Am I A Gigolo Chapter 467-468

Chapter 467

The lift plunged straight down from the sixteenth floor, but thankfully stopped on the third floor.

Feng Qianxue ran from the stairs to the ground floor in one breath and then to the third floor, where the property’s security guards and technicians rushed to the scene, pried open the lift and found Gao Ting had pa*sed out.

“Tingting ……” Feng Qianxue was excited and tried to rush over, but was dragged by two security guards.

The other two security guards dragged Gao Ting out and found that she did not have any external injuries.

Soon, 120 arrived on the scene and took Gao Ting and Feng Qianxue to the hospital together.

On the way, Feng Qianxue held Gao Ting’s hand tightly, telling herself repeatedly that it would be fine, it would be fine ……

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor checked and told Feng Qianxue, “The patient is just weightless and in a coma from the excessive shock, there is nothing serious wrong with him, he will be fine after resting.”

Feng Qianxue finally breathed a sigh of relief, and the property manager next to her also felt relieved.

Feng Qianxue angrily questioned, “Manager Wang, why did the lift malfunction like that? Luckily the lift was stuck on the third floor, if it had fallen straight to the bottom, then my friend would have died for sure!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Miss Feng, please don’t be angry.” The property manager explained in a panic, “We check the lift every day, it’s usually fine, today something like this suddenly happened, we also think it’s very strange, we have sent someone to investigate, we will definitely give you an explanation.”

As he was saying this, the property manager’s mobile phone rang and he hastily answered the call, not knowing what the other party said, his face changed dramatically and he immediately ordered, “Call the police!” Remember the website

After a few words of explanation, the property manager hung up the phone and turned his eyes to Feng Qianxue and said, “We found out that someone deliberately sabotaged the lift and caused it to malfunction, we have already called the police.”

“Deliberate?” Feng Qianxue was shocked, “Are there any problems with the other lifts? Or was it just that one lift that had a problem?”

“After the incident, we immediately checked the other lifts, all of them were normal, the only one that had problems was the one in your building.” The property manager said.

“Could it be that it was directed at me?”

She suddenly remembered that when Gao Ting was leaving, Little Four Treasures had been screaming “bad guy, bad guy”, which was a warning to her when she found a suspicious person breaking into the building.

She had thought that Little Four Treasures was talking about Gao Ting and had scolded it for being rude.

“I’m afraid it’s really possible.” That property manager said cautiously, “Your building was all bought by Mr. Night, and now only your family is living there, and across the street is your family’s medical care, and upstairs should be your family too ……”

“The other side should know that both the medical nurse and he are away, and I am the only one at home today.” Feng Qianxue carefully analyzed, “Usually there are no guests coming and going from my home, if it wasn’t for Ting Ting’s sudden visit today, then only I would have gotten into the lift ……”

Speaking of this, Feng Qianxue had a moment of fear in her heart, “No, there are also the children, if Tingting didn’t come and I didn’t go downstairs, then the children will definitely get into the lift when they come back from school ……”

Feng Qianxue hurriedly called Tenzin, and strangely enough, the phone was actually unavailable.

She panicked all of a sudden and called Longlong and Yueyue again, but still couldn’t get through.

She tried calling the three paramedics again, still unreachable.

She was so scared that her legs went weak and she almost fell to the ground ……

“Miss Feng, are you alright?” The property manager hurriedly held her up.

“Please take care of my friend for me.”

Leaving these words behind, Feng Qianxue ran out like mad, stopping a taxi in front of the hospital, wanting to rush to Little Apple Kindergarten.

But at that moment, a van suddenly sped up, and two men in black got out, directly covered her mouth and nose, and took her captive into the car ……

“The two men in black got out of the van and covered her mouth and nose, taking her into the van. …… “Feng Qianxue struggled desperately, but a pungent smell came over her and she lost consciousness…


Chapter 468

“Grandpa Mori, why is there no signal in this place? I want to call Mummy, but I can’t get through.”

Cinnabar asked seriously as he tilted his head to look at Night Sen beside him.

“Be a good boy, this is a special ward, all mobile phones don’t have a signal.” Night Sen explained gently.

“What’s a special ward?”

Long Long looked around, looking at the many black-clad bodyguards standing around, and couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“It’s the ward that belongs exclusively to your grandfather.” Night Sen said with a smile, “Don’t be afraid, these people are your grandfather’s bodyguards, they won’t hurt you.”

“Is grandpa sick? Is it serious?” Yue Yue tilted her little head and asked anxiously, “Did the doctor give him an injection?”

“The injection was given.” Night Sen smiled, “Grandpa woke up this morning, he knew you guys were worried about him and was very touched in his heart, so he asked me to bring you guys to see him.”

“It’s good that he’s awake.” Cinnabar breathed a sigh of relief, and his little eyebrows were finally no longer knitted together.

“Want to see Grandpa sooner.” Yue’s fleshy little hands rested nervously in front of her body.

“Grandpa must be too tired, from now on Longlong will do as he’s told and can’t ask Grandpa to take us to play anymore.” Longlong felt a little guilty.

“Silly boy, grandpa is happiest when he is with you.” Night Sen stroked his little head and soothed, “Okay, let’s change into our germ isolation suits here and then we can go in.”


The three children changed into their germ isolation suits with the help of the nurse, put on their masks and followed Night Sen into the ward.

Seeing the tall man standing by the bed, the children all paused in fear.

Night Shocking raised his eyes to see the three children and couldn’t help but frown: “Why have you brought them here?”

“The old man kept reading this morning and asked me to bring them to see him.” Night Sen replied in a low voice.

“These three little ones are even closer than I, my own grandson.”

Night Zhen Ting said indifferently and turned to walk outside.

When he pa*sed by the three children, all three of them retreated to the side in fear, three pairs of clear and bright big eyes, looking at him timidly.

“Am I that scary?” Night Zhen Ting asked coldly.

“Hmph.” Yue Yue made a face at him and then hid behind Night Sen.

“Looks like carrying you last time was for nothing.” Night Tremor gently tugged at her pigtails.

“Don’t touch my sister.” Longlong waved his little fist and made a fierce look.

“Heh!” Night Zhen Ting laughed softly and turned his eyes to look at Chen Chen.

Only this child was the calmest, looking at him coldly with a pair of surprisingly calm eyes.

“Young master, you shouldn’t scare them.” Night Sen cried and laughed, “That innate kingly majesty on your body scares children when they look at it.”

Night Zhen Ting brushed aside his mouth and lifted his steps to walk out of the ward.

Outside, several specialist doctors had been waiting for a long time, and when they saw him come out, they immediately bowed and saluted him, and then followed him into a nearby office to give a detailed report on his condition.

In the ward, Night Sen led the three children to the bedside and called out softly, “Old Master, Old Master, the children are brought!”

Old Master Night slowly opened his eyes and looked at the children weakly and feebly.

“Grandpa ……” Yue Yue’s small mouth deflated as tears came to her eyes, her milky voice melting hearts, “Grandpa, I’m Yue Yue, your favourite Yue Yue!”

“Grandpa, I’m Long Long.” Long Long’s tears were about to spill out of his eyes, but he sucked in his nose hard and tried not to cry, “Grandpa, what’s wrong with you?”

“Grandpa, I’m Chen Chen ……” Chen Chen held Old Master Night’s hand, although his eyes were red, he was forcing himself to be strong, “You promised us that you would take us to play football, you have to get well soon oh! “