellow card warning that she would be fired if she bottomed out in sales this month.

When Feng Qianxue heard this, she became anxious and quickly said that she would work hard.

Wu Ting tried her best to find ways to get orders to her every day in order to help her.

“You’re still laughing?” Wu Ting cried and laughed, “How lucky are we higher waiters who are placed in the box area because of our education and looks, other sisters are three days to get started, three months to have a small savings, and a year to do it to buy a house, how about you? You’ve been here for seven days and you’ve been at the bottom of the pile every day, I think you’re really not short of money.”

“How come? I’m very short of money, but I just can’t let go.” Feng Qianxue was a little embarra*sed, “But I’ll try my best ……”

“That’s right.” Wu Ting patted her shoulder and sighed, “Save enough money early and get out of here, we can’t keep working here, can we?”

“I know.” Feng Qianxue nodded and gave herself a pep talk, “I’m going to come in first tonight!”

“Come on, get going, that one is the Supreme VIP box, no slacking off!”


As Wu Ting left, Feng Qianxue took a deep breath and plucked up the courage to walk into that so-called Supreme Box.

Of course, she knew that she could make a generous bill here, because the client was Night Thunder, and he had wine in stock here, all seven-figure bottles, and the tips were generous.

Only, would he recognise her?

She was wearing the night uniform, which she had altered herself but was still up and down, front and back, sexy and provocative, wearing a black lace mask plus bunny ears, nothing like before.

She also wore a red wig, light purple pupils and a flaming red lip to prevent being recognised by her acquaintances like last time ……

Now, her whole body has changed its appearance!

Even if it was Gao Ting, it would be hard to recognize her without looking at her badge.

Thinking of this, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door of the box.

Night Zhen Ting was sitting on the sofa in a C*cky pose, his eyes fixed on his phone as if he was reviewing some information, not even lifting his eyelids.

“Still drinking the wine you saved last time?” Sister Fa herself was here to serve.

“Yes.” Night Fai replied, “Bring over two buckets of ice.”

“Okay.” Sister Fa winked at Feng Qianxue, “Go get the ice.”

“Oh.” Feng Qianxue answered and walked straight into the small bar behind the screen and opened the ice chest to get the ice.

Night Fai raised his eyes to look at her, his gaze full of suspicion.


Chapter 412

“So there’s a small bar here, I didn’t even know that.”

Sister Fa was very surprised, she had come to Night with Dong, and although it had only been a month, she had already mastered the job very well.

It was just that this particular box, she didn’t dare to come in privately, so she didn’t know there was an exclusive design.

“I ……” Feng Qianxue was a bit vain, glanced at Night Zhen Ting and replied nervously, “I just found out too.”

Night Zhen Ting was still looking at his phone, it seemed that there was some bad news, his face was not very good.

It had been half a month since we had seen each other, and he seemed to have lost a bit of weight ……

“You’ve got good eyes.” Sister Hua said casually, “Get ready, I’ll open the wine.”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue fetched two buckets of ice and brought them out.

Sister Fa had already opened the red wine and was ready to pour it in the wake-up call.

“Wait a minute.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly stopped it, “The wine-waker will taste better if you roll it over with ice first before pouring the wine.”

“There is still this saying?” Sister Hua lowered her voice.

“There is.” Night Fai surveyed the girl in front of him, her figure was very good, but the dress was really tacky.

“Leave it to her.” Night Fai made a gesture.

Sister Hua handed the red wine and the sobriety device to Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue squatted on the ground and began to wake up the wine, first putting a few ice cubes into the wine awakener and shaking it elegantly and skilfully.

The movements of her wrist were large, but the ice cubes did not make much noise in the soberware ……

After a minute, she poured off the ice cubes and poured the red wine slowly in along the edge of the waker.

Finally, she also rolled Night Shocking’s tall wine gla*s aside with a lighter, then bumped it over with the ice before pouring the wine.

It was a series of movements, all very skillful.

“You’re not bad at it.” Night Fai was amazed, “Where did you learn this?”

“I saw it on the internet.” Feng Qianxue stifled her voice, afraid that they would recognise it.

Night Zhen Ting raised his eyes and glanced at her, continuing to operate his phone.

Obviously, he did not recognise it.

Feng Qianxue’s emotions were a bit mixed, probably mixed, happy that she was not recognized and saved from a tangle, but sad that he didn’t recognize her after only half a month of not seeing her ……

The first time I was at the fairy tale castle, she was wrapped up from top to bottom and he could recognize her.

It seems that he has taken up with Ling Long and forgotten about her ……

“Stand down all.” Night Fai knew that Night Zhen Ting liked peace and quiet.

Sister Fa bent down and bowed, backing up and leaving.

Feng Qianxue also followed her example and bowed, leaving with her.

“Night King, are the problems with the new technological products serious?” Night Hui asked cautiously.

“As a rule, there shouldn’t be any problems.” Night Zhen Ting frowned, “It should be in the fact that someone has tampered with the program.”

“The Night Army is already looking into it, I believe there will be results soon.”

Night Fai observed his face and handed him the gla*s of wine.

Night Zhen Ting took a sip of the wine and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” Night Fai said, “An ordinary waiter who actually knows how to sober up.”

“Perhaps not an ordinary waiter.” Night Zhen Ting said lightly.

“Why?” Night Fai was amazed.

“Not many people know about that little bar ……” Night ZhenTing said casually, and then was slightly stunned afterwards, “Tell her to come in!”

“Yes!” Night Fai looked for Sister Hua, “Get that waitress from earlier.”

“What’s wrong? Did she do something wrong?” Sister Fa asked hurriedly.

“No, she has good sobriety skills, let her come over to serve.” Night Fai made an excuse.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll go get her right away.” Sister Fa lowered her head and said respectfully, “She should be going over to Area C. It might take a bit of time.”

“As soon as possible.”



In the box, Night Zhen Ting sipped his wine thoughtfully.

Night Fai whispered, “It shouldn’t be Miss Wind, right? You gave her two million just a while ago, she wouldn’t be reduced to this, coming here to work as a waitress.”