Am I A Gigolo Chapter 497-498

Chapter 497

“Zhentian, Zhenting, Qingqing ……”

Old Master Night shouted the name of Night ZhenTing’s father, Night ZhenTing, and Night ZhenTing’s mother’s name, but not Night ZhenYun’s name.

Night Sen looked at Night Zhen Yun awkwardly.

Night Zhen Yun’s face went from stunned to disappointed, to cold, and finally, the corners of her lips curled up in a mocking sneer ……

She was not laughing at others, but at herself.

To actually still have the illusion that the old man would really miss himself.

How ridiculous ……

Night Zhen Ting brushed aside his face and was silent.

From the time he understood, he had felt that the old man did not like this aunt and was too harsh on her without much warmth.

He had also advised his grandfather, only for some reason, the old man became angry when the subject was brought up.

He could only give up. Remember the website

In fact, he had also sympathised with his aunt because of this, only that later, when she became more and more insane, he turned away from this aunt ……

It was not until Broken Skyward grew up that his aunt began to plan for him, wanting to compete for property and pave the way for her son.

The two brothers have no ambition, but only like to squander money and play with flowers.

Because of this, the two brothers had a good relationship, and in private, Night Thunder helped him a lot.

It is only that last time, Broken Sky had actually started to think about Feng Qianxue, which made him angry ……

It also indirectly inspired the conflict between the aunt and nephew.

“Miss Yun, the ward cannot stay too long.” Night Sen gently reminded, “Do you have something to say to the old man?”

“Of course I do.” Night Zhenyun came up to the bed and called out softly, “Daddy, Daddy ……”

Old Master Night moved and seemed to have heard a voice.

“Can you hear my voice?” Night Zhenyun was overjoyed, “I’m Zhenyun.”

“Hmm ……” Old Master Night made a low nasal sound as if he heard her, his eyelids blinking but never able to open.

“You get better soon, I have good news for you.” A wicked sneer curled up on Night Zhenyun’s lips, his eyes narrowed grimly, “You will be so happy when you hear it!”

Night Sen bent down and stood beside him, carefully on guard, he was afraid that Night Zhenyun would say something bad and deliberately irritate the old man.

“Alright.” Night Zhenyun actually backed away and inquired, “Uncle Sen, what did the doctor say? When will dad wake up?”

“The old man fell in the bathroom, that’s why he’s unconscious, the doctor said he needs to recuperate for a while, half a month soon, it might take a few months if it’s slow.” Night Sen replied.

“I hope dad wakes up soon.” Night Zhenyun sighed, “Please take good care of him.”

“Of course.” Night Sen nodded his head in a hurry.

Night Zhenyun said thank you and turned to leave.

Night Sen looked at Night ZhenTing.

Night ZhenTing also felt strange, this woman, she actually didn’t say or do anything?

This was not like her style.

Night ZhenTing walked out of the ward.

Night Zhen Yun had already taken off his germ isolation suit and was seriously wiping his hands with sterile wet wipes, “When your grandfather wakes up, remember to inform me, I’m going to bring Tianya over to visit him.”

“If you don’t play tricks, I won’t stop.” Night Zhen Ting said indifferently.

“Heh!” Night Zhen Yun laughed coldly and narrowed her eyes at him, “If you don’t have a problem, no one else can play tricks if they want to!”

With that, she clapped her hands and turned to leave, “Take care of yourself, my good nephew!”

Night ZhenTing looked at her back, his brow frowning slightly.

Although Night Zhen Yun didn’t do anything today, he always felt uneasy and had a vague sense of foreboding in his heart ……

At this time, the phone rang and Lei Yu called, “Night King, Miss Feng has woken up!”

At the same time, Feng Qianxue’s frightened screams came from the other end of the phone ……

Night Zhen Ting’s heart was shocked and he hurriedly ran towards the lift ……


Chapter 498

Night Zhen Ting hurriedly ran to the other side of the ward ……

Four medical nurses were holding down Feng Qianxue, Lei Yu anxiously rea*sured, “Miss Feng, don’t be afraid, I am Lei Yu ah, you are safe now, calm, calm ……”

But Feng Qianxue was still struggling and screaming, as if she had encountered something horrible.

Night Zhen Ting rushed in with one arrow step and shouted angrily, “Get lost!”

Several medical and nursing staff backed away in a panic.

Feng Qianxue lost control and violently grabbed an injection, waving it around like crazy and cutting her hand.

Night Zhen Ting ignored the danger and held her tightly.

The needle pierced deeply into his arm, but he was oblivious to the pain like, just holding Feng Qianxue in a deadly embrace, soothingly saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here, I’m ……”

Feng Qianxue was like a crazy wild cat, still struggling, but Night Zhen Ting was so strong that he trapped her in his arms, unable to move at all.

So she bit down hard on Night Zhen Ting’s neck, deadly, like a beast biting its prey.

Blood flowed down ……

But Night Zhen Ting didn’t put up any resistance, just gently stroked her hair to calm her down.

Several medical nurses were terrified and stood by, shivering.

For a long time, Feng Qianxue finally calmed down and pa*sed out in Night Zhen Ting’s arms ……

Lei Yu said in fear and anxiety, “Night King, bear with me, I’ll help you pull out the needle.”

Night Zhen Ting nodded his head.

Lei Yu gritted his teeth and carefully pulled out the needle, “Luckily there’s no potion inside, but it hurts enough.”

“What’s going on? Why is she like this?” Night Zhen Ting questioned with a frown, “Are there any other infractions on her body?”

“I’ve checked carefully, apart from the injuries on Miss Feng’s back, there are also binding strangulation marks on her wrists and ankles, I’ve specially asked a specialist in gynaecology to examine her, there is no invasion and no other problems, I don’t know why she’s like this, could it be over shock?”

Lei Yu was puzzled.

“Go down.” Night Zhen Ting commanded.

“Yes.” Lei Yu took the medical nurse out.

Night Zhen Ting hugged the sleeping Feng Qian Xue and tenderly kissed her hair, he hated himself for not protecting her and letting her get hurt like this ……

Seeing her in this state, he was really heartbroken and distressed, and at the same time hated Night Zhen Yun very much.

He secretly swore, this debt, he must pay it back twice as much!

“Knock knock!” At this time, there was a knock on the door from outside, and Night Hui asked cautiously, “Night King, those three children called and found Uncle Sen, asking about Miss Feng’s situation, Rong Ma said that the children were not eating or sleeping, they were all waiting for their mother ……”

Hearing these words, Night Zhen Ting frowned tightly, he promised to bring Feng Qianxue home tonight, the children were waiting with eager anticipation.

But how could he take Feng Qianxue back when she was in this state?

After thinking about it, Night Zhen Ting responded, “Prepare the car, I will go back.”


Night Zhen Ting gently stroked Feng Qian Xue’s cheek and tidied up her messy hair, seeing the strangulation marks on her wrist, he was very distressed, suddenly, he noticed the needle holes on her wrist and immediately shouted to the outside, “Someone come.”

“Night King.” Lei Yu pushed the door in.

“Why is there a needle hole on her wrist?” Night Zhen Ting questioned with a frown.

“Before you came in, Miss Feng grabbed the injection once, and I snatched it off, and my hand was stabbed by her.” Lei Yu held out her wrist to show Night Tremor, “Then you came in and she stabbed you again ……”

“Check her again.” Night ZhenTing always felt that something was wrong, “Check carefully.”

“Yes.” Lei Yu nodded.

“Arrange a few more people to take care of her, sedate her if necessary, and don’t let her hurt herself.” Night Zhen Ting instructed, “I have to go back, I’ll come over later.”

“Understood, don’t worry.”