Am I A Gigolo Chapter 485-486

Chapter 485

“Hahahaha, that’s for sure, you can go to heaven and earth, you can do anything!”

Night Fai couldn’t help but laugh, there had never been a moment when he found their Night King this cute and funny.

“Nonsense.” Night Zhen Ting finally walked to the unoccupied corner and immediately ordered, “Arrange a ward, I want to take a bath.”


It was dawn when Night Zhen Ting finished his shower and changed his clothes.

He tidied up his clothes and hair and hurried to the laboratory department.

At this moment, Night Sen called again to confirm with him the time to go over.

Night Zhen Ting did not rush to reply, but looked at Lei Yu.

Lei Yu hurried over with the DNA test report in hand, an excited and thrilled smile on his face.

The heart that was hanging in the air found its answer in Lei Yu’s expression, and he said decisively, “Be there at nine o’clock!”

“Good, then I’ll be waiting for you downstairs at nine o’clock sharp.” Remember the website

Hanging up the phone, Night Zhen Ting immediately greeted him, “How is it?”

“Night King, look.” Lei Yu handed the lab report to Night Zhen Ting.

The first time he took a look at it, he couldn’t help but be shaken. Originally, he had expectations in his heart, but seeing this test report with his own eyes, he was still very excited ……

The paternity is 100 percent, which means that Chen Chen is his biological son!

“Oh my god!” Night Fai was also very shocked when he saw the results, “I really didn’t expect that these three children were actually your own flesh and blood.”

“I’ve noticed it for a long time, I just didn’t dare to mention it.” Lei Yu said excitedly, “I’m really confused, I should have suggested you to do a paternity test long ago.”

“It’s my ……” Night Zhen Ting’s hand was shaking as he held the test report, “It really is my flesh and blood!”

“No wonder the old man likes them so much.” Night Hui smiled with his eyebrows, “That’s how blood is thicker than water, even if you hide it so much, you can’t hide that kinship in your bones.”

“Yes ……” Lei Yu smiled and nodded, “But why does Miss Feng want to hide it?”

“This ……,” Night Hui raised his eyes to look at Night ZhenTing.

Night ZhenTing couldn’t care less now and took the test report and excitedly walked towards the children’s ward.

“Boing boing, I want mommy!”

Yue Yue had just woken up and was still a bit wakeful, sitting on the bed rubbing her eyes and pouting in a milky voice.

“Good girl, Mummy will be back soon.” Xiao Zi brought her milk and handed it to Yue Yue, “Come on, take some Nai Nai.”

Yue Yue took the bottle and leaned back on the bed and took a big gulp.

At that moment, Little Orange pushed Longlong out of the bathroom.

Little Dragon had just washed his face and had changed into a deformed steel suit, handsome and handsome, but he hadn’t slept enough last night and was still snorting.

“Tatsu, the allergy on your face is much better.”

As Red wiped Tatsu’s face, she noticed that the red rash from his allergies had almost faded.

“Well, it has indeed faded a lot.” Chen looked at himself in the mirror and arranged intelligently, “In that case, let’s leave the hospital later… By the way, is mother-in-law also in this hospital?”

“Yes, mother-in-law lives in the other building.” Little Red replied gently, “Do you want to go and see her?”

“Yes.” Tenzin nodded, “We’ll go see mother-in-law later and then go home don’t, please ask the three sisters to arrange it.”

“We still need to ask the doctor first oh, if the doctor says you can leave the hospital, we can only go.” Little Red said with a smile.

“Good ……” Tenzin was about to speak when the door to the room was suddenly pushed open.

Night Zhen Ting walked in hurriedly, and he, who had always been cold and indifferent, seemed particularly excited now.

He looked at Chen Chen, then at Long Long, then at Yue Yue, as if he had something big to announce ……

The three children stared at him blankly.

Tenzin’s eyes were wide open, waiting for him to say something.

Longlong had been fiddling with the transforming steel toy, and when he saw him coming, he couldn’t help but stop what he was doing.

Yue Yue leaned back on the pillow, holding an alpaca puppet in one hand and a milk bottle in the other, she had been vigorously eating milk, when she saw that Night Zhen Ting had arrived, her milk eating stopped and she just looked at him.


Chapter 486

“Bad man, bad man!”

Little SiBao suddenly shouted twice, then hid behind Chen Chen again, poking out his little head and looking timidly at Night ZhenTing.

The three medical nurses were also a little flustered, and Little Orange and Little Purple stopped what they were doing and stood to the side in fear and anxiety.

“Uncle Night, do you need anything?” Chen Chen asked politely.

“You can’t call Uncle!” Night Zhen Ting suddenly said, and after saying it, he hurriedly explained, “I mean ……”

He, who had always been calm and collected, and the only one who had ever been in charge, suddenly became nervous.

Unprecedentedly nervous, like a child without confidence, afraid that he might say a wrong word.

Since birth, this was probably the first time ever that Night Zhen Ting had been so flustered and confused ……

“Hmm?” Chen Chen frowned a little, looking at him in confusion.

“It’s okay.”

Night ZhenTing decided to wait for Feng QianXue to come back and the two of them would talk to the children together, after all, he had never gotten along well with them and there were some misunderstandings before.

He was afraid that the children would be scared if they rashly recognized each other like this.

“Scared the hell out of me.” Long Long patted his small chest, “Thought you wanted me to make amends.”

“Compensation?” Nightquake Timbers raised an eyebrow.

“Dabao said I slept with my arms around your legs last night and farted at you.” Dragon looked at him weakly, “So, I thought ……”

Yue Yue clutched her bottle tightly and asked in a small voice, “Is it true that Dabao said I drooled on you and that I swelled your arms?”

“Mmm.” Nightquake raised the corners of his lips, “It’s okay, you guys are happy.”

He now, thought it was cute what the kids said and did ……

“I’m sorry I shared my toy with you.” Dragon handed the deformed steel toy in his hand to Night Zhen Ting, his face full of sincerity, “I won’t eat sweet potatoes from now on so that my farts don’t stink.”

“Haha ……” Night Zhen Ting laughed, but didn’t know how to take Long Long’s words.

It was his first day as a father and he didn’t know how to get along with the kids.

“Then ……” Yue Yue looked at the bottle of milk in her arms and was quite a bit reluctant to part with it, but she gritted her teeth, ruthlessly, and handed it to him, “I’ll share my Nai Nai with you too.”

“Give me all the milk bottles? What are you drinking then?”

Night Zhen Ting found it funny and cute, his gaze was as gentle as it had ever been.

“I, I ……,” Yue Yue’s big grape-like eyes blinked and she said pitifully, “I’ll drink the juice.”

Then, she sadly lowered her head and reluctantly handed the milk bottle forward ……

Night Zhen Ting looked at her milky and cute look, his heart was about to melt: “Sharing such an important thing with me, thank you, but I don’t eat milk.”

“Ah? Really?” Yue Yue hurriedly took back the milk bottle and hugged it tightly in her arms, afraid that he would snatch it away, “You said it yourself oh, then I’ll give you a little piggy bag next time.”

“What’s a little piggy bag?” Night Zhen Ting asked curiously.

“A little piggy bun is a very tasty bun, it’s shaped like a little pig.” Yue Yue gestured with her chubby little hand, “Grandma’s little piggy buns are delicious, and Mommy’s little piggy buns …… mmm ……”

Yue Yue thought seriously for a moment before replying, “It’s not bad either.”

“It’s just that sometimes the salt is mistaken for sugar and it’s salty as hell.” Longlong added helplessly, “But the porridge Mummy cooks is very good.”

“That’s cooked in the rice cooker.” Yue Yue added hastily, “Actually, Mummy’s stew is the best.”

“Yes yes yes ……”

The two of them talked about their mummy’s cooking skills.

Night Zhen Ting listened attentively, the corners of his lips unknowingly curled up into a smile.

Chen Chen looked at Night Zhen Ting, always felt that something was wrong with him, exactly what was wrong, and could not say ……

It just felt as if this demon-like bad guy had suddenly become cordial.