Am I A Gigolo Chapter 511-512

Chapter 511

When he heard these words, night Zhen Ting fell into deep thought, how could he not know that night Sen’s bitter words were all in consideration for him.

When he was very young, he understood that he had to weigh the pros and cons, avoid harm and take into account the overall situation ……

He has always done the same, which is why he has been able to develop Shengtian to its current state in just a few years.

Only, this time, emotions had taken over his dominant thinking.

He desperately wanted to give Feng Qianxue and the children a home, a grand wedding, and he was almost on the verge of waiting for the day when the old man would wake up.

But reality had given him a wake-up call!

Grandfather is so seriously ill and still has this matter on his mind, so that when he has a little strength, he has to remind him repeatedly that he must not let Leng take over the upper hand ……

If it were any other matter, it would be fine, but this matter, Night Zhen Ting must not compromise.

The night family has an unbreakable feud with the Leng family, and the early death of his parents was all because of the Leng family ……

The previous generation’s grudge was reconciled long ago in the current generation, and there is no longer any intercourse between them.

But now, the Leng family has come to the door, night Zhen Ting naturally have to meet the battle with all their might!

So, all those longed-for goodness could only be put aside for a while.

“Young Master, you are the only hope of the Night Family, don’t let the Old Master down.”

Night Sen left these words behind and lowered his head into the ward.

Night Zhen Ting turned to leave, a short journey of a few minutes, but in his mind was a thousand sails ……

At present, the night family is suffering from internal and external problems, with enemies on both sides, he must temporarily put aside his children’s personal feelings and deal with his official duties first.

Feng Qianxue should be able to understand him, right?

“Night King!” Night Hui came to report, “It’s all arranged.”

“Mm.” Night Zhen Ting came to the ward, Feng Qian Xue had already changed her clothes, although her mental state was still not too good, but the thought that she would soon be able to see her child made her very happy.

“Go home!” Night Zhen Ting held out his hand to her.

Feng Qianxue put her hand on his palm and they smiled at each other.

Night Zhen Ting took off his jacket and draped it over her, and walked out of the ward with his arm around her.

Night Fai and Lei Yu followed behind with their bodyguards and paramedics.

The momentum caused all the patients and family members pa*sing by to look over and scurry back to the side.

It was raining outside, and the bodyguards were holding large black umbrellas, guarding the section of the road where they were getting into the car, shielding them from the storm.

Night Zhen Ting put his arm around Feng Qian Xue and wiped the rain from her hair.

Feng Qianxue leaned softly into his arms and drifted off to sleep again.

“Sleeping again?” Night Zhen Ting touched her forehead, no fever, he asked Lei Yu in a low voice, “What’s going on? She seems to have been drowsy for the past two days.”

“It should be because she’s too tired, I guess she didn’t dare to close her eyes those few days.” Lei Yu said softly, “Plus she used medicine, so she’s rather drowsy I guess, she’ll be fine after a few days.”

Night Zhen Ting wrapped his arms tightly around Feng Qian Xue and patted her shoulder tenderly to make her sleep more peacefully.

Feng Qianxue curled up in his arms, like a child, and went to sleep in a short while.

He felt that something was wrong with her, but thought that he had done all the tests and could not find anything wrong.

In order not to disturb Feng Qianxue’s rest, the car drove very smoothly.

It took more than forty minutes to arrive home from what was supposed to be a half hour drive. The children were standing at the door waiting, and when they saw the car drive in, they were so anxious that they wanted to rush out, and the three medical nurses hastily pulled them ……

“Little young master, little princess, wait for the car to stop before going over, pay attention to safety!”

“Little purple sister, can you see it? Is mommy in the car?”

Yue Yue jumped up and down, trying to jump higher to see if there was any sign of mummy in the car.

“I can’t see it.” The car had a protective film, so she couldn’t see inside.


Chapter 512

“Home.” Night Zhen Ting called out softly.

Feng Qianxue did not respond.

Only when Night Zhen Ting patted her face did she slowly open her eyes and said in a daze, “We’re here? Where are the children?”

“Waiting for you.” Night Zhen Ting helped Feng Qian Xue out of the car.

“Mommy ……” Yue Yue rushed over with her short legs, almost knocking Feng Qian Xue to the ground.

Luckily, Night Zhen Ting was holding Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue hastily squatted down and hugged Yue Yue’s chubby little body, excitedly kissing her delicate little face.

“Mommy, where have you been? San Bao misses you so much ……”

Yue Yue’s voice choked up as soon as she opened her mouth, crystal clear tears swirling in her big grape-like eyes.

They had agreed not to cry, so, she didn’t cry.

“Mommy misses you too.” Feng Qianxue hugged Yue Yue and felt guilty, “I’m sorry that Mummy didn’t take good care of you.” Remember the website

“Mummy!” Chen Chen also ran over, his new little leather shoes stepping on the rain and splashing the ground.

“Dabao!” Feng Qianxue immediately unfolded her arms and wrapped them around him.

“Mummy, are you alright?”

Tenzin’s eyes were red, this little man, who usually looked strong and calm, could not hide his inner vulnerability when he saw his mummy.

“Mummy is fine.” Feng Qianxue hugged Chen Chen and kissed his hair, “Dabao, I heard that you have allergies? How is it now?”

“It’s better already, it’s fine.” Chen Chen gently wiped the rain from Feng Qianxue’s face with his little hand, looking at her pale face, he was very distressed, “Mommy, are you sick?”

“A little problem, it’s fine.”

While Feng Qianxue was speaking, the medical nurse pushed Longlong over.

Long Long called out anxiously from afar, “Mummy, Mummy ……”

“Erbao!” Feng Qianxue padded over and hugged Longlong, “Is your leg better? When did the cast come off?”

“It was removed yesterday, the doctor said I was recovering well.” Longlong hugged Feng Qianxue tightly and pouted, “Mommy, Erbao misses you so much, Erbao even dreamt of you in his nap today, Erbao was so afraid that you would never come back.”

“Silly boy, Mommy is back, Mommy will never leave again.” Feng Qianxue pinched his little face and said dotingly, “Okay, let’s go inside, it’s still raining.”

“Mm-hmm.” The three children all plucked at Feng Qianxue, Chen Chen holding the hem of her skirt, Yue Yue holding her hand, and she had to free one hand to hold Long Long.

“Stop pestering mummy, she needs to be looked after too.”

Night Zhen Ting twisted Yue Yue and Chen Chen straight up and placed them on his shoulders.

“Oops!” Chen Chen exclaimed, almost falling off.

“Dabao, like me ……”

Yue Yue’s little chubby hand tightly grabbed Night Zhen Ting’s hair and demonstrated it to Chen Chen.

When Chen Chen took a look, he immediately followed suit and also followed Yue Yue’s example of grabbing Night Zhen Ting’s hair.

“It won’t fall down like this, will it?” Yue Yue raised her little eyebrows with a smug look on her face.

“Yeah, it’s much safer.” Tatsuya breathed a sigh of relief.


Night Zhen Ting’s head was full of black lines, feeling like he was really turning into a tree now with two little monkeys picking on him.

“Mummy, Mummy ……”

At this time, the little four treasures also flew over and landed on Night Zhen Ting’s head, looking east and west, as if they were also looking for their own territory.

“When my leg is well, I want to carry it too.”

Long Long pouted unhappily, as if he felt that he was at a disadvantage for not being carried by Night Zhen Ting.

Feng Qianxue laughed out loud, looking at Night Zhending with tender eyes.

“You’re still laughing!” Night Zhending pinched her face, holding her with one hand and pushing Long Long’s wheelchair with the other, he walked towards home, “Let’s go home!”

“Yeah, home!”

The three children cheered happily, their voices full of happiness ……