Am I A Gigolo Chapter 519-520

Chapter 519

“Let Dabao speak.” Dragon knew better than to hand over the reigns to Tatsu.

“Tell you what, every night from now on, the three of us, one for an hour.” Chen Chen thought for a moment, serious about a fair distribution, “Uncle Night, do you think it’s okay?”

Night Zhen Ting’s back was straight up with cold sweat, he felt that his life had been arranged in a clear way ……

He thought of those technical geeks in the company who had to rush back home every day after work to serve their wives and children.

I guess, from now on, he would have to step into such a life as well.

“No.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly relieved him, “Uncle Night is very busy at work and doesn’t have that much time to spend with you guys.”

“Then, half an hour for one person.” Chen Chen looked at Night Zhen Ting expectantly, “Uncle Night, is that okay?”

“Dabao ……”

“Okay, that’s fine.” Night ZhenTing suddenly nodded, “Then every night from eight to nine thirty, half an hour for one person.”


The three kids cheered together and high-fived each other as if they were sharing something particularly wonderful.

Then it was time to discuss who would come first, who would come second and who would come third ……

In the end, it was decided that they would go in order of age, with the eldest baby first, the second second and the third.

The three were in the middle of a heated discussion when the little four-baby suddenly flew over, fluttering its wings and shouting anxiously, “Four-baby fourth, four-baby fourth, four-baby fourth ……”

Well, it also wanted to share Night Zhen Ting.

Feng Qianxue watched from the side and kept laughing, her clear, crisp laughter spread to every corner of the hall ……

“You’re still laughing!” Night Zhen Ting pinched her cheeks, hating to bite her, “How dare you see death and not save her!”

“This is just the beginning.” Feng Qianxue looked at him with a smirk, “Bringing up a child is not that easy, you have to be mentally prepared.”

“Don’t worry, I can withstand a thousand horses, let alone three children.” Night Zhen Ting said with a disdainful face, “I will bring up the children well, just you wait and see!”

“Good!” Feng Qianxue came over and kissed his forehead, “Thank you!”

She was thanking from the bottom of her heart ……

She had never known that Night Zhen Ting was actually so patient with the children and would be so considerate and proper.

In order to take care of the children’s self-esteem and protect their desire to learn, he pretended to test Chen Chen, but in fact he was guiding Chen Chen to think and learn.

And when Long Long is eager to show that he knows martial arts, he immediately gives his approval and delicately discovers Long Long’s inner sense of lack and encourages him in a subtle way.

Finally, in order to gain Yue Yue’s approval, he actually stiffly agrees to learn to sing, dance and draw from Little Bit ……

You know, each of these three things could drive him crazy.

The more so when it comes to learning from Yue Yue.

Perhaps in the eyes of the public, the Night King, who has always been the only one and unrivalled, would never put himself down to do such a thing, but he did it!

This is not only a manifestation of a father’s love, but also a sense of responsibility, a sense of bearing.

Feng Qianxue was grateful from the bottom of her heart to Night Zhen Ting, and even felt ashamed of her previous concerns. She used to think that Night Zhen Ting was violent and unpredictable, and not suitable to be a father ……

But now, she realizes that he is more suited to be a father than anyone else.

He did not turn away his children because of his lack of youth, but took the initiative to be close.

That he did not turn his back on his children because of his lack of experience, but found ways to communicate with them and learn.

He didn’t back down because of the trouble and difficulties he encountered, but hardened his heart and rose to the occasion. As long as the children were happy, he was willing to put himself down and try out this new role ……

This is the man she loves, the father of her children!

Feng Qianxue is sincerely proud of him and happy for her children ……


Chapter 520

After breakfast, Night Shocking led the children to the car.

Night Fai had arranged for a Rolls Royce with several cars in front and behind to escort them.

When Feng Qianxue took a glance at the gesture, she hurriedly pulled Night ZhenTing and said, “It’s just to send the children to school, no need to make such a big show, right?”

“Of course I do.” Night Zhen Ting was very insistent, “I heard that they were bullied at school before, and there were cla*smates who questioned that they didn’t have a father, I want the whole kindergarten to know who their father is today.”

“But ……”

Without waiting for Feng Qianxue to speak, Night Zhen Ting led the children to the car.

Night Hui directed from the side, “All the gifts are loaded into the car, yes, separate gifts for teachers and cla*smates.”

Feng Qianxue covered her forehead and was secretly speechless.

She should have known that Night Zhen Ting had always done things this way, doing things thoroughly once and not needing to toss them out a second time.

But she could only let him go.

He was happy anyway, and so were the children.

The interior of the extended Rolls-Royce was like a small luxury box, and the children surveyed everything around them with astonishment and curiosity in their eyes.

“Hasn’t Grandpa ever taken you guys for a ride in this car?”

Night Zhen Ting crossed his legs and sat on the sofa, accepting the iced wine handed to him by Night Fai.

“Grandpa has taken us on big, beautiful rides, but not this one.” Long Long’s eyes widened and looked around, his eyes sparkling with little stars, “This car is fantastic!”

“Yeah, it’s beautiful.” Yue Yue was also watching, climbing onto the sofa with her short legs, sitting on it and trying to bounce it, “It’s so comfortable, I could sleep on it.”

“You can sleep for a while.” Night Zhen Ting looked at his watch, “There’s still forty minutes before we get to kindergarten.”

“Uncle Night, the computer is locked.” Chen Chen handed him Night Tremor’s tablet to unlock it.

“No break?” Night ZhenTing unlocked the pa*sword and handed the computer back to him.

“No, I’ll take another look.”

Chen Chen sat down on the sofa in a disciplined manner and studied that design carefully.

“Don’t wander off, Little Four Treasures.”

Long Long was teasing Little Four Treasures when it suddenly fluttered its wings and flew up in the car as if it was excited.

Long Long couldn’t even catch it.

“Little Four Treasures, come here!” Yueyue stretched out her little fat hand and shouted in a fierce, milky voice, “If you don’t come over, I won’t take you to kindergarten anymore.”

Little SiBao flew over to her and landed on her hand.

Yue Yue stroked its feathers with her chubby hand and gently soothed, “That’s right, be obedient and good, understand?”

“Obey, obey.”

Little Four Treasures followed Yue Yue’s example and yelled, but his eyes were fixed on Night Zhen Ting’s gla*s of wine.

“Uncle Night, what are you drinking? Can I have a taste?”

Long Long looked at the gla*s of wine in Night Zhen Ting’s hand and was curious, he had seen Night Zhen Ting drink this every day and thought it must be very good, he wanted to try it too.

“You can have a taste, you can’t drink too much.” Night Zhen Ting handed him the gla*s of wine.

Long Long was overjoyed and hurriedly limped over to him on his short legs, took the tall gla*s of wine and carefully took a sip.

“Wow …… it’s so hard to drink!”

Longlong squinted his eyes and frowned, his little face squeezed into a ball.

“Huh!” Night Zhen Ting laughed, children are just curious to see everything and want to taste everything.

“Taste it, taste it.”

At this point, Little Four Treasures flew over and pounced on the wine gla*s and took a big gulp.

“Oops, Little Four Treasures, stop it!”

Long Long chased it away in exasperation, but Little Four Treasures just refused to come out, his whole little body, upside down, picking at the wine gla*s, greedily drinking the iced wine.

“Sorry, Uncle Night ……,” Long Long hastily apologized, “I’ve soiled your wine.”

“It’s okay, just get another gla*s.” Night Zhen Ting didn’t think it was a big deal and asked Night Hui to pour another cup, adding, “Let it drink as it likes.”