Am I A Gigolo Chapter 515-516

Chapter 515

“Mummy has made little piggy buns, and sticky rice patties, they’re delicious.” Yue Yue waved her little hand at Night Zhen Ting and shouted in a milky voice, “Come down quickly.”

“Don’t rush him, Mummy still has a chow mein left to make.” Feng Qianxue brought a fruit salad to the table and looked up to smile at Night Tremor, “Go and change.”

“Mmm.” Night Zhen Ting smiled and nodded, he felt that there had never been a morning that was as nice as this ……

“How nice!” Night Hui couldn’t help but sigh when he saw this scene, perhaps this kind of life was nothing for ordinary people, but for the Night King, it was the only part that was missing since he was a child.

Now that he finally got it back, no wonder, that unprecedented warm smile on his face ……

Night Zhen Ting changed his clothes and went downstairs, Feng Qian Xue had already brought the fried noodles to the table, seven items and three drinks, very generous.

Chen Chen was helping to set the cutlery and arranged it seasonedly, “The three of us sit in one row, Uncle Night and also Mommy sit in one row, and Little Four Treasures sit at the end of the table.”

“Thank you Dabao!”

Yue Yue, with the help of her medical sister, sat down on a high chair and then began to pad herself with a dinner cloth.

Longlong’s eyes were starry and his mouth was watering as he clapped his little hands impatiently, “Wow, today’s breakfast is so generous, it looks so delicious, I can’t wait.”

Sitting at the tail end of the table, Little SiBao looked at the parrot food in front of him and then at the sumptuous breakfast in front of him, and unhappily swept the parrot food off his plate, waving his wings and calling out, “Want to eat, want to eat!” Remember the website

“Quiet.” Yue Yue frowned a little and glared at him with a milky fierce glare, “You can’t eat these, you can only eat parrot food, okay?”

“No, no!” Little Four Treasures began to throw a tantrum, fluttering its wings and flying over.

“No way!” Yue Yue rushed to protect the dinner plate in front of her with a pair of little chubby hands and shouted in anxiety, “Da Bao Er Bao, Little Four Treasures is here to grab breakfast!”

“Little Four-Bo, go back to your place.” Dragon immediately furrowed his little brow and threatened with his dinner knife, “Or I’m going to put you in a cage!”

“No, don’t!” Little SiBao yelped in resignation, stopping a short distance away from them, eyeing the scrumptious breakfasts, not wanting to leave.

“Okay, I’ll give you extra nuts later.” Tatsu coaxed it calmly, “Go back to your seat now.”

“Little Four Treasures, your nuts are here.” Feng Qianxue added some grated nut pieces to Little Four Treasures’ plate and smiled, “Come and eat your breakfast!”

Only then did Little Four Treasures reluctantly head for his place, wiggling his butt as he went, with a condescending look, as if to say, “I have nuts, not for you!”

“This parrot has quite a temper.”

Night Zhen Ting had just seen this scene on the revolving staircase and found it amusing, although it was a bit noisy, this was what made life so full of fireworks, warm and welcoming.

“Uncle Night, it’s called Little Four Treasures!”

Tenzin set the cutlery and climbed up on his own chair on tiptoe, padding himself with a napkin in a gentlemanly manner.

“Why is it called that?” Nightquake Timothy looked at him affectionately.

“Because he’s the fourth in line.” Long Long tilted his little head and explained with a serious face, “We have Big Treasure, Second Treasure and Third Treasure, he is the fourth treasure, so to distinguish himself from us, he is called Little Fourth Treasure!”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” Night Zhen Ting nodded in a daze of understanding.

“I also have some Barbie dolls called Little Five Treasures, Little Six Treasures, Little Seven Treasures ……” Yue Yue counted them on her fingers and beamed, “They are all our family’s little babies, they are so cute, I will introduce you to them some day! ”

“Good.” Night Zhen Ting raised the corners of his lips, looking at the three children in front of him, he still could not believe it a little, he actually became a father ……


Chapter 516

The children used to call him their eldest grandson and he was very nasty, now they call him Uncle Night and he feels a bit awkward, he wants them to call him Dad but he doesn’t know how to ask.

Perhaps it was time to bring the parent-child relationship closer first ……

“Come on, eat your breakfast.” Feng Qianxue placed the freshly ground black coffee in front of Night Zhen Ting.

“Thanks.” Night ZhenTing took a sip of his coffee, raised his eyes to look at the children and asked tentatively, “How about I send you to kindergarten?”

“Really?” Yue Yue was overjoyed, her pretty and delicate little face raised into a bright smile, “Great, I agree!”

“I agree too.” Long Long raised his little hand and said excitedly, “Mommy is usually too busy to send us to kindergarten, I am so envious every time I see other children having their mommy and daddy to send them.”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue was a little ashamed, she really seldom went to pick up the children and thought they wouldn’t care, but now she realised that they would envy the other children too.

“Uncle Night, won’t it delay your work?” Tenzin was more thoughtful.

“No.” Night Zhen Ting responded, and then instructed Night Hui, “Go and get ready.”

“Huh?” Night Fai froze, not knowing what to prepare, sending the children to kindergarten, wouldn’t it be enough to talk to the driver? What else do you need to prepare?

“How many children are there in your kindergarten?”

Night Zhen Ting chatted idly with the children as he sipped his coffee.

“Huh? That’s a hard question.”

Yue twisted her pigtails and pouted thoughtfully, but couldn’t find an answer.

“I only know that there are 19 students in our cla*s.” Long Long swallowed a mouthful of piggy buns and beamed his oily little mouth, “There were originally twenty, but since Simu Feng transferred to another school, there are 19 left.”

“Oh!” Night Zhen Ting nodded.

“I know.” Chen Chen took a sip of his juice and calculated with his fingers, “The kindergarten has four grades: small, middle, large and preschool, seven cla*ses in one grade, twenty students in one cla*s, a total of 560 students.”

After a pause, he added, “And then, five teachers in each cla*s, for a total of 140 teachers.”

“You’re so clever!”

Night Zhen Ting was very surprised, not only was this child’s emotional intelligence high and his logical thinking strong, his arithmetic was also first cla*s, a three and a half year old, analysing the situation and working out the figures, skilful and fluent ……

What a little genius, worthy of being his son of Night Zhen Ting!

“Thanks.” Chen Chen was used to such compliments and asked indifferently, “Why is Uncle Night asking this?”

“Because that stupid uncle behind me doesn’t know what to arrange.”

Night Zhen Ting glanced coldly at Night Fai.

“Got it got it.”

Night Fai hastily nodded, he now finally understood what Night ZhenTing meant by preparation, “I’ll go and prepare right now.”

He bowed to the great masters and small masters at the table, then hurriedly left.

“What’s the situation?” Feng Qianxue was bewildered.

“Don’t you worry about it.” Night Zhen Ting pinned a small pork bun for her, “You’ll rest at home today, and when you’re feeling better in a couple of days, I’ll take you all out for a walk.”

“Mm.” Feng Qianxue nodded with a smile, she never knew that Night Zhen Ting also had such a gentle and considerate side, he chatted with the children, sent them to school, everything was well arranged ……

There was no need for her to worry about it at all.

“Besides logic and arithmetic, what else do you like?” Night Zhen Ting continued to gossip with Tenzin.

“Technology.” Chen Chen was stirring the bowl of vegetable porridge, “I like to play with electronics, grandpa gave me a computer and had a foreigner teach me English and simple knowledge every day.”

“Simple?” Nightquake raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, in the first few days, I thought what he taught was interesting, then I thought the teaching was too easy and I always dozed off in his cla*ses ……”

Chen Chen snorted and cut with a bored look.