Am I A Gigolo Chapter 49-50

Chapter 49

“I’m sorry, I called a dozen times and the other party prompted me to turn off the phone, I’m still continuing to contact.” Headmaster Liu was very nervous, “I just transferred over this week, I don’t know much about the student’s situation, but I will cooperate fully.”

“Mr. Night, can you show me the video.” Teacher Chen asked cautiously.

Night Fai handed her the phone.

Teacher Chen took it and took a closer look and immediately came to the conclusion, “This kid isn’t Tatsu, it’s Long Long! Although they both look exactly the same, there is still a big difference in their demeanor ……”

“Dragon Dragon?” Night Fai froze, “Could it be twins?”

“It’s triplets.” Teacher Chen explained, “Chen Chen is the eldest, the second one is called Long Long and looks exactly like him, and the third one is a girl called Yue Yue.”

“That Yue Yue, should be the little baby who ran after the parrot into our car last time.” Night Fai finally figured it out, “I told you, how come both kids have parrots, turns out they’re from the same family.”

“Quickly go and bring Longlong here.” Headmaster Liu hurriedly instructed Teacher Chen.

“Longlong is attending the toddler sports day, I’ll go get him right away.” Teacher Chen hurriedly ran out.

Headmaster Liu squatted down and patiently said to Chen Chen, “Chen Chen, you believe Principal Liu, they are not bad people, if you know the whereabouts of the chip, tell them, okay?”

When Chen Chen heard this, he was already a little hesitant, since the men in black had really given the chip to Long Long, that meant these people were not lying, and since they were not lying, they should not be bad people.

“Little friend.” Night Fai explained patiently-

“The technology of the new technological products our company researches are all in that chip. Now that the chip has been stolen by the bad guys, if we don’t get it back, this technology will be stolen and it will not only cause losses to our company, but also bring bad consequences to the society.”

“Okay.” Tatsu finally chose to believe them, tilted his little head and said seriously, “That chip was swallowed by Little Four-Bo, but Little Four-Bo hasn’t pulled it out yet, and when it does, it can be returned to you.”

“What does that mean? Can you say it more clearly?” Night Fai hurriedly pursued, “Little Four Treasures is?”

“You’re so stupid, Little Four Treasures is our family’s little parrot!”

“You’re so stupid, Little Four Treasures is our family’s little parrot!”

Exactly the same words, at this very moment, in the corner of the playground, were being said by Dragon to another man in black.

“You mean, that chip, swallowed by your family’s parrot?” The man in black frowned.

“Yes.” Dragon nodded, describing it in graphic detail –

“It didn’t like to eat after it swallowed the chip, and it was a bit depressed, always plucking its own fur.”

“I took him to the doctor with my mum, my mother-in-law and my eldest three babies and the doctor said he had indigestion and gave him medication to help him digest and said he would be fine once he pooped it out.

“So now I’m watching him poo every day to see if he’ll poop out the gold.”

“Did it poop out?” The man in black hurriedly pursued the question.

Dragon took a small box out of his school bag and handed it to him, “See for yourself.”

The man in black took it and opened the box, which was beautifully wrapped in colourful gift paper.

With a burst of joy in his heart, he eagerly tore open the wrapping paper ……

There was one more layer, and sweating with anxiety, he continued to tear open all the wrapping, and when he opened it, it was actually a big …… pile of feces!!!

“This is ……” the black man’s mouth twitched as he stared at the feces in front of him.

“I was afraid that when I wasn’t home, it would poop out gold and my mother-in-law would throw it away as poop, so I’ve been wrapping it up and bringing it to school every morning for the past few days and prying it open bit by bit to inspect it ……”

Dragon said and found a small wooden stick under a nearby tree, squatted down on the ground and started examining the pile of feces.

“Go away, I’ll do it.”

The man in black looked anxious and took the small wooden stick and poked it up against the feces, breaking it in one fell swoop.


Chapter 50

“Uh 。。。。。” The man in black was speechless.

“What a pain in the a*s.” Dragon had to go back for the little wooden stick.

The man in black couldn’t wait any longer, and in three or two strokes he used his hands to dig through the feces, which contained nothing but a few undigested melon seed shells.

The black man’s face was suddenly clouded and he stared at Long Long with a cannibalistic gaze, “Are you playing with me?”

“Ugh, looks like it didn’t pull out today.” Long Long held his meaty chin and sighed, “You can come back tomorrow, when you go to school tomorrow, I’ll bring the feces that Little Four Treasures pooped today, you remember to bring a pair of chopsticks, they work better than wooden sticks!”


The man in black’s full face was twitching like a facial paralysis patient, his hands clenched into fists.

If the little brat in front of him wasn’t only three years old and not resistant to beatings, he really wanted to strangle him to death!!!

“What’s wrong?” Long Long looked at him with an innocent face and waved his hand in front of his eyes, “Are you smothered in sh*t?”

The man in black took a hard deep breath, forcing himself to control the murderous aura he was about to explode, and tried to look as amiable as possible, “Kid, where’s the parrot? Take me to it.”

“Of course it’s at my house ……” Dragon blurted out, and after he finished, he stared at the man in black in front of him, “No, you’re not the same person as last time.”

This man in black had such fierce eyes, like a bad guy.

But he looked so much like the man from last time, dressed exactly the same, and as soon as he arrived, he brought up what happened last time and was able to give precise details, so Long Long mistook him for him.

“Black Panther has been captured, I’m his brother Black Tiger.” The man in black twisted Dragon straight up and walked quickly towards the back door, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you as long as you give me back the chip.”

“Let go of me.” Long Long’s legs stirred and struggled hard, “I can’t take you home ……”

“Brat, stop it ……”

Black Tiger bellowed impatiently, he saw the Night family’s car and it looked like they had found the place.

The chip had to be found before they did, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable!

Black Tiger hurriedly twisted Dragon and ran towards the back door.

“Long Long ……”

Suddenly, a milky cry came from Yue Yue who saw Long Long being taken away by a man in black and followed after him.

“San Bao go, go.” Long Long waved at her, gesturing for her not to follow.

“Bad man, where are you taking my brother? I’m going to tell the teacher ……”

Yue Yue forked her legs and spread her arms, blocking their way with a milky, fierce look.

“What a nuisance.”

In order not to reveal his whereabouts, Black Tiger had to turn back and take Yue Yue with him.

Twisting one in one hand, like a little chicken boy.

“Let go of me, let go of me-” the two little ones kept fluttering and shouting.

In order not to be discovered, Black Tiger had to tape their mouths shut and take them out over the wall, stuffing them into the car.

Locking the car door, Black Tiger untied the tape on Long Long’s mouth and threatened, “If you behave and lead me to the parrot, I’ll let you two go, or else I’ll throw your sister into the sea and feed her to the sharks.”

“You ……” Long Long was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but looking at Yue Yue’s tearful eyes, he could only nod, “Okay, I’ll take you to Little Four Treasures.”

Shengtian Group, Security Department.

Feng Qianxue returned from her patrol with David and her phone finally turned on.

She opened it and saw that there were actually dozens of missed calls, all from the kindergarten, she was startled and hurriedly called back.


“Hello, Little Apple Kindergarten? I am the mother of Feng Qianchen, Feng Qianlong and Feng Qian Yue, you have called me a lot, what is happening?”

“Hello parents, here’s the deal ……”

“It’s not good, it’s not good.”

Before Principal Liu could finish his words, Teacher Chen rushed in and said, “Longlong and Yueyue have been taken away.”