Am I A Gigolo Chapter 457-458

Chapter 457

When Feng Qianxue woke up, she had already disappeared from Night Zhen Ting, seeing the note pressed under the desk lamp, the corners of her lips raised in a nice arc ……

“Pig, remember to eat breakfast when you wake up, it’s a busy day, might be home late, but will definitely be back!”

The note was still addressed as before, a sketchy duck.

Feng Qianxue couldn’t help but smile, picking up the note and kissing it, a sweet feeling swirling in her heart.

These few days of living together had made her feel particularly happy, and she now felt that it turned out that Night Zhen Ting could also be very gentle and warm, very good, so good that it was impeccable.

Feng Qianxue began to think that maybe she should confess to him, tell him about the children’s origins, and have a happy and fulfilling family together ……

The alarm clock suddenly rang as she was thinking about it. Feng Qianxue picked up her phone and saw that it was already 7:30, and she hadn’t even heard the alarm go off before.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly got up, grabbed her phone and ran back home in her bare feet.

The children were already up and a few medical nurses were making breakfast, combing the children’s hair and putting on their clothes.

Feng Qianxue took advantage of the fact that the children were all busy in their own way to sneak back into the room before walking out pretending to have just woken up and greeting the children, “Good morning, big baby, second baby, third baby!”

“Good morning, Mummy!” The children all greeted Feng Qianxue happily.

“Mommy, you can sleep a little longer, we’ll just go to school by ourselves.” Tenzin said thoughtfully, “You look very tired.”

“Yes, I am a bit tired, but Mummy still wants to have breakfast with you.” Feng Qianxue stroked Chen Chen’s head.

“Mmmmm, mummy will have a little piggy bag.” Chen Chen took a little piggy bun and gave it to her.

“Mummy, have some soya milk.” Yue Yue handed Feng Qian Xue a cup of soy milk and used her chubby little hands to ruffle the hair in front of her forehead, “Mommy, you shouldn’t be too tired, you should rest well.”

“Good boy, San Bao!” Feng Qianxue kissed her little cheeks and turned her eyes to look at Longlong, finding Longlong with his head bowed and a preoccupied look on his face.

“Erbao, what’s wrong with you?” Feng Qianxue asked gently.

Long Long tilted his little head and frowned as he said softly, “Last night I called Grandpa to ask him how to use that toy he bought me the day before yesterday, and Grandpa was happily talking to me, but suddenly something went wrong, and then, then ……”

“And then what happened?” Feng Qianxue pursued.

“Then I heard a lot of voices coming from the other end of the phone, someone was shouting for grandpa and someone was shouting for a doctor ……”

Long Long gestured his little hands, and after finishing this, asked anxiously, “Mommy, is grandpa going to be okay?”

“Could it be sick?” Feng Qianxue’s brow was furrowed and she had an ominous feeling in her heart.

“I’ll call grandpa.”

Chen Chen immediately took out his phone and dialed Old Master Night’s number, which prompted the phone to be switched off.

The family looked at each other, and the atmosphere instantly became gloomy.

Yue Yue’s small mouth deflated as she said with tears in her eyes, “Is grandpa really sick? Should we go to the hospital to see grandpa?”

“San Bao, don’t be anxious.” Feng Qianxue gave her a hug and turned her head to ask the three medical nurses, “Little Red, Little Purple and Little Orange, have you received any news?”

“No.” The three medical nurses shook their heads one after another.

“Shall I call and ask?” Little Red took out her mobile phone and prepared to call.

“Wait a minute.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly stopped, “Keep this quiet, don’t ask, don’t say anything, understand?”

“Mummy, why?” Long Long asked in confusion.

“Because Grandpa’s status is special, many things are confidential and must not be pa*sed on.” Feng Qianxue explained, “If we say the wrong thing outside, it will bring unnecessary trouble to grandpa.”

“Right, we have to listen to Mummy.” Chen Chen hastily admonished, “Three sisters, just pretend you don’t know, don’t ask oh.”


Chapter 458

“Don’t worry don’t worry, we understand.” The three paramedics nodded their heads in quick succession.

“I won’t say anything either.” Yue covered her little mouth with her little chubby hand.

“Then what? We just don’t do anything?” Dragon asked worriedly, “I’m so worried about Grandpa.”

“I’m …… too,” Tenzin lowered his head, “Grandpa has been so good to us, if he’s really sick, we should go and see him.”

“Don’t worry.” Feng Qianxue soothed the children, “Mommy will come and ask around, and when the news is confirmed, Mommy will arrange for you to visit grandpa.”

“Mm-hmm.” The children nodded their heads obediently.

“Okay, now eat your breakfast first, you have to go to school afterwards.”

“Got it, Mummy.”

Feng Qianxue changed her clothes and walked the children downstairs to the school bus.

Because Longlong’s leg was still in a splint, the healers still had to go along so that they would go home together at the end of the school day.

When Feng Qianxue returned home, she hesitated for a moment and called Night Zhen Ting. Remember the website

The phone was busy.

He should be very busy, so he didn’t bother him again, thinking that he would wait until he came back in the evening.

Feng Qianxue tidied up the house briefly and made a tonic soup for Zhu’s mother, then prepared to take a nap when Feng Shiyuan suddenly called.

Feng Qianyue hesitated for a moment, but answered it: “Hello!”

“Qianxue, are you free, can you meet up?”

“I’m afraid, it’s not very convenient ……”

Feng Qianxue didn’t want to meet them, for one thing, she didn’t think it was necessary, and for another, she was worried that they would misunderstand her for not saving Bai Lu from death and want to take revenge on her.

“Don’t worry, I definitely don’t mean to hurt you, I just want to ask you something in person.”

“I’ve said everything I need to say to the police, so ask them directly.”

“Give me the phone.” At this point, Bai Qiuyu’s voice came back on the other end of the phone, she was trying to suppress her excitement and try to keep her tone calm, “Feng Qianxue, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to see me, I just want to ask you a few questions, it’s okay for you to answer me over the phone.”

“Go ahead and ask.”

“The police side, I have already understood the situation, I absolutely believe you, at first we tossed you like that, forced you, you have not retaliated against us, at this time is even more unlikely to find someone to hurt Lulu, back a step, even if you have this mind, you do not have the ability to make bad.”

“You really know me.”

Feng Qianxue smiled bitterly, if Bai Lulu had half the brains of Bai Qiuyu, she wouldn’t have ended up in such a situation.

“Now there are some things that the police won’t talk about, so I want to ask you, who were those people you saw dragging Lulu into the car at the beginning? Did they bully Lulu in the car?”

Bai Qiuyu asked anxiously afterwards.

“This ……”

Feng Qianxue was very difficult, she understood that the police hadn’t investigated clearly yet and had to protect the suspects, so she couldn’t tell the specifics.

And I’m afraid that she, a witness, couldn’t conveniently say too much either.

“It seems that this person behind the scene is someone I know.”

Bai Qiuyu was so smart that she guessed some clues from Feng Qianxue’s hesitation and embarra*sment, and she asked tentatively, “Is it Si Haoxuan?”

“No.” Feng Qianxue immediately denied it.

“Then it’s Chu Zihan.” Bai Qiuyu asked tentatively again.

Feng Qianxue paused for a few seconds and was about to speak when Bai Qiuyu confirmed her suspicions in a flash, “It really is her!”

“I knew it was this vicious b*tch!!!”

“Our family has already backed down to this point, why does she just refuse to let Lulu go? Why do you still want to drive her to extinction??”

“Calm down ……” Feng Qianxue hurriedly advised, “This matter has not been investigated clearly, it’s better to wait for the police to come up with the result.”

“Calm down? How do you want me to calm down?” Bai Qiuyu cried and shouted, “My daughter has been gang-jumped, her body is severely damaged, she can’t even have children again in the future, and she is now mentally disturbed, her whole life is ruined ……”