Am I A Gigolo Chapter 469-470

Chapter 469

Old Master Night slowly raised the corner of his mouth and strained to spit out a word: “Good ……”

“Grandpa ……” Yue Yue couldn’t control her emotions and cried so hard that she trembled, “Grandpa, Yue Yue Yue never wants you to carry her again, get well soon, Yue Yue Yue will take you to eat the little piggy bag.”

“San Bao don’t cry.” Long Long persuaded Yue Yue but cried himself, “Grandpa I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been naughty, I shouldn’t have kept pestering you to play with us, you must have been too tired.”

“What’s wrong with you two?” Tenzin put on his big brother’s air and gave a serious lecture, “Didn’t we agree before we came here? No crying, no crying, why are you so disobedient?”

“I’m not crying, I’m not crying.”

Longlong hurriedly took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and wiped his tears with his little hand.

Yue Yue also deflated her little mouth, forcibly holding back her tears to keep them from flowing out.

Seeing this, Night Sen hurriedly coaxed the children, “Alright, alright, little babies, let’s not disturb Grandpa’s rest, Grandpa Sen will take you out first, okay?”

“Oh!” The three children nodded their heads obediently.

“Bye bye with grandpa.” Night Sen reminded.

“Bye, Grandpa, we’ll see you next time, and next time I’ll bring you a little piggy bag.”

“Grandpa you have to get well soon oh, Long Long is waiting for you to take me to play football.”

“Bye grandpa ……”

Night Sen came out of the ward with his three children, “Babies, you take a rest in the lounge first, Grandpa Sen will go and take care of things, he will come right over and send you back.”

“Okay, Grandpa Sen go and get busy.”

The children nodded their heads obediently.

A few medical nurses were here to take care of them and had prepared snacks and juice for them.

Night Sen went to see Night Zhen Ting to discuss the old man’s affairs, and had just reached the office door when Night Zhen Ting suddenly rushed out at once, almost knocking Night Sen to the ground.

“Ouch ……” Night Sen was knocked into the wall, covering his heart and saying in pain, “Young master, this old bone of mine almost fell apart from you ……”

Not waiting for him to finish his words, Night Zhen Ting had already left in a hurry, pressing the lift anxiously.

“Young master, where are you going?” Night Sen hurriedly chased after him, “I have something to discuss with you ……”

“No one is allowed to visit the old man without my orders, understand?”

Night Zhen Ting left these words and hurriedly walked into the lift.

Seeing that the lift door was about to close, he suddenly stopped it again with his hand and asked, “Where are the three children?”

“In the lounge, I’m going to send them back later ……”

“Don’t send them back.” Night Zhen Ting immediately ordered, “Keep them by your side until the old man wakes up.”

“Huh?” Night Sen froze for a moment and hurriedly asked, “What’s going on?”

Without answering, Night Zhen Ting let go of his hand and the lift doors closed.

Night Sen looked grave and had a bad feeling, but now, he could only do as Night ZhenTing told him to.

“Mr. Sen, the car is ready, should we take the three children back to Happiness Street ……”

“No need.” Night Sen interrupted his attendant, “I’ll take them back to the old man’s place, you have someone prepare some toddler supplies.”

“Yes.” The attendant immediately went to do so.

When Night Sen arrived in the lounge, the three children were sitting dejectedly on the sofa, the small snacks and juice in front of them untouched.

“Grandpa Sen, can we go home now?” Tenzin saw Night Sen coming and immediately stood up.

“Children, Grandpa Sen has something he wants to discuss with you.” Night Sen squatted down and said to the three children, “During this period of time, can you all stay at Grandpa’s house first? That way, when grandpa gets well, he will be able to see you all first.”

“This ……” Longlong and Yueyue both looked at Tenzin, it was always the big brother who made the decision on such matters.

“I need to ask my mommy.” Tatsuya was very understanding, “Gotta get her permission first.”

“Good boy.” Night Sen held up Chen Chen’s shoulders, “Then let’s go out and call Mummy, okay?”



Chapter 470

Night Sen took the children downstairs and out of the special ward, and finally, the phone watch got a signal.

Immediately, Tenzin dialed Feng Qianxue’s number, but the phone was prompted to be switched off.

His little brow furrowed and he redialed once more, still prompting the phone to be switched off.

“Dabao, is Mommy too tired so she’s asleep?” Dragon slid over in his wheelchair and asked, “Why don’t we go home and talk to her?”

“Hmm.” Tatsu nodded, “That’ll have to do.”

“Grandpa Sen will go back with you.”

Night Sen made a gesture and the three healers carried the children to the car.

The car started and drove off towards One Happy Street.

And at that moment, the medical nurse Siu Hong’s mobile phone rang, she answered the call, her face instantly changed and she hurriedly asked after them, “Is Miss Wind all right?”

As soon as Longlong heard it, his little face turned white and he hurriedly asked after her, “What’s wrong with Mummy?”

Medical nurse Siu Hong shook her head at them before saying, “Fine, fine, I know, I know.” Remember the website

When the phone hung up, Little Red hurriedly reported, “Just now the property called to say that this afternoon, the lift in our building malfunctioned and fell straight down from the sixteenth floor ……”

“Ah ……” Yue Yue cried out in fright, her little face turning red.

“What happened to my mommy?” Dragon pulled Little Red and asked after her excitedly, “Did something happen to Mommy?”

“No no ……” Little Red shook her head in a panic.

“You guys take it easy for now and let Little Red’s sister finish her sentence.” Tenzin immediately calmed his younger siblings and eagerly pursued, “Was Mommy inside when the lift fell?”

“Sort it out and talk properly.” Night Sam scolded.

“Yes.” Little Red explained in a panic, “Miss Feng wasn’t inside when the lift fell, but one of her friends was inside because the lift got stuck when it fell to the third floor, the person inside was just unconscious and not in danger of dying, and had been taken to the hospital by the property.”

“It’s good that it’s okay.”

Night Sen breathed a sigh of relief, and then remembered Night Zhen Ting’s instructions, could it be that he had known about this for a long time, and that was why he had asked him to keep the children with him for the time being?

However, these three children and their mother had no problems with the world, so who was trying to harm them?

In any case, it was right to keep the children safe first. If anything happened to them, Old Master Night would definitely not let him off when he woke up.

Thinking of this, Night Sen hurriedly calmed the children, “Children, since it’s not safe at home, let’s stay at your grandfather’s house for the time being, I will send someone to pick up your mummy, I won’t let anything happen to her.”

“That’s the only way.” Tenzin tried calling his mummy’s number, but he still couldn’t get through, he furrowed his little brow and said anxiously, “Grandpa Sen, I’m worried that mummy might be in danger, please send someone to get her right away.”

“Okay, no problem.” Night Sen asked as he made the call, “What is your mummy’s name? I’ll send someone to look for it now.”

“I ……”

“My mummy’s name is Feng Qianxue!”

Without waiting for Tenzin to speak, Yue Yue blurted out eagerly.

Night Sen’s hand on the phone paused, his eyes widening in shock as he stared blankly at Yue Yue, “You, you said …… Feng Qianxue?”

“Yes ……” Yue Yue nodded and replied seriously, “The wind of wind and rain, a thousand of a thousand of a hundred and ten, the snow of snow.”

“Uh ……” Night Sen was completely confused, he now understood why Night Zhen Ting would rush to send these three children home in the first place, why he would later take the initiative to seek to meet the Old Master at the Fairy Tale Castle, why he would instruct him to keep the three children with him for the time being ……

It turned out that their mother was Feng Qianxue!

“Grandpa Sen, what’s wrong with you?”

Chen Chen looked at Night Sen apprehensively, he was originally hesitating whether to tell Grandpa Sen his mommy’s name, after all, mommy had explained before that she couldn’t let them know her identity.

But while he was still hesitating, Yue Yue had already said Mummy’s name ……

He didn’t stop because it was urgent to ensure Mummy’s safety first.

The rest was too much to care about.