Am I A Gigolo Chapter 453-454

Chapter 453

Feng Qianxue was startled and stopped in her tracks. When she listened carefully, there was indeed a cry for help.

She looked around and found a leg peeking out from the rubbish not far away.

She turned on her mobile phone torch in a panic and carefully walked over, peeling away the rubbish to see that it was actually Bai Lu ……

Bai Lu was naked, her body was covered in blood, and she was lying dying in the rubbish, calling for help with her last remaining strength: “Help me, help me ……”

The scene was shocking to the eyes.

Feng Qianxue was so frightened that her body trembled and she panicked, using her trembling hands to dial the phone to call the police.

Soon, the police and ambulance came.

As an eyewitness, Feng Qianxue was taken to the police station and told them exactly what she had seen.

No clues were withheld.

After taking a statement, Feng Qianxue asked the police, “How is she?”

“You mean the victim?” The policeman sighed, “The news from the hospital said that she was gang-j’d by seven people, her body was severely violated and her mind was somewhat deranged ……”

“What???” Feng Qianxue was so shocked that she was dumbfounded and asked excitedly, “How could this happen? I clearly saw Si Yuan go over and rescue him, why would he still ……”

“We’ve contacted the Si Yuan you mentioned, he said he did stop it at the time and had Bai Lu released, he also didn’t understand why that happened afterwards.”

“Aren’t there any cameras in the car park? Who did it anyway?”

“There are cameras in the car park, but the crime scene is a camera dead end, nothing was captured, the few bodyguards you mentioned, we’ve found them after Si Yuan’s identification, but they all have alibis, saying they went back to work after releasing the people ……”

“You mean not those bodyguards? Who was it then?”

“The police are investigating.”


After coming out of the police station after taking a statement, Feng Qianxue lost her soul and headed out, only to meet Si Hao Xuan at the entrance of the police station.

Four eyes met, and the two had a very complicated gaze.

“Get in.” Si Hao Xuan opened the door himself, “I’ll take you back.”

“No need.”

Feng Qianxue now had no affection for him at all from the past, and was even wary and alert.

“Alright.” Si Hao Xuan was no longer as gentle and patient as before to explain anything, he just said indifferently, “Get in the car and chat for a few minutes, in front of the police station, don’t be afraid.”

Feng Qianxue hesitated for a moment and still got into the car.

“I want to explain.” Si Hao Xuan spoke first, “Although Bai Lu and I have divorced and feel a deep hatred for what she has done, I would never do something so vicious, nor would I instruct my men to do anything that breaks the law.”

“Miss Wind, I did stop those men at that time, I had wanted to send Madam …… to send Miss White home, but she cursed and refused my kind offer, and you know her temper, I had no choice but to let her leave on her own.”

Si Yuan explained eagerly, followed by a deep sigh, “Alas, if I had known that such a thing would happen, I would have sent her back no matter how she scolded me or beat me.”

“These things, you can just talk to the police, there’s no need to explain to me.” Feng Qianxue’s attitude was very cold, “There’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

With that, she was ready to push open the car door and leave, at that moment, Si Haoxuan suddenly held her hand, “Xue’er ……”

Feng Qianxue immediately drew back her hand and stepped back warily, “Is there anything else?”

“I heard that you are working part-time in a ceremonial company?” Si Haoxuan asked gently, “If life gets difficult, I can ……”

“I’m living a good life, there are no difficulties.” Feng Qianxue interrupted him.

“Why are you so cold to me?” Si Hao Xuan frowned at her, “Night Zhen Ting will soon be engaged to Ling Long, you should see his true face clearly, only I, treat you as I did at the beginning!”


Chapter 454

“Is that so?” Feng Qianxue found it ridiculous, simply absurd, “Si Haoxuan, you’re really scary ……”

“What are you talking about?” Si Haoxuan frowned, “How am I horrible?”

“Bai Lu and you have been married for four years, she also gave birth to a son for you, even though she is bad, she is still true to you, one day couple a hundred days kindness ah, she now suffered such a cruel injury, you actually still have the heart to show love to other women? This is not terrible enough ????”

Feng Qianxue looked at Si Haoxuan incredulously as if she was a stranger ……

“Even if it’s an ordinary friend, or just someone you know, when you encounter something like this, you would still sympathize and pity, right? What’s more, she got into this state because of you.”

“Oh ……” Si Hao Xuan laughed, a cold laugh, “You really have a bodhisattva’s heart, have you forgotten how she treated you before?

Four years ago, she used despicable and shameless means to provoke our relationship, causing you to lose your chastity, and then succeeded in ascending to the top herself. Four years later, she humiliated you and your children in public many times and put you in danger many times.

And forcing you to marry that Thai man. If it wasn’t for the timely arrival of Night Zhen Ting, I’m afraid you would have been in Thailand by now, right? Have you forgotten all this?”

“I haven’t forgotten, but ……”

“I know you are kind, but to be kind to your enemies is to be cruel to yourself.” Si Hao Xuan said coldly, “I was just too kind in the past, that’s why I let people fry me. I won’t be anymore, I’ll get back on my feet, and one day, I’ll step on Night Zhen Ting’s head and pay back everything he gave me today, twice over!”

“So you’re staying with Chu Zihan?” Feng Qianxue couldn’t understand, “Do you really love her?”

“Does it matter that much whether you love or not?” Si Hao Xuan laughed mockingly, “I love you, but do you love me?”

“。。。。。” Feng Qianxue was speechless.

“Love, sex, marriage, are three things!” Si Hao Xuan seemed to see through life as if he was looking ahead with cold eyes, “Love can be kept at the bottom of your heart, sex is used to solve needs, marriage, it’s much more useful ……”

“You’ve changed.” Feng Qianxue can’t understand his thoughts, “People have their own opinions, I can’t influence your thoughts, but I remind you, before you do anything, think about your son, think about whether he will hate you in the future!”

With that, Feng Qianxue pushed the door and left ……

Si Hao Xuan didn’t stop, but only looked at her distant back with a mocking sneer, “Saying that I’ve changed, why wouldn’t you? If you hadn’t changed, you wouldn’t be with Night Zhen Ting.”

“Beep-beep-beep,” the phone was vibrating, it was Chu Zihan who opened the call.

Si Hao Xuan stared at the phone, but didn’t answer it.

“Mr. Si, do you think, this matter, is it Miss Chu’s doing?” Si Yuan asked cautiously.

“Investigating the truth is a matter for the police.” Si Haoxuan said indifferently, “It has nothing to do with us.”

“Then, will it affect the relationship between you?” Si Yuan asked.

“Of course not.” Si Haoxuan answered and then answered the phone directly, “Zi Han!”

“Haoxuan, where are you?” Chu Zi Han asked anxiously.

“In front of the police station.”

“Did you meet Feng Qianxue? Were you with her?”

“I met her at the entrance, chatted for a few minutes, and she had already left.”

“You, are you ……”

“Don’t worry, my heart is only for you.”

“I’ll be right over to you, wait for me ……”

“Okay ……”

Hanging up the phone, Si Hao Xuan looked back at the direction Feng Qianxue had left, his gaze gradually became icy cold ……

It was Night Zhen Ting who had humiliated him time and time again, trampling on his dignity, which had forced him into this step by step.

One day, he would double back in exchange!

He will prove to Feng Qianxue that he, Si Hao Xuan, is not inferior to Night Zhen Ting!