Am I A Gigolo Chapter 431-432

Chapter 431

As she got into the car, Yue subconsciously waved her hand in the direction of the café.

Little SiBo called out from her arms, “Mummy, Mummy!”

Old Master Night followed Yue Yue’s gaze and Feng Qianxue turned around in a panic with her coffee in hand, her back to the direction of the road.

Luckily, she was wearing old clothes from long ago and a duck-tongue hat today, so she looked very different from what Old Master Night had seen before, so he shouldn’t recognise her.

“Mum’s back?” Old Master Night asked casually.

“Mummy is at …….”

“Mommy is shopping at the pharmacy right in front of the neighborhood.” Chen Chen took over Yue Yue’s words and said, “Grandpa, you be careful, don’t fall down.”

“Good, you be careful too.” Old Master Night didn’t care and led Chen Chen to the car.

It was a while before Feng Qianxue carefully turned her head and saw Old Master Night’s car leaving, and she finally breathed a sigh of relief as she carried the thermos and various things home.

The three medical nurses were still waiting at the door for the children to come back. Feng Qianxue said that the children had gone out for dinner with the Old Master and asked them to continue their holiday today, so there was no need to wait.

The medical nurses said that they would wait until the children came home then. Remember the website

Feng Qianxue returned home, cleaned up briefly and sat at her desk to look at the hospital bills.

She calculated that she still owed the hospital tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to the 100,000 she had paid earlier. Now she had little money left in hand, and she still had to withdraw some money to do so.

She was about to contact a financial advisor in Switzerland when Gao Ting called, “Sister, good news, I’ve contacted a friend, she has a few high-end weddings over there and needs someone to play the piano, the fee for each appearance is two thousand, can you do it?”

“Yes, yes, of course you can.” Feng Qianxue was overjoyed.

“There’s one tonight, it starts at six o’clock, I’ll go with you and introduce you to it first.”

“Fine, fine, let’s meet up at 5:30 then.”

“Hmm, I’ll send you the address.”

Hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue was very happy in her heart, these wedding performances were a bit less money, but at least they were proper jobs, unlike the various problems she would encounter in the night.

If she could take more orders, she would be able to settle the rest of her medical bills by the end of the month.

Feng Qianxue looked at the time and saw that it was almost five o’clock. She quickly changed her clothes and took a taxi to meet Gao Ting at her appointment.

Gao Ting had already arrived early and was waiting for her at the door. When she saw her coming, she hurriedly greeted her, “Sister!”

“Tingting, I’m sorry I’m late.” Feng Qianxue said apologetically, “Have you eaten? I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“No, it’s too late, I’ll take you to see Sister Fang first.”

Gao Ting said as she pulled Feng Qianxue along ……

“Sister Fang opened an etiquette company, has a lot of business on hand, usually often go to our school to recruit part-time jobs, I followed her to the show a few times before, and then I didn’t go after I injured my hand.

I went to see her yesterday and told her about your situation, she said to let you go and try playing some songs, if you can many part-time jobs can be found for you in the future.”

“Great.” Feng Qianxue was overjoyed, “Ting Ting, thank you, you’ve really helped me a lot.”

“You’re Feng’s daughter, and you helped me, so we’re family, you’re still polite to me.” Gao Ting laughed, “Didn’t you also help me find a doctor?”

“Yes, I gave my aunt’s case to my doctor friend today, she said to get the doctors from various departments to discuss it together and give me an answer in a couple of days.”

“Thank you.”

“We are good sisters, let’s cheer together.”

Gao Ting took Feng Qianxue to that Sister Fang, who was busy distributing work, and when she saw Feng Qianxue, she pointed directly at the piano and said, “Play a song for me to hear.”

“Okay.” Feng Qianxue immediately went on stage to play, and a handful of Beethoven’s Symphony of Destiny immediately caught the attention of the whole audience, and those staff members were all frozen in their ears.


Chapter 432

“Very good.” Sister Fang was very satisfied, “Go and change your clothes, start at six o’clock, two hours, two thousand dollars, as long as you behave well, there will be a constant stream of jobs looking for you in the future!”

“Thank you, Sister Fang.” Feng Qianxue was very happy, took the dress dress handed to her by the staff, pulled Gao Ting and said, “Ting Ting, you come too, let’s join.”

“I can’t ……” Gao Ting looked at her hands and was very lost, “Sister, you go now, I have to rush to work at night too, we’ll meet again when we have time.”

“Okay.” Feng Qianxue gave her a heartfelt hug, “Tingting, if you find time, I’ll take you to meet my doctor friend and see if your hand can still be cured.”

“Can it really be?” Gao Ting seemed to have seen hope.

“How can you know if you don’t try?” Feng Qianxue smiled and said, “Life is always full of hope!”

“Mm-hmm.” Gao Ting nodded her head repeatedly, “Sister, thank you!”

“Don’t be silly, go and get busy, keep in touch.”

Feng Qianxue changed her clothes for the official performance and put on a white mask so that no one would recognise her.

The show went very well, it was an ordinary wedding without any surprises.

After the show, Feng Qianxue got $2,000, exchanged contact details with Fang and booked the next show, tomorrow night, a company celebration!

Still two hours and two thousand dollars!

Although it wasn’t as much as what she had earned at the Night before, and there wasn’t any extra income, but this was satisfactory enough for Feng Qianxue.

Leaving the hotel, Feng Qianxue received a call from her children, saying that they would be home soon, asking where she was and bringing her food.

Feng Qianxue said she would go home right away, but just as she finished her sentence, she remembered that Night Zhen Ting had said he would come to pick her up at 10pm.

But at the moment, Feng Qianxue had no time to care about him, so she went home first.

It was already 9.30pm when she hurried home. The children were asking the nurses where their mummy was.

The children greeted her happily, chattering away and sharing the dinner they had brought home with her.

Feng Qianxue had not eaten at night and was now hungry, so she began to gobble it up.

When the children saw how hungry she was, they couldn’t help but feel a bit distressed.

Chen Chen furrowed his little brow and asked softly, “Mummy, didn’t you eat at night?”

“No, you guys just left and Mummy went to work.” Feng Qianxue said as she ate her steak, “Mummy went to play the piano, it was only two hours, but she made a lot of money.”

“You can’t forget to eat even if you’re busy with work.” Tenzin was very distressed.

“Yes, yes, Mummy you must eat properly.” Yue Yue took out a wet tissue to wipe Feng Qian Xue’s mouth.

“Got it.”

Feng Qianxue was saying that she was eating when her phone rang, it was Night Zhen Ting calling, she saw the name flashing and was upset, but she didn’t dare to answer it in front of the children, so she simply turned the phone upside down and flung it on the table.

“Big treasure two treasure three treasure, you guys go take a bath and go to bed early to sleep, mommy will eat first.” Feng Qianxue admonished.

“Got it, mommy.” The children were obedient.

The nurses had already put the water on and were waiting for them to take a bath.

Feng Qianxue got up and walked over to the balcony, peeking down to see Night Zhen Ting’s car parked downstairs, its lights still on and not turned off.

She looked at the time, it was exactly ten o’clock at night.

She hesitated to go out, if she didn’t, he was afraid he would lose his temper, but now the children were still awake and she didn’t even know how to explain ……

“Mummy, what’s wrong with you?” Tenzin’s voice suddenly came from behind her.

“Nothing.” Feng Qianxue came back to her senses and excused herself, “A friend came to see me.”

“Shall I invite her up?” Cinnabar asked knowingly.

“No need.” Feng Qianxue shook her head, “I might have to go down, you guys go take a shower.”