Am I A Gigolo Chapter 471-472

Chapter 471

“Nothing ……” Night Sen was in a very complicated mood at this time, he looked at the three children and had a bold guess in his head, “So, what is your daddy’s name?”

How could he not have thought that Feng Qianxue actually had children.

But, these three children, could they be the young master’s flesh and blood?

If they were, why would the young master be so cold and distant towards them?

Moreover, they seemed to be very afraid of the young master.

But if not, how could the young master, who had always been exclusive and arrogant, accept it?

“I …… I don’t know ……”

Yue lowered her head and tears came to her eyes, every time someone asked for her father’s name she was hurt, she was afraid of being laughed at for being a child without a father.

“Grandpa Sen, why are you asking this?” Dragon frowned unhappily, “Do you think, like everyone else, that we are incomplete with only a mummy and no daddy?”

“No, no, no, I definitely don’t mean that.” Night Sen hurriedly explained, “Grandpa Sen just thought that your daddy might be someone I know, that’s why he asked, Grandpa Sen was wrong, Grandpa Sen apologizes to you! I’m sorry, don’t be angry with Grandpa Sen, okay?”

“Okay, I forgive you.”

Children are always innocent, and Dragon accepted his apology immediately.

“Grandpa Sen, please don’t bring up the topic about Daddy in the future.” Tenzin said seriously, “We only have Mommy.”

“Okay, I know.”

Night Sen felt very guilty, feeling that he had accidentally touched the children’s fragile hearts.

“I’ll send someone to protect your mummy right now, don’t worry.”

Night Sen immediately arranged to go down, and at the same time, he was wondering who the father of the children really was.

However, now was not the time to think about that.

Because of the incident at the house over at One Happy Street, Night Sen did not take the three babies home, and took them directly to Old Master Night’s Chinese garden villa in the northern suburbs.

The three babies’ clothes and supplies were all bought new, and the three medical nurses, Little Red, Little Purple and Little Orange, came along to look after them.

After settling everything down, Night Sen had to rush off to the hospital. Before he left, he specifically instructed the maids to take good care of the children.

The three children had been here once before and the maids knew how much Old Master Night valued them, so they naturally did not dare to be negligent.

Night Sen instructed the children to stay here at ease, and if they felt bored, they could ask the maids to go for a walk in the garden, or go horse-riding or swimming, just tell the housekeeper’s mother-in-law.

But the children’s concern was for their mummy’s well-being.

Night Sen a*sured them that he would get in touch with Mummy as soon as possible and bring her here safely.

Only then were the children rea*sured.

When they got into the car, Night Sen wanted to call Night Zhen Ting and talk about Feng Qianxue, but on second thought, he thought that Night Zhen Ting should have deliberately concealed Feng Qianxue’s relationship with the children, so it was better for him not to reveal it.

Everything will be decided after the old man of the night has awakened.


Meanwhile, in the Rolls Royce Phantom car, Night Zhen Ting was on the phone with Night Zhen Yun.

It took a long time for the phone to pick up, and a lazy voice came out, “Hello!”

“What do you want?” Night ZhenTing held back his anger and questioned, “She has nothing to do with our feud, what are you doing with her?”

“You won’t let me see your grandfather, so I have no choice but to do this!” Night Zhenyun had a helpless tone, “Although he pa*sed the inheritance to you, the other a*sets have not yet been willed, you have no right to stop me from seeing him!”

“Grandpa hasn’t died yet, and you’re so impatient?” Night Zhen Ting said coldly, “What you have now is more than enough, don’t be too greedy as a human being.”

“How ridiculous.” Night Zhen Yun sneered mockingly, “These things, originally belonged to me!!!”

“Your father died early, everything in the family was taken care of by me, with credit and hard work, just because I’m a daughter, so the old man would rather give the inheritance to a brat like you than to me, on what grounds?”


Chapter 472

“You’ll have to ask grandfather about that.” Night Zhen Ting was very cold, “Perhaps he felt that I was more suitable than you to take over his position, so he pa*sed the succession to me when I was sixteen. It’s been ten years, and you’re still holding a grudge about it? Is it necessary?”

“I had already put it down, but if you actually dare to touch my son, then don’t blame me for being ungracious.” Night Zhenyun’s tone turned grim.

“That’s what he asked for.” Night Zhen Ting shouted coldly.

“I forgot about it if you didn’t say so.” Night Zhen Yun laughed grimly and coldly, “You two brothers grew up with a good relationship, and you made such a scene over a woman, I would like to see what kind of national beauty she is!”

“Don’t you mess around ……”

“It depends on my mood.” Night Zhenyun smiled coldly, “You also know that I have a bad temper, if she upsets me, I can do anything.””

“You’re threatening me?” Night Zhen Ting was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

“Each other.” Night Zhen Yun laughed coldly, “When you figure out when to let me see grandpa, I will naturally let her go!”

After saying that, Night Zhenyun hung up the phone ……

Listening to the busy tone coming from the phone, Night ZhenTing was so angry that his face turned blue, of course he knew Night ZhenYun’s temper.

The woman’s actions were decisive and ruthless, and her temper was unpredictable, all of which were common problems of the night family.

If Feng Qianxue displeased her with a single word, she was afraid that she could really do anything ……

“Night King, don’t be anxious, the night army is already investigating the location of General Yun.” Night Hui carefully rea*sured, “When he finds out the clues, we will act immediately and definitely save the person.”

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything, just lowered his eyes, thinking about something.

The slim phone in his palm was spinning, representing his impatient mood ……

In the past, when he had confronted Night Zhen Yun, he had never been calm and collected, calm and sophisticated, but this time, he was a little confused.

He couldn’t keep his heart steady at the thought that Feng Qianxue might be in danger.

Night Hui had never seen Night Zhen Ting like this before and asked tentatively, “Why don’t you let her meet? Anyway, the old man has woken up, the hospital is full of our people inside and out, and Chief Yun can’t do anything about it.”

“That’s not the point.” Night Zhen Ting frowned, “The point is, if I compromise at the beginning, then there is no need to fight this battle later.”

“Then ……”

“Wait a little longer.” Night Zhen Ting tightened his grip on his phone, “Have the night army send me all the clues, I will personally investigate.”



Feng Qianxue gradually woke up and found herself lying in an exquisite room with no one around her.

Recalling what had happened before she pa*sed out, she realised she was in danger and rolled over violently to sit up, only to fall back onto the bed again because of the fainting sensation coming from her head.

She clutched her head and tried to calm herself down as she began to look around her; it was a fine, elegant room that looked no different from the average guest room in a large home.

She was wearing her own white cotton dress, her hair draped over her, and she felt no injuries other than dizziness.

Who on earth had taken her here?

The gang, it didn’t look like unconnected thugs, otherwise she wouldn’t be safe and sound.

Could it be the Old Master Night’s men?

Or was it someone from the Ling family?

Feng Qianxue was thinking wildly when the door to the room suddenly opened and two maids came in pushing a food cart.

“Where is this? Who are you people?” Feng Qianxue stiffened her feeble body and sat up.

The maids didn’t answer her question, they just set the dinner on the table, then bowed to her, and then left in silence.

“Wait a minute ……”

Feng Qianxue wanted to stop the maid, but there was no strength in her body, and the maid opened the door and walked away without saying a word since the beginning.