Am I A Gigolo Chapter 533-534

Chapter 533

Zhu’s mother had cooked a large table of dishes, all of which Feng Qianxue and the children loved, and there were also a few things that Night Zhen Ting loved for his French feast.

That was prepared by Yung’s mother.

The family took their seats with great enthusiasm.

Zhu Ma said apologetically, “Young Master, ah, I checked with Rong Ma, she said all the things you like are French feasts, I don’t know how to cook them, so Rong Ma made a few, I’ll learn from her tomorrow and make them for you next time.”

“That’s okay, I want to try your cooking too.”

Night Zhen Ting pulled out the chair next to him and let Feng Qian Xue take her seat first before sitting next to her.

“Yes, yes, you can try it and see if you like it.”

Zhu Ma immediately used her communal chopsticks to give Night Zhen Ting a piece of beef.

“Thanks.” Night ZhenTing tasted it and nodded appreciatively, “Mmm, it’s delicious.”

“Really? That’s great.” Zhu Ma was very happy, “I was worried that you wouldn’t be used to my cooking, but it’s good that you like it.”

“Love it.” Night Zhen Ting also gave Feng Qian Xue a piece and turned around to find that Zhu Ma and the children were looking at her, “Don’t look at me, eat.” Remember the website

“Uncle Night eat, Mummy eat, Granny eat!”

The children began to eat after a polite greeting, exclaiming from the bottom of their hearts that their mother-in-law’s cooking was so delicious.

Zhu Ma was so excited that she repeatedly said that she would not go to the hospital anymore and would cook for them at home.

Feng Qianxue gave her a bowl of soup and urged her to take good care of her health so that she could watch her children grow up.

Zhu’s mother smiled tearfully and nodded her head.

Night Zhen Ting kept eating in silence, but his gaze was a rare softness.

For as long as he could remember, it seemed that he had never had such a large family sitting together for a meal as he did now.

He had been used to living alone for the past twenty-eight years.

Occasionally, when he was with his grandfather, the atmosphere was serious.

And his grandfather had been very strict with him, giving him all sorts of rules from an early age, no talking during meals, and even less laughing ……

But he felt that it felt more like home when it was as happy as it is now.

After dinner, Nightingale took the children to play in the children’s play area.

She knew that a medical room had been built behind the villa, but she didn’t know that a children’s play area had been built in the garden.

The three children almost jumped for joy when they saw the play area.

Tenzin and Yueyue immediately darted over and started to play, while Longlong shouted impatiently, “Wait for me, I want to play too.”

“Be a good boy, Sister will take you on the swing, okay?” Nurse Orange coaxed him.

“I want to ride the slide.”

Longlong pointed to the high spinning slide.

Tenzin and Yueyue had already climbed up it, and the two of them spread their arms and slid down with cheers, not to mention how happy they were.

“You’ll get your leg on that one.” The nurse was a bit embarra*sed, “You’re still injured.”

“It’s okay, let him go.” Night Zhen Ting didn’t think so, “Boys, no need to be so delicate.”

“Yes.” The medical nurse, Little Orange, hurriedly pushed Long Long over and carefully helped him up.

“Let go of me, I can do it myself.”

Long Long held onto the edge of the stairs and managed to climb up on his own, although he struggled a little, he still managed to climb up.

“I’m up, I’m up!”

Dragon raised his hands in the air and cheered happily, but forgot that his feet were injured and he didn’t stand still, and fell down the stairs at once.

“Ah-” Feng Qianxue and Zhu Ma screamed in horror.

Before they could react, a black figure rushed over like lightning and caught Longlong steadily.

Dragon was so scared that his little face turned pale and he fell into Night Zhen Ting’s arms, gasping for breath, then choked up again from the shock: “Oooh, Uncle Night ……”

“Manly man, such a little thing is nothing? No crying.” Night Zhen Ting ordered.

“Yes.” Longlong immediately forced back his tears, deflated his little mouth and sucked in his breath, looking at Night ZhenTing gratefully, “Thank you Uncle Night!”

“Call daddy.” Night ZhenTing ordered.

“Daddy!” Long Long blurted out, and froze himself after shouting ……


Chapter 534

“Good boy!” Night Zhen Ting rubbed Long Long’s hair and put him down, “Go play by yourself, man up and be strong.”

“Mmmmmm.” Dragon instantly became confident, as if his legs didn’t hurt anymore and he wasn’t scared anymore, limping towards the slide and climbing up again.

He was still a little scared at the sight of the top that high, and his little legs shivered.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll catch you if you fall down.” Nightquake Timbers encouraged him.

“Mmm.” With renewed strength, Long Long gritted his teeth and continued to climb upwards.

This time, he was no longer afraid because he knew that even if he fell down, someone was there to catch him from below.

When Feng Qianxue saw this scene, her heart was very moved. She was also considered a good mother and was extremely devoted to the care and education of her child, but at this moment she realised that even if she did a good job, she could not take the place of the father.

Although she could not be as gentle and delicate as she was, she could give her child more confidence and strength, and the strength of a man.

Feng Qianxue scolded herself in her heart, she used to worry that Night Zhenting would not be a good father, but now it seemed that she was really worrying about nothing, his heart for the children was far beyond her expectation.

“Uncle Night, I want to swing, will you push me?”

Yue Yue saw how Night Zhen Ting interacted with Long Long and tried to find a presence too, hastily pampering Night Zhen Ting.

“Okay.” Night ZhenTing unfolded his hands to her, “Jump down, I’ll catch you.”

“It’s so high, I’m scared.”

Yue Yue’s short legs stepped backwards, her chubby little hands holding onto the guardrail, not daring to jump.

“I’ll do it!” Chen Chen stepped forward and jumped down with one long jump.

Night Zhen Ting immediately caught him and rubbed his little head: “You’re too sudden, what if I’m not prepared?”

“I have confidence that Uncle Night will catch me.”

Cinnabar had already started to like Night Zhen Ting, he felt that this uncle had taught him to be brave.

“Good boy!” Night Zhen Ting pinched his handsome little face, his lips raised in a confusing curve.

“Uncle Night, I’m coming.”

Yue Yue shouted, covering his eyes with his little chubby hand and jumping down with a squeal.

Night Zhen Ting immediately caught Yue Yue with his other hand.


Yue Yue screamed into Night Zhen Ting’s ears, the sound practically shattering Night Zhen Ting’s eardrums.

“You must be very good at singing.” Night Zhen Ting frowned uncomfortably.

“San Bao, stop screaming, you’re already safe.”

Chen Chen patted Yue Yue’s chubby little arm.

Yue Yue finally stopped screaming, removed her little hand and opened her eyes to look around, “Wow, catch, it’s so much fun!”

“Uncle Night, I slipped down ……”

The voice of Longlong came again in his ears.

Night Zhen Ting turned around to see that Long Long had successfully climbed to the highest point and slid down the slide, spreading his arms and screaming in thrill.

“Dragon was fantastic!”

The medical sisters were clapping for him.

They were all happy for Longlong to see him finally being able to play; he had been almost suffocating for two months after he had broken his ankle and was barely able to play.

Today he finally tried to take his first steps with the encouragement of Nightquake Timbers.

To keep Long Long’s injured foot from touching the ground, Night Zhen Ting hurriedly hugged Chen Chen and Yue Yue and rushed over, blocking Long Long with his foot ……

Dragon slid down just enough to protect his leg, his injured little foot sticking up high and unharmed.

“Is everything okay?” Nightquake Timbers used his foot to lift Dragon Dragon up and then gave it a slight flip.

Dragon landed screaming on Night ZhenTing’s shoulder, and he scrambled to hold Night ZhenTing’s head for fear of falling off.

“Wow, Uncle Night, you’re too good.” Yue Yue clapped her little chubby hands and exclaimed in excitement, “You can catch three people at once.”

“Uncle Night, you’re such a hero!” Chen Chen was full of admiration.

“You can’t be called uncle from now on.” Night Zhen Ting took the opportunity to correct the children’s names, “You have to call them Daddy!”