Am I A Gigolo Chapter 491-492

Chapter 491

“Since you shouldn’t say anything, then don’t say anything.” Night ZhenTing interrupted Ling FengYi, “Night Hui, send the guest away!”

“Er …… yes!”

Night Fai was a little embarra*sed, Night Zhen Ting was giving Ling Fengye an expulsion order.

Ling Fengye didn’t say anything more, he just sighed helplessly and turned around to leave.

“Young master, Mr. Ling meant no harm.” Night Sen looked at Ling Fengye’s back and said in a low voice, “I think you should listen to him, perhaps, he just has something he wants to remind you of.”

“I don’t think a woman can influence me in any way.”

Night Zhen Ting resented anyone mentioning Feng Qian Xue with malice, including Ling Feng Yao.

“Mr. Ling is a decent and kind person and sees things pertinently, although he doesn’t like the presence of other women much because of Miss Ling, he would never vilify anyone for that reason, perhaps, he really has some secret to tell you ……”

“Uncle Sen!” Night Zhen Ting interrupted Night Sen and frowned unhappily, “You’re thinking too much!”

“Fine.” Night Sen lowered his head and said no more.

Night Zhen Ting changed into his germ isolation suit and lifted his steps to walk into the ward. Remember the website

Old Master Night was in a comatose state at the moment, the doctor was examining him next to him, and when he saw Night ZhenTing coming, he hurriedly bowed his head and saluted.

“How is the situation?” Night Zhen Ting asked in a low voice.

“Comatose at times and awake at others.” The doctor replied in a low voice, “Old people should not fall, this time he fell and landed on his brain.

“How long is a period of time?” Nightquake frowned.

“I can’t say, maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe more.” The doctor speculated, “But right now it’s just lethargy, there’s no other pain.”

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything, just looked at his grandfather with a complicated gaze.

He always found it annoying when this old man used to lose his temper, when he was strong and brutal, and now he felt very guilty when he looked at his old man lying here ……

He knew that the old man was not getting any younger and that there would be a day when he would leave.

But he really hoped that this day would come later, and later again ……

“Keep him company, I’ll leave you to it.”

The doctor bowed his head and silently retreated.

Night Zhen Ting sat by the hospital bed, quietly accompanying Old Master Night.

The medical nurse brought a hot towel and prepared to scrub the old man’s body, when Night ZhenTing reached out and ordered, “I’ll do it.”

“Yes.” The nurse handed him the hot towel.

Night Zhen Ting didn’t know how to take care of people, he just wanted to do his filial duty.

When the wet towel wiped across the wrinkled skin of the old man, he realised that his grandfather was really getting old.

The old man who used to run the business world and call the shots has gradually entered the end of his life after the baptism of the years ……

At this moment, Night Zhen Ting’s mood was very complicated, he had just recognized his three children, and then he looked at his grandfather who was seriously ill, the coming and going of life, as if two roads were crossing.

“Young master!” Night Sen’s soft call interrupted Night Zhen Ting’s thoughts.

Night Zhen Ting came back to his senses and turned his head to look at him, “Hm?”

“It’s time for the old master to take his medicine.” Night Sen brought over warm boiled water and ground powdered medicine.

“I’ll do it.” Night Zhen Ting took the medicine and carefully fed Old Master Night to take it.

“Old Master will chant your name whenever he comes to his senses these days.” Night Sen said softly, “The person he misses the most and can’t let go of is always you.”

Night Zhen Ting did not speak, only his lowered eyes trembled slightly.

“The doctor told me just now.” Night Sen attached to Night Zhen Ting’s ear and said, “Even if the old man wakes up, his days are numbered, you don’t want to make him angry again.”

“I know ……” Night Zhen Ting looked at Old Master Night and raised the corners of his lips, “When he wakes up, I have good news to tell him.”


Chapter 492

“There’s good news?” Night Sen was overjoyed, “That’s great, when the old man is happy, his health will get better.”

“He will be very happy when he hears this news.”

Night Zhen Ting’s mind was already picturing that scene ……

The old man originally loved those three children, if he knew that they were the flesh and blood of the Night Family, his direct great grandchildren, he didn’t know how excited and happy he would be!!!

“That said, I can’t wait to find out.” Night Sen was very much looking forward to it.

At this time, the medical nurse came in to change the old man, and Night Zhen Ting went out first.

“Night King, everything has settled down!” Night Hui hurriedly came over to report, “You didn’t sleep all night last night, go and catch up on your sleep now.”

“Young master didn’t rest last night?”

Night Sen came out of the ward just in time to hear these words.

“Busy taking care of those three children ……,” laughed Night Fai.

“I didn’t think young master could live in peace with those three children.” Night Sen was very relieved, “I was worried that you guys were fighting.”

“How childish am I in Uncle Sen’s mind?” Night Zhen Ting was a little speechless, “Arguing with a three-year-old?”

“Haha, you have always disliked children, I was worried that they would inadvertently offend you and your temper …… hehehe ……” Night Sen smiled embarra*sedly. “Those three children are the old master’s heart, I’m really worried, if anything happens, I can’t deliver.”

“Don’t worry, they’re fine.” Night Zhen Ting curled his lips.

“Are they still in the hospital? How is Chen Chen’s condition?” Night Sen asked after him with concern.

“Food allergy, the injection has subsided a lot.” Night Fai replied, “Don’t worry, it’s all well arranged.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Night Sen breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I’ll go over there later and pick them up and settle them down before I come back.”

“No need.” Night Zhen Ting immediately said, “I’ve already asked Lei Yu to arrange for the three children to be taken to my side of the house, so it’s not necessary for you to bother.”

“To live with you?” Night Sen was very surprised, “You always like to keep quiet, why do you suddenly want to bring the children to your place? Aren’t you afraid they will disturb you?”

“No, they are very cute.” Night Zhen Ting spoke of the three children with gentle eyebrows.

“Night King, the room has been arranged.” At this time, the dean himself came to report.

“Mm.” Night Zhen Ting followed the dean and left, he intended to go and rest first so that he would have the energy to deal with it in the evening.

“This ……” Night Sen looked at Night Zhen Ting’s back and asked Night Hui in confusion, “What the hell is going on here? Why has the young master suddenly changed his nature?”

“That’s a change of sex?” Night Fai smiled mysteriously, “There will be more unexpected surprises later.”

“Uh ……” Night Sen listened in a cloud of confusion.

“Don’t worry, Master, it’s a good thing.”

Night Fai smiled and bowed to Night Sen, turning to catch up with Night Zhen Ting.

Night Sen was puzzled when the medical nurse came over to call him, and he hurried in to take care of the old man without giving it much thought.

Night Zhen Ting lay on the bed in the lounge, looking at the time on his watch, unaware that it was eleven in the morning.

There were still eight hours left before the time he had agreed with him.

At this moment, Night Zhen Yun should be ready to take Feng Qian Xue and set off back to Hai Cheng, right?

As soon as they set foot in the territory of Hai Cheng, they would fall under the surveillance of the night army and would never be able to play any tricks again.


Feng Qianxue was lying on her bed, drifting off to sleep, when the door to her room was suddenly opened and a tall, lean figure elegantly walked in, followed by an entourage of followers.

“Not badly hurt.” Night Zhenyun sat on the sofa chair, cold eyes sizing up Feng Qianxue.

When Feng Qianxue heard the voice, she gradually woke up, moved her body, which was so painful that it was numb, and wanted to turn over, but her back was too painful and she just couldn’t move ……

Night Zhenyun made a hand gesture.

Night Yan walked over and roughly lifted Feng Qianxue over.

Feng Qianxue was trembling with pain, her messy hair scattered in front of her eyes, hiding her pale face.