Am I A Gigolo Chapter 537-538

Chapter 537

Tatsu didn’t say anything and lowered his eyes, thinking about something.

Longlong was anxious to say, “Yes, yes, yes, Grandpa likes us so much, he’ll be happy to know that we’re his eldest grandson’s children.”

“So are we not allowed to call Grandpa from now on?” Yue asked anxiously.

“It seems so.” Dragon tilted his little head and discussed with her, “In the kindergarten books it says that Daddy’s grandfather is called Great Grandpa.”

“Ah, so we’re going to call Grandpa Zeng Grandpa from now on?” Yue opened her eyes wide with curiosity, “It feels different all of a sudden.”

“Yeah, it’s just different.” Dragon explained with a serious face, “Grandpa is Daddy’s grandpa, not our grandpa anymore ……”

“Oh.” Yue nodded her head in seeming understanding.

“Do you have any more questions?” Night Zhen Ting asked Tenzin.

“Will you marry Mummy?” Chen Chen looked up at him.

“Of course I will.” Night ZhenTing answered without hesitation, “I’ll prepare for the wedding when grandpa wakes up.”

“Yes, that’s great!” Yue Yue happily raised her little chubby hand, “Then I’ll be the flower girl.”

“Me too, I want to be too.” Dragon almost jumped up and down with excitement, “I’m also going to invite my kindergarten cla*smates to mummy and daddy’s wedding.”

“Great, I’m going to invite my former neighbours too.” Zhu Ma was so excited that she joined in the discussion, “And a few of Master’s former men who have always looked after us, yes, and Da Zhuang and the others ……”

“No problem, invite them all over.” Long Long patted his small chest and said, “I’ll arrange it for them when the time comes.”

“Me too, I want to invite some kids too ……” Yue Yue was afraid of lagging behind and hastily stated, “And Principal Liu and Teacher Chen ……”

“Yes, yes, yes, and my teacher Ye ……”

The children were chattering away, and had already started discussing the wedding.

Zhu Ma couldn’t help but join them in the discussion, and even the little four treasures who were sleeping opened their eyes and shouted, “I want it too, I want it too.”

Seeing this scene, Feng Qianxue smiled softly, then seeing how preoccupied Chen Chen looked, she hurriedly extended her hand to him, “Dabao, come here!”

Chen Chen slid down from the sofa and walked over to Feng Qianxue.

Feng Qianxue took him in her arms and kissed his forehead, “Dabao, do you have any more questions?”

“If you have any ideas, just say them.” Night Zhen Ting looked at him tenderly.

Chen Chen thought for a moment and said, “Adults getting married seems to be a very complicated matter, and luxury marriages are even more complicated, there are some things I don’t understand and can’t predict, but I always feel that it might not go so smoothly …… If it gets difficult, will you give up on us and mommy?”

“Of course not.” Night Zhen Ting rubbed his slightly curly hair, “In my dictionary, there is no such word as giving up! No matter what problems we encounter, I will solve them and will never let it become a hindrance for us.”

Hearing such domineering words for the first time, Tenzin’s eyes bloomed with a different kind of glow, he seemed to have found resonance and nodded excitedly, “Mm, I believe in you!”

“Let’s pull the hook.” Night Zhen Ting had learned to get along with the children, and I heard that pulling the hook was as legally valid in the children’s minds as signing a contract.

Immediately, Chen Chen held out his little hand to pull the hook with him, “No change for a hundred years, whoever changes is a turtle!”

“I want it too, I want to pull the hook too.” When Yue Yue saw Tenzin pulling the hook with Night Zhen Ting, she immediately ran over to join in the fun, “I also want a stamp!”

“And me too ……” Long Long also limped over.

“Good!” Night Zhen Ting and the two of them also pulled the hook and stamped in turn, promising them that he would overcome all difficulties, marry Feng Qianxue and give them a happy and warm home ……

Zhu Ma looked at this family of five and was moved to tears, saying in her heart, “Master, you can finally rest a*sured that the young lady has found a good home ……


Chapter 538

“Okay, can we call daddy now?”

Timothy Night couldn’t wait to hear the children call their father, growing up, he had never gone to the trouble of pleasing anyone before.

These days, his office was filled with parenting books, and he was really racking his brains as he took time out of his day to research various ways to get along with the little ones.

All this to get the three little monkeys to call him “Daddy” willingly.

“Don’t ……” Yue Yue beamed with displeasure and a reluctant look on her face.

Tenzin and Longlong were about to open their mouths, but when they saw her disapproval, they immediately withdrew their words.

“What else is wrong?”

Night Zhen Ting asked cautiously.

This was really the first time in his life that he was careful ……

“Daddy is not a good name.” Yue Yue tilted her little head and said innocently, “I think daddy sounds better.”

“Yes, yes, yes ……,” Long Long hastily agreed, “We all call Mummy Mummy, not Mummy, so we should call you Daddy too.”

“Then let’s call it daddy.” Tatsu declared at last.

“Mmmmmm.” Longlong and Yueyue immediately nodded their heads.

Then the three children looked at me, I looked at you, then at Feng Qianxue, and then at Night Zhen Ting.

No one spoke first.

Night Zhending covered his forehead, his heart was tormented, wanting to hear them say “daddy”, it was really hard.

“Come on, call out.” Zhu’s mother was also anxious.

Feng Qianxue just smiled and didn’t say anything.

“I’ll count to one, two, three, we’ll call out together.” Yue Yue waved her little fat hand and conducted like a musical conductor, “One, two, three!”


The three children called out in unison, their voices clear and loud, and with a milky and gentle touch.

Night Zhen Ting’s heart was about to melt, and he immediately hugged the three of them in his arms.

He wanted to kiss them just like Feng Qianxue, but he didn’t know how to do it.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy ……”

The three children kept calling out around Night Zhen Ting and came over to kiss his face.

The little four treasures were woken up by them and fluttered their wings to fly above Night Zhen Ting’s head, following along and shouting, “Daddy, daddy, daddy!”

Surrounded by the children’s fiery enthusiasm, Night Zhen Ting was surprisingly a little overwhelmed ……

“Haha, great, great.”

Seeing this scene, Zhu Ma couldn’t stop smiling.

Feng Qianxue, on the other hand, had hot tears in her eyes ……

She felt so happy that a scene she hadn’t even dared to think about before had come true so quickly.

She wanted to keep this perfect happiness, but, once again, a sharp pain came from her right arm, which instantly spread upwards, reaching her shoulder almost as quickly and then, slowly spreading ……

To hide her discomfort, she picked up a cushion to cover her right arm.

However, the pain was getting stronger and stronger, like tens of thousands of ants gnawing at her veins, almost about to explode ……

Feng Qianxue was somewhat unable to bear it and suddenly got up, running into the bathroom.

“Hmm?” Several children froze and looked back at Feng Qianxue, “What’s wrong mommy?”

“Probably too happy.” Long Long climbed onto the sofa and plopped down on Night Zhen Ting’s broad back, “Daddy, carry me!”

“Okay.” Night Zhen Ting’s attention was all on the child and didn’t care too much, only because he was worried about Feng Qian Xue, he said to Zhu Ma, “Zhu Ma, please go and take a look.”

“Good.” Zhu Ma nodded repeatedly and got up with a smile, “Miss must be too excited and went to the bathroom to secretly wipe her tears.”

“Mommy cried her nose off ……” Little Yue Yue wiped her eyes with her little chubby hands and imitated Feng Qian Xue’s crying face, “Just like this, boing boing!”

“San Bao is bad, no imitating mummy.” Tenzin criticised.

Yue Yue made a face at him and went into Night Zhen Ting’s arms, “Daddy hug me!”