Am I A Gigolo Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

Zhu Ma ran over in a huff and used the table and stools against the door, afraid that someone would break in again.

Tenzin immediately rushed into the kitchen and took out two kitchen knives and handed them to Zhu’s mother.

Zhu Ma held a chopper in one hand and stood guard at the door like a door god.

Longlong ran to the balcony to find brooms, mops, clotheslines, anything that could be a weapon of defence to distribute to his family.

Then he took out a nunchaku and waved it a few times like his idol Bruce Lee, very impressive!

The family was fully armed for the battle.

But for a long time, there was no movement outside ……

The family was not able to hold their mouths, shivering with fear, and their big purple grape eyes were tearful.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, mommy will protect you.” Feng Qianxue hugged Yue Yue and discussed with Zhu Ma, “Zhu Ma, why don’t we call the police?”

“I’m for it!” Zhu Ma hurriedly went to look for her mobile phone.

“The first priority now is to get Little Four Treasures to pull the chip out first.”

Tenzin narrowed his eyes and analyzed like a little detective, “Otherwise, the police will also come and take Little Four Treasures away first, and maybe even cut open Little Four Treasures’ stomach to look for ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

“San Bao, don’t be afraid, brother will protect you and Little Four Treasures.”

Long Long hurriedly reached out his little hand to wipe Yue Yue’s tears.

“Chen Chen is right, we should let Little Four Treasures pull the chip out first.” Feng Qianxue said with a sad face, “But it’s been so many days and Little Four Treasures hasn’t pulled it out, what can we do in this moment?”

“How about trying this?” Zhu Ma ran into the room and took out a small green bottle.

“What is this?” Everyone looked over.

“I’m often constipated and the doctor prescribed this for me.” Zhu’s mother was a little embarra*sed, “It’s particularly effective, it works as soon as you take it.”

“Then what’s the point of hesitating? Hurry up.”

“You have to take a smaller dose or the little one won’t be able to take it.”

“One tenth ……”

Half an hour later, the whole family gathered around to watch the little one’s bowel movement.

Little SiBao first shrugged his little head in a depressed manner, barked a few times in aggression, and then walked back and forth in the cage.

Little Yueyue frowned, her pink face full of worry: “Will Little Four Treasures’ intestines not be able to take it? It seems like it’s having a hard time.”

“I had a hard time before I had diarrhoea too.” Long Long touched his own little stomach and looked at Little Four Treasures sympathetically, “Little Four Treasures, just bear with it, just pull it out, otherwise those bad guys will cut open your stomach ……”

“Stop it.” Yue Yue screamed and interrupted Long Long, she was timid and was scared when she heard this.

“Fine, fine, don’t say it ……”

As soon as Longlong’s words left her mouth, Tatsu screamed, “It’s pooped, look!”

The family immediately focused their attention on the little four-pack again, staring at its bottom with rapt attention and waiting for the results.

“God bless our little four-pack to pull the chip out quickly ……”

Amidst Yue Yue’s prayers, Little Four Treasures finally lived up to the expectations and pulled out a large pile of diluted bird poop.

This time, they didn’t even need a small wooden stick to pick it, and at a glance, they saw the shiny golden chip.

The family cheered and high-fived each other as if they had won a big prize.

Zhu’s mother immediately took out the chip, cleaned it and handed it to Tatsu.

Chen Chen put the chip back in a small black box and solemnly handed it to Feng Qianxue: “Mummy, it’s time to call the police!”

Feng Qianxue took the small box and was about to call 110 when there was a sudden “knock knock knock” outside ……

The family was shocked.

Zhu’s mother immediately rushed over to guard the door with a kitchen knife.

Tatsun and Longlong each held a weapon behind the door.

Yue Yue hid behind Feng Qianxue, tugging at her lapels and shivering in fear.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid ……” Feng Qianxue soothed the child, then took a deep breath and boldly asked, “Who, who is it?”


Chapter 56

There was no movement outside, the children were even more frightened, and Zhu’s mother’s hand was shaking with the kitchen knife.

Feng Qianxue took a fruit knife and cautiously padded over to look out through the broken gap.

At the same time, there was an eye on the outside looking in in the same position as hers.

The two eyes locked eyes and both screamed loudly in terror ……

“Ah-” the children were terrified and both screamed along.

“Call the police, call the police!” Feng Qianxue scrambled to find her phone to call the police.

“Wait, wait, it seems to be Master Wang, the security guard.”

Zhu’s mother took a closer look through the gap and was sure it was Master Wang, the security guard, and hurriedly opened the door.

“Big Sister Zhu, you are home.” Master Wang was calling out with the intercom, and when he saw Zhu’s mother, he stopped moving, “I was scared to death, I thought something had happened to your house.”

“Yes something has happened, just now ……”

“A thief broke in and stole something just now, and was driven away by our family teaming up.” Remember the website

Feng Qianxue interrupted Zhu’s mother in time, she didn’t want people to know about the chip so as not to invite more trouble.

“Ah? Did you call the police?” Master Wang asked nervously.

“I’ll check if anything has been dropped before deciding whether to call the police.” Feng Qianxue smiled and changed the subject, “Master Wang, can your property repair the door?”

“This door will probably need to be replaced with a new one.” Master Wang inspected the door that had been broken, “We still have a new door over there, four thousand eight hundred, including the lock together!”

“Four thousand eight hundred?” Feng Qianxue instantly felt a headache when she heard that it would cost so much money.

“Change it?” Master Wang asked, “Give you a 10% discount.”

“20% off!” Zhu Ma bargained with him, “All neighbours, take care.”

Master Wang saw the kitchen knife in her hand and shivered in fear: “All right, 20% off, then 20% off.”

“Hurry up, have someone come and change it now, or we won’t be able to sleep tonight.” Zhu’s mother urged.

“Okay.” Master Wang used the intercom to inform his colleagues to come and change the door.

Zhu’s mother was overseeing the work.

Feng Qianxue cooked a simple dinner for the three babies and then took care of them to wash up and go to bed.

After she was done, Feng Qianxue sat on the sofa with her mobile phone and pondered whether she should call the police or not.

If the police were called, the police would have to sort things out and then the Night Devil would know that the little baby who got the chip by mistake was her child.

Would he then mistakenly think that she had deliberately abetted the child to steal the chip?

I am afraid that not only will she lose her job, but she may also be liable for a theft charge.

The night demon is unpredictable and unpredictable, and if she were to be convicted, she would be unable to defend herself.

Moreover, once the matter was exposed, the identity of the three babies would be revealed, would that duck come looking for her to ask for the babies?

Thinking of these problems, Feng Qianxue beat a retreat and quit the dialing interface ……

But then she thought, if she didn’t call the police, what would happen if that man in black came back for her?

Although today was a scary day, but the family can not afford such a torment ……

“It’s finally installed, I made over four thousand for changing the door, it’s good money, I should have bargained more with them.”

Zhu’s mother closed the door, turned on the TV and turned down the sound, it was her habit to watch TV while cleaning up.

The evening news was playing on the television –

“The latest news is that there was a shooting at 2.30am on the South Lord’s Coast.”

“The culprit involved is a burglar suspected of stealing the latest technology chip researched by the Shengshi Group and has now been apprehended by the police!”

“The criminal threw the chip into the sea before he was caught, and now the Shengshi Group is working with the police to salvage the chip ……”

Hearing this news, Zhu Ma hurriedly came over with a broom.

Feng Qianxue also opened her eyes wide and turned up the volume, staring at the TV carefully.

On the screen, a man in black was arrested by the police and escorted to the car.

Before the car door closed, the man in black showed a wicked grin and said quietly, “Take your time, I’ll be the loser if you get it!”

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