Am I A Gigolo Chapter 489-490

Chapter 487

The three children arrived at the neurology inpatient unit with a vast entourage of bodyguards and attendants.

The director himself came to meet them, bowed to the three children, and then respectfully led them to Zhu’s mother’s ward.

Several specialist doctors were already waiting here, ready for the three young masters to give their orders.

They made Longlong a little nervous, gripping the armrests of his wheelchair with both hands, not daring to breathe.

Yueyue hugged the little treasure so tightly that she almost suffocated it.

Luckily, Chen Chen was calm and collected and calmly said, “All the doctors and uncles have worked hard, we are just here to visit our mother-in-law, we don’t know anything about the treatment, we will come back to consult you when Mummy comes back, you guys go ahead and get busy, don’t mind us.”

“This ……” Several people looked at the dean.

“Then, we will wait outside, if the young master and princess have anything to do, feel free to order.” The dean said cautiously.

“No need.” Chen Chen bowed to them gratefully, “You have worked hard, there are other patients in the hospital that need your care, there is really no need to waste time here.”

The dean and a few specialist doctors returned the bow with trepidation, politely said a few words and hurriedly retreated.

After seeing them off, Tenzin instructed the bodyguards again, “Uncles, please wait outside and don’t disturb Granny’s rest, thank you!”

“Yes.” The nine attendants bent down to take orders and exited the room.

Tenzin swept a glance at the other four attendants, who immediately bowed and saluted before retreating.

In the room, only the three healers, Little Red, Little Orange and Little Purple, and a dumbfounded Zhu Ma were left!

From the time this pedestrian had entered the room until now, for ten minutes, Zhu Ma had maintained a dazed look, not daring to say a word, but with that stunned look, a thousand questions had been asked.

Long Long and Yue Yue let out a long breath in unison.

“Granny!” Yue Yue fluttered her short legs and climbed onto the hospital bed, jumping into Zhu Ma’s arms and pouting, “Are you alright? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, San Bao misses you so much.”

“Good girl, granny misses you too.” Zhu Ma hugged Yue Yue, kissed her hair and turned back to ask Tenzin and Long Long, “Dabao and Erbao, who can tell me what’s going on?”

“That, I don’t know.”

As Longlong spoke, Little Orange was already pushing his wheelchair to the bedside.

Long Long frowned a little with a sad face, “That big grandson has suddenly been nice to us, arranged for so many people to look after us, and then everyone has been nice to us, I’m all a bit, what’s that, flattered!”

“The eldest grandson?” Mummy Zhu frowned, carefully guessing who the title was referring to.

“It’s Mummy’s old boss.” Dragon added, “The mean looking cold faced bad guy!”

“Bad guy, bad guy!”

Little Four Treasures followed suit, then immediately shrunk his little head as if he had said the wrong thing.

“Erbao, what did I say before?” Tenzin raised his little face and reminded in a serious manner.

“Oh, that’s not right.” Long Long shook his head hastily and changed his words, “You can’t say he’s a bad person, he’s so nice to us now, last night, he even coaxed Yue Yue and me to sleep and sleep.”

“Er ……” Zhu Ma couldn’t understand a word of it and could only look at Tatsu for help.

“Granny, now I can’t say it clearly.” Chen Chen stretched his hands and said helplessly, “Let Mommy explain to you when she comes back.”

“Where has Mummy gone?” Mummy Zhu asked hurriedly, “A few days ago I heard that the lift in the district broke down and her friend almost had an accident because she went to our house.

The property manager sent her here for treatment and came over to say hello to me, I tried to go and see your Mummy but they said Mummy had left and then, I couldn’t get through to her on the phone, I was so worried about her.”

“Mummy will be back tonight, don’t worry.” Tenzin said soothingly.


Chapter 488

In the car, night Zhen Ting looked at the DNA verification report, the mood is still very excited ……

Like having a dream, suddenly came a big surprise in the sky!

It made him feel that the heavens had not been kind to him and had given him the best in the world.

Those three children were like angels who suddenly descended into his world ……

He is now very remorseful, when he first knew the existence of those three children, why did he not just go for a DNA test, but foolishly suspected that the children were other people’s?

Now that he thinks about it, how disappointed and upset Feng Qianxue should have been at first ……

The reason she hid it was probably because she was afraid.

When he thought of that time, he punished her in a violent and ruthless way, he regretted it in his heart ……

Stupid woman, why didn’t you say anything?

He secretly swore in his heart that he would make it up to her in the future.

Never let her suffer again ……

“I really didn’t expect that there would be such a turnaround at a critical moment.” Night Hui couldn’t help but sigh, “Now there’s absolutely no need to worry, no matter what tricks Chief Yun plays, he can’t resist the existence of those three children, you have a successor, and three at once, no one can shake your position!”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Night Zhending was happy not because the three children would keep his position as heir, but because they were his own flesh and blood!

He had always held a grudge over this matter in the past, but now he realised that he had misunderstood it.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Night Fai naturally knew what was on his master’s mind, “The most important thing is that Miss Feng has never betrayed you.”

“Send some more men to station at the hospital so that Night Zhen Yun doesn’t play tricks.” Night ZhenTing ordered.


In between the conversation, the car drove up to the entrance of Taiji Hospital.

Night Sen did not wait here as agreed, but sent others to wait here.

“What? Has the old man’s condition changed?” Night Fai asked uneasily.

“No, it’s Mr. Ling who has come to visit the old master.” The bodyguard replied, “Mr. Sen received it personally, so he asked me to wait here for the Night King.”

“Mr. Ling is alone?” Night Zhen Ting asked with a frown.

“Originally, he came with Miss Ling, but Mr. Sen refused to meet Miss Ling and only let Mr. Ling in, as you instructed.” The bodyguard said cautiously.

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting nodded in satisfaction.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Sen does everything in dribs and drabs, there will never be any mistakes.” Night Fai said soothingly.

Night ZhenTing quickened his pace, his hands clutching that lab report, a strange glint in his eyes, he couldn’t wait to tell Old Master Night that good news.

His old man’s three favourite children were in fact his first great-grandchildren.

Night Zhen Ting’s mind was already imagining how happy and delighted Old Master Night would be when he found out about this!

When he came to the ward, Night Sen happened to see Ling Fengxiang out, and when he saw him, Ling Fengxiang hurriedly greeted, “Zhenting, you’re here.”

“Hmm.” Night Zhen Ting nodded in response, “Thank you for coming to visit grandpa!”

“We’re all family, it’s only right.” Ling FengYi almost blurted out, and added after she finished, “I am close friends with your father, and I am also forgetful with the old man, three generations, so we are considered family.”

“Yes, thank you.” Night Zhen Ting hooked up his lips, “When grandpa is well, I will personally visit his door to thank him.”

Actually, it was a personal visit to the door for the wedding.

“Don’t mention it.” Ling FengYi smiled faintly, “I’ll go first.”

“I won’t see you off.” Night Zhen Ting nodded politely.

Ling Fengye left in silence, and after walking a few steps, she suddenly turned back and asked, “ZhenTing, do you know Feng Qianyang’s?”

Night Zhen Ting retracted his legs that were about to step into the ward and looked at him suspiciously, “Hmm?”

“There are some things that I don’t know if I should say ……” Ling Fengye seemed to be in a difficult position, and somehow wanted to say something, “About that Miss Feng, she ……”