Am I A Gigolo Chapter 493-494

Chapter 493

“I thought I was as beautiful as a fairy, but that’s all.” Night Zhen Yun sneered mockingly, “Night Zhen Ting is really blind, he actually fell for a woman like you.”

Feng Qianxue slowly opened her eyes and looked at the woman in front of her in confusion, “You, who are you?”

“Who I am, you don’t need to know.” Night Zhen Yun hooked his lips in a smile, “You only need to know that I am someone you can’t afford to mess with.”

“What do you want?” Feng Qianxue gasped weakly and feebly.

“Hehe ……” Night Zhen Yun sneered grimly, “I’m about to hand you back to Night Zhen Ting, before I leave, I’ll give you a gift ……”

Saying that, she made a hand gesture ……

Two black bodyguards immediately stepped forward to hold down Feng Qianxue.

Night Yan took out a needle and prepared to inject Feng Qianxue ……

“What are you guys going to do? Let go of me ……” Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened in shock as she struggled desperately, “What is this? Let me go, let me go …… ah ……”

In the end, Feng Qianxue was unable to break free as long, thin needles were stuck into her body and clear liquid was injected all over.

Feng Qianxue screamed in terror, struggling, shaking her head, but unable to resist.

She didn’t know what kind of liquid this was, didn’t know what kind of damage these things would do to her, her heart was filled with fear ……

The night Zhen Yun crossed his legs and sat on the sofa chair, shaking a tall gla*s of wine in his hand, his lips curled in a wicked, sardonic smile.

The long, thin, deep eyes were like a poisonous snake, staring coldly at Feng Qianxue.

However, as Feng Qianxue kept shaking her head and struggling, the long hair draped over her face spread out, gradually revealing a beautiful face ……

Night Zhen Yun was first stunned, and then, her gaze gradually became shocked ……

She blinked hard and thought she was mistaken, and hastily ordered, “Raise your head!”

Night Yan cupped Feng Qianxue’s chin and forcibly lifted her head.

A clear, elegant and stunning face was presented in front of her eyes ……

Night Zhenyun was completely stunned, as if he was looking at a devil, his eyes were full of shock and even panic ……

For a long time, Night Zhenyun shouted out a name in shock: “Condensing frost?”

Feng Qianxue was shaken and raised her head, looking at the cold, charming and vicious woman in front of her in confusion: “You, how do you know this name?”

“What kind of person is Condensing Frost to you?” Night Zhen Yun questioned excitedly.

Feng Qianxue couldn’t answer in time before she fell onto the bed, covering the injection and rolling around screaming in pain.

Not long after, she was foaming at the mouth and pa*sed out ……

Night Zhenyun was still frozen at a distance, staring at Feng Qianxue incredulously.

After a long time, Night Zhenyun finally reacted and hurriedly ordered, “Go check her life immediately, I want detailed and specific information, quick.”

“Yes.” Night Yan immediately went to do so.

“Master, the drug injection has been completed.” The black bodyguard said in fluent English, “In three months, she will be a complete invalid, at your mercy.”

Night Zhenyun did not say anything, only that there were complicated thoughts in his eyes.

It seemed to be anxious to prove something ……

“Master, it’s almost time to leave.” The attendant reminded.

“Treat her wounds, tidy her up, and get her into the car.” Night Zhenyun stood up, “Don’t touch her again!”


Half an hour later, the unconscious Feng Qianxue was placed in a business car.

Night Zhenyun sat right next to her, narrowing his eyes and staring at her in a complicated manner.

The car started and slowly drove towards Hai Cheng.

Night Yan was still operating the computer and talking on the phone, using all the power relations to find out Feng Qianxue’s life in the shortest possible time ……

“Before we see Night ZhenTing, we must know the answer.” Night Zhen Yun ordered.

“My subordinates will do their best.” Night Yan had some difficulty, “This woman’s information seems to have been tampered with, a lot of information can’t be found, only that her father is Feng Qianyang, the former richest man in Hai Cheng.”

“Feng Qianyang??” Night Zhen Yun’s body shook, very shocked, “The Feng Qian Yang that I forced to die four years ago?”


Chapter 494

“Look.” Night Yan handed her the tablet computer.

Night Zhenyun slid the screen and checked the computer, sneering excitedly, “I really didn’t expect that a businessman I inadvertently forced to death four years ago was actually the man Condensate Cream had on the outside, hahaha ……”

“Master, this matter is only speculation now, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, right?” Night Yan said in confusion, “Feng Qian Yang is just an ordinary businessman, how could he be related to Condensing Frost?”

“That’s also right, it should still be further confirmed.”

Night Zhenyun twirled the ring on her ring finger and stared at Feng Qianxue with cold eyes for a long time, she dialed a phone number ……

The phone rang for a long time before answering, a low voice came out, “Hello!”

“Ling Fengye, long time no see.” Night Zhenyun hooked his lips, his voice seemed cordial yet cold and arrogant, “There’s a question I want to enquire with you.”

“What?” Ling Fengye was clearly on the defensive.

“Condensing Cream ……,” Night Zhen Yun slowly said the name and asked tentatively, “Is there a daughter?”

Ling Fengye on the other end of the phone was clearly shaken and did not speak for a long time.

“It seems that you have already met Feng Qianxue.” Night Zhen Yun was so smart that he sneered and speculated, “In fact, if you don’t say it, I can also find out that back then, Condensing Cream had a man outside and had a sinful child with that man ……” Remember the website

After a pause, Night Zhen Yun asked tentatively, “That man is called Feng Qian Yang, right?”

“I don’t know.” Ling Fengye said coldly, “Feng Qianyang is already dead, there is no proof of death, now you are just speculating, don’t hurt the innocent anymore.”

“It seems that I guessed correctly.” Night Zhenyun had already come to a conclusion, “Feng Qianxue is the daughter of Feng Qianyang and Condensing Frost!”

“Night Zhen Yun, that’s enough ……,” Ling Feng Yao shouted lowly in agitation, “The feud of the previous generation is already over, your elder brother died a long time ago, don’t go crazy again.”

“You’re really kind.” Night Zhen Yun sneered mockingly, “Your daughter is about to get engaged to Night Zhen Ting, and Night Zhen Ting still has his heart set on another woman, and you don’t mind? Or is it because this woman is Condensing Frost’s daughter, so you don’t even care about your own daughter’s happiness?”

“Night, Zhen, Yun ……”

“All right.” Night Zhenyun was too lazy to talk to him further, “I was just curious to ask, nothing will happen, don’t worry.”

Hanging up the phone, Night Zhenyun looked at the sleeping Feng Qianxue, his lips curled up in a smug sneer, “It really took no time at all, had I known that she was Condensing Frost’s daughter, why would I have bothered so much?”

Saying that, Night Zhen Yun patted Feng Qian Xue’s beautiful face and laughed, “Condensate frost, condensate frost, you are really my lucky star, at this time, you can still help me out!”

Feng Qianxue, who was sleeping, was completely unaware of what was happening ……

She was just in pain, a lot of pain, and it was as if there were tens of thousands of insects biting all over her body, seemingly wanting to break all her veins.

She felt that she was going to die ……


Night Zhen Ting had a nightmare that he was picking up Feng Qianxue downstairs, but when he opened the car, Feng Qianxue was already dead in the car, bleeding from seven holes, with a hideous face ……

Behind him, Night Zhen Yun sneered hideously, like a madman.

Night Zhen Ting was jolted awake, sweating profusely, his heart beating fast.

For many years, except for the day of his parents’ accident, Night Zhen Ting had never felt like this ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

He immediately turned out of bed, washed his face and went downstairs early to wait for Night Zhen Yun.

He wanted to see Feng Qianxue as soon as possible to make sure that she was safe and sound.

“Don’t worry, Night King, the Night Army’s people have fully monitored the situation, Chief Yun’s car drove into Hai Cheng three hours ago and should arrive early.”