Am I A Gigolo Chapter 507-508

Chapter 507

Although the promise was quick, several shareholders remained worried ……

Their Mr. Night is a business genius who has been in the business world since he was a young man.

And although the Leng’s Mr. L has only started to take power in the past few years, he has acted in a rather fierce manner.

He has left a lot of shocking incidents in the business world that have left people scared to death!

Moreover, given the current situation, the Night’s is the biggest rival of the Leng’s. In the past few years, Shengtian has just entered the domestic market and established a firm foothold, and the Leng’s has killed over ……

I’m afraid it was aimed at Shengtian!

“Mr. Night is right, with Mr. Night around, we have nothing to worry about.” Jiang Dong said soothingly, “We have confidence in Chief Night.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Everyone all agreed.

“Breakfast has arrived.” At this time, Wen Li led the 17th floor waiter to bring a sumptuous breakfast.

“Have your breakfast first.” Night Zhen Ting got up and went to the washroom.

When several shareholders saw how calm and collected he was, they felt slightly more secure.

However, Ma Dong still tentatively asked Night Fai: “Mr. Fai, how is that project we are working on with Ling’s going? Do you know?”

“It’s in progress.”

Night Hui replied with a smile, he knew very well what Ma Dong was worried about, although Ling’s power was not enough, but such a big project was invested in, if it was terminated due to personal reasons, Shengtian would also suffer heavy losses.

Moreover, if there is a falling out with Ling, and Ling turns to Leng, that would be a big threat to Shengtian.

One more booster might not be a big deal, but once this booster turned to the enemy camp, the consequences would be serious.

“Don’t worry too much about it, Ma Dong.” Jiang Dong advised, “The Ling family and the Night family have been friends for three generations, and Chairman Ling treats the old man like an elder relative, so even if there are any changes at work, it won’t affect the interaction between the two families.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Ma Dong nodded his head repeatedly.

At this time, Night Zhen Ting returned from washing his hands and dined with a few shareholders.

Jiang Dong chatted with him about new product development, there was another new project recently for a toddler product, and he was stuck in one place, uninspired.

Night Zhen Ting asked him to send the information to his email address and go back to read it together in the evening.

After the meeting, several shareholders went off to their own business.

Night Timothy returned to his office to approve the documents.

Night Hui prepared ice wine for him and sighed, “As expected, Ma Dong is very worried about your relationship with Mr. Ling, afraid that the project will be interrupted and affect the cooperation between the two families to the extent that there will be greater consequences.”

“The fact that he can have such worries shows that he is working with his heart.” Night Zhen Ting said lightly, “Are there any other problems?”

“Not really any others.” Night Hui handed him the blended iced wine and asked worriedly, “On the Leng side, should I inquire about it?”

“I already inquired when I went to the washroom just now.” Night Zhen Ting hooked his lips into a smile, “Leng’s is indeed going to enter the domestic market, and the first stop is Haicheng.”

“Huh?” Night Fai was shocked, “They did that on purpose, didn’t they? Knowing full well that Haicheng is our territory in Shengtian, they still come to grab it?”

“The Chu family pulled the strings and wanted to help them take that part of the South China Sea.” Night Zhen Ting said disdainfully, “Si Hao Xuan climbed into the Chu family, the Chu family climbed into the Leng family, and the Leng’s are sitting on the benefits, so why not?”

“What can the sea area do?” Night Hui was puzzled.

“There are many projects that can be developed in the sea, but the investment is big, the risk is big, of course, the return is also big.” Night Zhen Ting said lightly, “The reason I didn’t move the sea area in the first place was to stabilize the other industries first, after all, I am mainly in the technology business.”

Night Hui frowned, full of worry, “The Leng family had a deep blood feud with our Night family in the previous generation, and although this generation has been welling up, if they fight again, I’m afraid that new feuds and old debts will become unmanageable.”

“People don’t offend me, I’m not a criminal, if people offend me ……” Night Zhen Ting narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Cut off the gra*s and eliminate the roots!”


Chapter 508

Leaving the company in the afternoon, Night Zhen Ting went straight to the Ci Xin Hospital ……

Feng Qianxue was already much better today, having slept all day in the hospital in a muddled state, her body was limp and her face was very pale.

Today she did not fall ill again and was in a calm mood.

When Night Zhen Ting came to the ward, Feng Qianxue was standing by the window, quietly staring out at the rainy scene in a daze.

He gently walked over and hugged her from behind.

She reacted violently and immediately swung her hand over and punched him in the head ……

“There was a thud and a muffled thud.

“Uh ……” Feng Qianxue saw that it was Night Zhen Ting, she hastily held his face and apologized, “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t know it was you, did it hurt?”

“Luckily there was no knife in your hand, otherwise blood would have splattered all over you.”

Night Zhen Ting pinched her cheek, seemingly unaware of the pain at all.

“I’m sorry.” Feng Qianxue felt very guilty and gently rubbed his red and swollen forehead, and found another row of deep teeth marks on his neck, the wounds all still fresh and surrounded by bruises.

“Oh my god, what’s going on?” Feng Qianxue hurriedly inquired, “How did it bite like this? Who bit you?”

Night Zhen Ting didn’t say anything, he just looked at her with a smirk.

“Could it be me?” Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened in shock, “No way?”

“I thought you had turned into a vampire yesterday.” Night Zhen Ting scraped her lips with his finger, “Sucked a lot of my blood!”

“I’m sorry ……”

Feng Qianxue was so guilty that her eyes turned red all of a sudden.

She didn’t even know that she was so horrible when she launched her madness, biting him like this last night and swelling his forehead today ……

If this were before, he would have strangled her to death.

Now, how did he become so good-natured?

“So, how should you be punished? Hmm?” Night Zhen Ting slammed up his face, pretending to be serious.

“I ……” Feng Qianxue was a little flustered and looked at him pitifully, “I was wrong!”

Then, she closed her eyes and offered her neck to him, “You bite me!”

She remembered that he was vengeful and never soft.

“Good ……” Night Zhen Ting slowly moved over and gently bit her neck with his teeth, the sour, soft and tingly feeling, as if feathers were caressed, was like a burst of electricity spreading throughout his body ……

Feng Qianxue waited for half a day, but he hadn’t really bitten her, just teasing kisses like fire gently brushing her neck, cheeks, ears, up to her shoulders and collarbone ……

Feng Qianxue tilted her neck and panted slightly, allowing his fiery kisses to sweep over her body.

Trembling slightly, she pushed her delicate red lips together, matching his kiss ……

Instantly, the temperature in the room rose and the atmosphere became searingly hot, as if a fire was blazing.

Outside, Night Fai instructed Hai, who was stationed at the door, “Know what to do?”

“I know, I won’t let anyone disturb the Night King.”

Hai had become accustomed to it and would never blush shyly like before.


The two people in the room, hot and entwined, were not affected by the outside world at all, clinging to each other, trying to melt into one.

When they were about to rise into the clouds, Night Zhen Ting bit Feng Qianxue’s ear and ordered, “Hold me tight!”

Feng Qianxue hugged his waist tightly and looked at him with drunken eyes, the deep love in his eyes poured out and she could feel his burning love.

She suddenly felt so moved and happy that a tear slipped down her face, but she covered it up with a hot kiss.

“Fool ……” Nightquake Timbers kissed her and whispered in her ear, “We will be happy ……”

He knew she was insecure, he knew she was apprehensive, he knew she had too many worries, so he wanted to give her everything that was good.

Love, marriage, home ……

Whatever she wanted, he would give it to her.