Am I A Gigolo Chapter 465-466

Chapter 465

Bai Qiuyu was probably driven crazy, Bai Lu was victimized like this, while she could do nothing with Chu Zihan and Si Hao Xuan, she could only come to a fish death and die with them ……

Anyway, Bai Lu is already mentally deranged and can’t see the news.

Thinking about this, Feng Qianxue’s mood could not help but be a little heavy, if this matter was really done by Chu Zihan, then she really did things to the extreme, Bai Qiuyu wanting justice for her daughter is also justifiable ……

It’s just that, as she sees it, Bai Qiuyu can’t fight Chu Zihan.

Even if Bai Qiuyu has the brains, the Bai family’s financial resources are about to dissipate, and Chu Zihan can crush her with a single move of his fingers ……

If Bai Qiuyu continued to make trouble, I was afraid that Chu Zihan would even make a move against her.

“Sister, sister, are you listening?” Gao Ting’s shout came, interrupting Feng Qianxue’s thoughts.

“Listening.” Feng Qianxue came back to her senses, “I have to deliver clothes to Sister Fang today ……”

“She told me to tell you not to deliver it.” Gao Ting said gruffly, “Sister Fang said that you were an eyewitness and knew both that victim and the abuser, so many people asked her about you afterwards, the matter became very complicated …… she also said …… ”

“What did she say?”

“She also said that she didn’t dare to use you again until this matter was completely settled, and asked me to get your gown and send it to her.” Gao Ting said weakly, “I told Sister Fang for half a day, but she couldn’t listen to me, saying she didn’t want to cause any trouble ……”

“I understand, and I understand.” Feng Qianxue smiled bitterly, “Then how about this, when are you free, come over to my house, I’ll bring you the dress and you can return it to her for me.”

“Let me come to you now. “Don’t worry, I’ll think of something else for you and see if I can find another job.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Feng Qianxue hung up the phone and opened her phone again to read the news.

Now this matter has been spread all over the world, it can be seen that Bai Qiuyu has put down his blood money, pouring out his family’s money to stink up Chu Zihan and Si Hao Xuan.

The fact is that she knows very well that she cannot interfere or interfere in this matter.

As she was thinking, Chu Jianshan suddenly called, Feng Qianxue hurriedly answered: “Uncle Chu!”

“Qianxue, I’m in Rain City, the factory here has been prepared, it will start tomorrow.”

“Great.” Feng Qianxue was very happy, “Is everything still going well?”

“Very smooth, the workers are basically in place, and we’ve also received two big orders, tomorrow’s opening is a big success, I wanted to invite you back to cut the ribbon, but thought you couldn’t leave now, so I didn’t bother you ……”

“The same goes for your ribbon-cutting.” Feng Qianxue said with a smile, “I’ll go over when my side of things are taken care of.”

“Well, there’s another thing I need to discuss with you.”

“You say.”

“Doesn’t Feng Shiyuan have three factories on hand? They originally said that together with your villa, the package would cost seventy million dollars, but I didn’t have enough money, so I bought a factory.

I heard that the other two factories have been sitting unsold, and just now I received a call from Feng Shiyuan, who said that those two factories would be sold to me for $10 million combined, and as long as I promised to make a one-time payment, he would immediately do the formalities.”

Hearing these words, Feng Qiuxue was silent, it seemed that Feng Shiyuan and Bai Qiuyu were really throwing their weight around, in order to get justice for their daughter, they even took out the last of their family fortune and sold it at a low price.

“Qianxue, I discussed with your other two uncles, to be honest, at this price, we are very keen to buy it, the two of them are already thinking of ways to get the money together, I thought about it, I still need to seek your opinion, so I am calling you on this phone.”

“Buy it.” Feng Qianxue responded decisively, “I don’t want my father’s foundation to be ruined either, I’ll think of a way to get the money together and contact you later.”



Chapter 466

After hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue immediately contacted her financial advisor in Switzerland to activate her account. The financial advisor connected with her by video, obtained fingerprint authorisation and immediately activated it for her.

Feng Qianxue didn’t expect it to be so convenient, as she thought she would have to confirm the activation in person.

The financial advisor told her that four years ago, she did have to confirm in person, but after four years of advanced technology, their bank had an advanced system that only required simultaneous confirmation by video portrait, fingerprint and pa*sword to activate.

Immediately, Feng Qianxue transferred 10 million out and gave it to Zhu Jianshan to buy the two factories.

Zhu Jianshan was very shocked, he did not expect her to take out 10 million dollars at once.

Feng Qianxue didn’t explain much, she just told him to buy them in his own name and not to make any public announcement.

Zhu Jianshan immediately went to do it.

The villa is a very good place to buy from her heart, but if she buys it at this time, I am afraid Chu Zihan will think she is deliberately helping Bai Qiuyu, and then there will be more trouble ……

The first time I thought about it, Feng Qianxue gave up.

At this time, Gao Ting came up with two bags of fruits, and when she saw Feng Qianxue’s home, she couldn’t help but be a little envious: “Sister, your house is so big and beautiful.”

“A rented house.” Feng Qianxue poured her a gla*s of water, “You sit down first, I’ll go and collect the clothes.”

“Mm.” Gao Ting sat on the sofa and drank water, looking at the family photo on the wall and said enviously, “I’ve been living on my own for years, I envy you so much, having such a family.”

“When your mother gets well, you can live with her.”

Feng Qianxue collected her gown, folded it neatly and put it in a bag.

“Yeah.” Gao Ting sighed, “I’m working so hard to earn money just because I want her to get better sooner.”

“It’ll be fine.” Feng Qianxue said soothingly.

“Sister, I should go now, after I return the dress to Sister Fang, I have to rush to work at Night.” Gao Ting got up and prepared to leave, “Just rest at home for the next few days, I’ll let you know when I find a part-time job.”

“Thank you.” Feng Qianxue sent her downstairs, at that moment, the little four-pack on the balcony suddenly called out, “Bad guy, bad guy!”

“Ha, this little parrot can actually talk?” Gao Ting looked at Little Four Treasures in surprise.

“It’s been raised for four years, it’s the same age as my three babies, it’s been learning to speak along with the babies since it was little, so it can speak some simple words.” Feng Qianxue smiled and introduced, “Little Four Treasures, this is Ting Ting!”

“Bad guy, bad guy!” Little Four Treasures fluttered her wings and called out.

“No nonsense.” Feng Qianxue scolded sternly, “Tingting is my good friend, how can she be a bad person?”

“Haha, I don’t look like a bad guy either.” Gao Ting greeted Little Four Treasures, “Little Four Treasures, I’m a good guy!”

“Bad guy, bad guy!”

Little Four Treasures was still calling out repeatedly, looking a little agitated and fluttering his wings incessantly.

“What’s wrong with Little Four Treasures today?” Feng Qianxue was a bit speechless, “It’s not usually like this, I’ll teach her a good lesson later.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Gao Ting said, “Sister, I’ll go first, you have a good rest.”

“Mm, be safe on the way, tell me when you arrive.” Feng Qianxue walked her into the lift.

Gao Ting stepped into the lift and waved to Feng Qianxue with a smile.

Feng Qianxue watched the lift doors close and turned to go inside when suddenly there was a loud “thud” behind her, accompanied by Gao Ting’s terrified scream: “Ah…”

Feng Qianxue was shocked and rushed over to check the lift.

“Tingting–” Feng Qianxue screamed in panic, called the property owner in a panic, and then ran down the stairs to check ……